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lori Loughlin this is about as bad as the Jussie Smollet case. Its a total joke, and exactly who is perpetrating the fraud. The colleges the government or the poor Dumb F#@ks who paid a half a million to get their retard kids into a good  That is literally as pathetic as it gets people. Now thats just my own damn opinion.

Lori Loughlin faces additional money laundering charge

Actress Lori Loughlin, her husband Mossimo Giannulli and 14 other parents face new money laundering charges as part of the college admissions scheme. For more on this story: Do you like what you see?






Mick Cronin Who What? Its a guy who used to coach cinncinatti’s basketball team being hired by the UCLA Bruins for like 24 million for 6 years…….yeah thats whay I said WTF! Great Job if you can get one.

[BREAKING] Aaron Torres Report: UCLA names Mick Cronin as next head coach – The Herd

BREAKING] Aaron Torres Report: UCLA names Mick Cronin as next head coach – The Herd ✪ Undisputed Today: ✪ Like! Subscribe! Comment! Thank For Watching




Eric Swalwell again I say who, what? He is a 38 year old born in Iowa (great state) and lived around san francisco  is basically an attorney worked as a prosecutor and became the califronia rep. whatever that means. Oh yeah and he is running for president but back to the representative thing, I am not sure if that means the US house of representatives or the california state representative and I really dont care. He obviously became corrupt at a young age and realized that making a lot of money doing nothing but talking was the way to go. However I will give him a break and say since he is not as old as say our president he is not as corrupted. And if he wants to differentiate himself from all the other democrats running for president maybe he should just say he’s gay and swallows well get it swallows well swalwell yeah thats hilarious.

Eric Swalwell is Running for President

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Candace owens  a blowhard we have seen before once or twice, But really who?? SHe is some type of activist working for some conservative group and is in some kind of house judiciary hearing on hate crimes thats a good one the most corrupt scum on earth trying to scare us about white nationalism and hate crimes??   another complete fabrication and a joke of how our society and especially politics and politicians have degenerated the world and all around them pandering to made up base fears, that are caused by such a small minority and blown so far out of proportion by them and the media.  Another sad commentary on the state of politics in the world today

Lawmaker plays Hitler comments in white nationalism hearing

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) played a clip of conservative commentator Candace Owens talking about Adolf Hitler during a congressional hearing about white nationalism. Owens accused Lieu of purposefully playing only a portion of the clip to “create a narrative.” #CNN #News






Chelsea Handler yeah we heard of her before another loud mouth female comedienne. She’s been on tv had her own show and has now written a tell all memoir revealing all of her deepest secrets. I guess thats what people wants these days a loud mouth who tells all and reveals some deep dark secret or so they say. But crying about this or that or revealing your an addict seems like everyone I know these days. Maybe it would sell more if they were dying from some rare disease with no known cure or were still an addict and you could buy them for a night of “anything you want baby” just for another fix. Now I don’t think that’s in the book but I guess you will have to read it and find out.

Chelsea Handler’s Life Is Worth Oversharing for the First Time Ever

Ellen talked with Chelsea Handler about her honest new book, “Life Will Be the Death of Me… and you too!” – which details her year of self-discovery. The best-selling author explained why she’s trying to become a better human, and why her life is worth oversharing for the first time ever.




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