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TSLA=Tesla the electric car company owned by Elon Musk I can’t really decide if I like the guy or not but the cars are great! The tesla electric car is something everyone should be required to buy or something like it, by like it I mean ELECTRIC because there is no doubt we will run out of gas and oil someday in the near future not to mention the pollution but that is not really the main problem. Its just that electric cars are actually quicker off the start and you can plug them in at home. Thats why I like electric.Personally I think more of an electric scooter or atv type electric vehicle is in my future but electric all the way. Go buy one as far as the stock goes its sad thats what a big portion of our economy is based on… gambling! Oh well I guess its still working for now.

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Jeff Bezos what a releif a couple of adults seemed to split amicably. Well you couldnt spend all the money they have in 10 lifetimes so that should not have been a problem and apparently wasn’t. SO all I can say is How Sweet. But the fact that someone can amass that much wealth in that short of a time points to a bigger problem with our economic system than ever before, more on that another time.



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National Burrito Day




National Burrito Day All I can say about that is go buy one and eat it. Its one of the best and tastiest ways to eat an all vegetarian meal beans and rice never tasted so good!



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Shazam sounds terrible looks terrible but its probably pretty good. I dont know but if its anything like that whats was it with shaquille oneil in it because thats all I can think of when I hear shazam is that awful shaquille oneil movie where he played some super hero genie or something,I know its not the same but IDK why thats what I think of when I hear Shazam, but I digress. Shazam is supposedly great according to all the fanboys and pundits out there so I will give it a thumbs up and will definitely get a copy when it comes out on video. SOm in the mean time go to the theatre and watch it! LOL




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The Best of Enemies





The Best of Enemies, just the kind of movie I would never pay to go and see. I will probably not even get the video. But as far as acting goes this is the kind of movie where you can tell if an actor is any good. And well who cant act? Nobody thats who. But some are definiotely better than others and the actors in this movie some have been around some just coming up. Well whio knows you will have to go and see it. Now about the subject matter…AWFUL but of course everyone thinks it’s so timely and important and if you do by all means go and see it. I will just wait and promo it in todays most searched for….



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Game of Thrones premiere





Game of Thrones premiere well IMHO its the beginning of the end. You can always tell when the media starts talking more about the characters in real life which I guess is good for them. Because they will need to start looking for a new job soon. But Game of Thrones awesome story line. Great Characters, unbelievable scenery. I could go on and on Just watch it you will see. But I reccommmend recording it so you can speed past the interminable opening my god I fall asleep just watching that. But seriously G.O.T. its Very Good!



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Herman Cain the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza chain now defunct and the name of a strip joint in my town. Trump has said he will nominate him (Herman Cain) to head the federal reserve. All I can say is Thank God for Trump because all he has done is proven we don’t need a government and/or that any idiot can be successful in politics.
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