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Phillies Fans Told To Quiet Down At Nationals Park

They were so loud in the stands, security told them to quiet down.



Phillies fans and the new wonder boy Bryce Harper….couldn’t care less! Only put it here because it was #1 according to google maybe I should take a screenshot just so you know Im not lying or go look for yourself Google trends for this day! Im starting to thionk Google is rigged, have you ever thought that? Well I do every single day. Because they really do have a lot of control over the internet and we keep talking about Facebook. Okay Thats enough again! Here is todays #1 search the Phillies and some more pics or do you prefer meme’s??? Message me from the dashboard. Here are some of each…..








Borderlands 3



Borderlands 3 Official Announce Trailer

Borderlands 3 arrives on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 13, 2019! Pre-Order now to get the Gold Weapon Skins Pack! ➜ Tune in to the Gameplay Reveal Event on May 1 at, where we’ll debut the first hands-on look at Borderlands 3!



Borderlands 3 another one of those things I am ambivalent to or possibly in the category of couldn’t care less. But some games are awesome as I have tried to play them and once i got the hang of it could not stop playing til the next day. Borderlands 3 is to me just anothe game in a long line of games with all the hype and PR its just one of those things in one ear and out the other. Im waiting for the day when I plug my brain into the net when that happens Ill be first in line for some other type of game. But now that I think of it life is just a game so Play well friends or dont play at all.




Lori Loughlin



Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman appear in court

Parents accused in the college admissions scandal appeared in a Boston federal courtroom Wednesday. CBS News correspondent Don Dahler joined CBSN right after the hearing with the latest developments in the case.



Lori Loughlin are you kidding people are saying will this end her career? What Career havent seen nor heard from her in decades and she was a famous actor if you want to call what she had acting or fame. IMHO this has raised her profile so high and the fact that she paid money to get her kid into college again are you kidding!! This is a complete joke another publicity stunt planned by her I dont think so. But we already saw the douchebag that ratted them all out trying to sell the idea as a TV show yeah a reality TV show Give me a break they will give them a fine and slap on the wrist. Just like old jussie! The thought of what society and the media today tends to focus on is sickening. However shoiw me some more pics of that daughter and I will just forget the whole thing ever happened.










Broussard: What do you make of the GSW constant issues with the refs after KD was ejected?

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Warriors come to play. okay I like watching basketball more than any sport just about.or I used to as a young adult in my late teens. But thats all I want to see is the players playing the game, not some social parody not some personal social injustice they perceive and want to show the world on our dime. No sir-eee go back to the playground where you came from and tell your friends their. But this the warriors vs. the Refs. that just might be good TV Id pay to see a player knock a ref out or better yet a full blown brawl on the court, all the players beating the hell of each other and especially the refs. Now on second though thats a really bad idea. But I do beleive most refs are biased one way or another it’s human nature. So we shall see if it really does come backl to haunt them the warriors I mean they have had more ejections and fouls than any other team this year. Oh well thats PR for you.






Real Madrid



VALENCIA vs REAL MADRID 2-1 goles y resĂşmen !







This Is Us season finale



Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown Talk ‘This Is Us’ S3 Finale

After the season 3 finale of “This Is Us”, Graeme O’Neil reacts to Randall and Beth’s reconciliation and shares Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown’s reactions to the surprising ending. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: FOLLOW us here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #ThisIsUs #MandyMoore #SterlingKBrown





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