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Nipsey Hussle



Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle killed

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot outside the clothing store he founded to help rebuild his troubled South Los Angeles neighborhood, police said, cutting short a career that earned him a Grammy nomination this year for his major-label debut. He was 33.


Who? never heard of the guy but it’s never good news when someone gets shot unless he planned it himself?  Now Please forgive me if I seem crass but I dont trust anyone for all we know the guy Nipsey Hussle was dying of cancer or owed someone money, or had been a member of some horrid gang, who knows for sure. But these days nothing surprises me. now just to let you know I am going to start writing my own news stories because google doesnt like a website that tries to hard to be like a search engine and just copy everyone elses story and feed it to you from their own website. No no that would be bad they might take some of google’s business and we certainly cant have that. Not to mention if they really started boosting websites like or any website that uses Adsense (adsense is Google trying to spread their advertising dollars) because when a website gets enough views to get the first $100 they have to actually pay you and it may take the average website several years to get 1 million views which on average is what it takes to get that $100 google dollars and most websites close down before that ever happens. So go out and sell your own advertising any business who has as much control as google does is a monopoly but apparently most people dont care and think thats good. But enough of my ranting, We are very sorry about Nipsey Hussle’s passing Our Prayers are with him and his family.





Selena Quintanilla



Remembering Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Remembering Selena Quintanilla-Pérez


Selena…. another one I never heard of until they were shot. I of course was living in Louisville Ky. at the time and do remember the news of her being shot by the president of her fan club. For me it just makes you think what in god’s name are these type psycho idiots thinking when they do something like that? Shooting someone and they supposedly adored them its crazy and try to put myself in their shoes what exactly were they thinking are they really insane, or maybe just totally misguided was it emotional instability perhaps some type of chemical imbalance and did they really think they could get away with it? You know most murders are actually never solved especially random type killings. But enough of that, again our prayers are with her family at this time of mourning and remembrance Thank you and Please view on. I will add this I decided to stick with this website format for a few years just so I can hopefully get more in touch with the world. I had been living as a recluse for many decades and just felt like I was getting no where so hopefully this website will help me to get back in touch. Hopefully it will help you get in touch too. If you didn’t know you can make your own Top 40 list as we call them you can start with just 1 item you really don’t have to have 40 you can start with 1 or 2 but you have to start with something maybe a picture you took or one you like online or you just want to tell a story or promote a product. Well you can do that right here at for free at least for now. So go ahead click the make your list or add to an open list and again our prayers are with Selena and her family and fans. Thank you.








Alessandra Mussolini



Jim Carrey sparks Twitter feud with Mussolini’s granddaughter

Jim Carrey sparks Twitter feud with Mussolini’s granddaughter: Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: Actor-turned-artistic virtuoso Jim Carrey has engaged in a war of words with the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini after publishing a scathing sketch on Twitter.


Okay here is another story enabled by the media and not knowing the whole story. In my opinion Carey got the hots for Allesandra (Allesandra Mussolini who I have never heard of except she is the granddaughter of nazi sympathizer Benito Mussolini for all I know she paid carrey to screw with her???)and hoped his drawing would spark some publicity. Or it really did piss her off. but in this media driven age Publicity=Power=money=Control and so on. So IMHO this is just another way for someone to get publicity for something but what? In this case I think its Jim Carrey wanting to blame the congress for in his words the “republican congress is enabling dark times” which may be true but he left one thing out Democrats.n Maybe he should have just said Politicians because that is one way to scare people and get publicity at the same time. So his misguided attempt at bringing something to light albeit well intentioned or probably not falls on deaf ears. just like this news story. about what was it oh yeah a Twitter feud!! LOL that’s a good one.






Chris Rock


Chris Rock: Jussie Smollett, You Don’t Get No Respect From Me | Image Awards 50

Visit for more.



Chris Rock okay finally a Top 40 searched person I have actually heard of before. and yes props to Chris Rock never one to mince words raked Jessie smollett over the coals at the NAACP awards, ha ha. Yes he aint getting the U no more respect from me he is jessie!! Yes you tell em Chris Damn good Job and funny too I think!!





Jennifer Lopez



Jennifer Lopez shows off chiseled abs in pink bikini

Uploaded by Best Channel on 2019-04-01.



Jennifer Lopez, JLO,JLO, JLO yes we love to see JLO especially in tiny pink bikini’s she’s always good for more views and the Hustler movie IDK it might be good or at least Good to look at But please just buy a copy of the video and take it home first. Thank you The movie should be coming out whenever So in the meantime just look at these pics I mean abs maybe a bit too chiseled but we like them……






Omari Hardwick


omari hardwick AKA ghost almost kisses Beyonce on mouth

He’s trying to get power canceled 😂


OMG who gives a flying $#*k! She’s Great!!! LOL!






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