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Game of Thrones great but getting old and the opening SUCKS!
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HBO definitely has a lot of good shows and but it is only #2 in most searched today because of people looking for Game of Thrones which is on HBO




What Is HBO’s Future After ‘Game of Thrones?’

The end of HBO’s second golden era approaches, but can it survive? Will the premium cable and satellite television network be able to retain its subscribers once “Game of Thrones” has ended? And what’s next for the “GOT” fans, how will the planned Westeros spinoffs stack up to the original?









500K+ searches

BTS its easy when there are only 2 bands from the entire country.

It’s a BTS World Domination! | E! News

BTS just released their collab with Halsey & fans are saying “Oh my my my”! Get all the info on their new single “Boy With Luv” that’s breaking the Internet. Full Story: #Halsey #ENews #CelebrityNews #BTS Watch Live from E! here: Subscribe: About E!





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