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Chris Davis

Chris Davis another never heard of baseball player and couldn’t care less about. Except this reject is about to break the record for “No Hits” in other words “HE SUCKS” Ne plays for the orioles another who cares boring ass baseball team needless to say he is at the top of the list for most searched for at least this monday 04/08/2019 morning according to google

Still Awaiting First Hit Of 2019, Chris Davis Nears Another Embarrassing MLB Record

The Orioles are off to a better start than most fans likely expected, sitting at 4-3 and winners of their first two series. The good vibes have not extended to beleaguered first baseman Chris Davis, however, as he has picked up right where he left off following last year’s historically woeful season.





Muffet mcgraw


Muffet Mcgraw Notre Dames’ womens basketball coach. Really having to look for something to talk about.



Geno Auriemma (UConn Head Coach) PostGame Reaction: UConn loss to Notre Dame 81-76

Geno Auriemma (UConn Head Coach) PostGame Reaction: UConn loss to Notre Dame 81-76 ————————————- – Please Subscribe for more videos – Thank All!!! #Undisputed #FirstTake #FirstThingsFirst




Andrew Yang is running for president and he allready has my vote! Politicians and Politics are so worthless and corrupted. Anything is better than what we have now. Andrew Yang proposes giving everyone a 1000 a month check no matter what. Funded by???? A Tax on technology. Yes the Amazons and Googles and Facebooks & Apples of today are getting all of the money for nothing. WHy is that well its becausethe system is rigged thats why. And a value added tax or whatever you want to call it and spread that out in payments to citizens. Who would be required to simply vote and participate in all elections about everything and we THE CITIZENS will once again be deciding our own future. In all online elections (voting to be secured by the Blockchain method) would all be decided by simple majority. The blockchain would make all the results verifiable by many anonymous sources. But that would be the CITIZENS responsibility to participate in all elections from deciding every law to deciding how much we as citizens will be paid. If Donald Trump did one thing he has proved we dont need politicians we need employees who do what we say and we all vote on. The technology we have can accomodate the new era for all. ANdrew yang or whoever has my vote on getting rid of government as it is now.

Must make universal basic income ‘right of citizenship’ in US: 2020 hopeful Yang

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.



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Who is your Favorite Wave 3 Newscaster? Vote Now! (Open list) (26 submissions)

Vote for your favorite Newscaster @ WNBC 4 New York! Vote Now! (Open list) (42 submissions)