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*Pro Voting Tip after you Vote, Thumbs Up and/or Thumbs Down refresh the page so your vote gets counted, once we clear the main cache the re-rankings will occur IT40 does that at least once a day

Anyone who signed up for an account and can log in Please Feel free to Vote on the Rankings of our NMVs. I know at this time its only english speaking NMVs in our weekly charts but we will be premiering weekly Pop & Rap Charts for India starting in 2 weeks week #44 specifically. We will open the sign ups again in the very near future. But right now the slow down in speed for the website to allow new sign ups isn’t worth any new sign ups we may get. As I have stated the website will open early next year ”International Virtual Academy of Music & Photography” to paid memberships. The group will be responsible for setting online standards for music and photography specifically social media and music videos and all other photography and videography. The group members will also be allowed to vote on and critique videos, nmvs, & other social media postings etc. Thank you for your patience and Understanding. Any comments Please email to Avi at [email protected] Ttyl

                                             IT40 Rock & Country NMVs for Week #43 Vote Now!

                                                                                          Rap & Pop Week #43 will be premiering over the next 24 & 48  hours respectively the Week #42 #1’s will be revealed and voting will be closed!

                                      IT40 Pop, Rap, Rock & Country NMV Week #42 Vote Now! 

                            Week #43 Starts and Voting on the Rock & Country Charts week #42 is Closed you can still Vote on Rap & Pop Week #42 Vote Now! 

              New #1’s every Day every Week Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Give your Favorite a push your votes affect the real world rankings of each of our Artist’s NMV’s Help us Find the next Big Hit! Vote now to Push your Favorite Artist 

                                                                IT40 #1s for Week #41

                                                               IT40 #1’s for Week #40                                                                                                                                                                          

   #1 Pop  Eriva – Fire                                                                         #1 Rap NMV Oh Sarah Beats – Only Fans                                    #1 Rock NMV Nothing – Bernie Sanders                                      #1 Country NMV Chris Moreno – Used to this

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