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Earth Day  it’s a great idea, the earth is sick but it wont die! I truly believe humans are a super-virus to the planet earth. What this means is we could either kill it and ourselves or become more like an Antibiotic to the earth. Because at this point not only are we eating and or killing all the fish and other animals but the fossil fuels we use are poisoning the environment and warming the earth as most competent people would agree. It’s all true and no one really seems to care. Mainly because the people in charge are all old and sick in the head like Trump-ettes and will be dead before it even matters. So the only real solution is for our younger citizens to get more organized and vote all these old barf bags out of office. Problem is all the young kids are mostly Potheads and therefore mostly useless when it comes to getting anything actually accomplished. I David Russell am more than happy to help but as an ex-con I can’t get a job and can barely afford to pay attention let alone run for office because my platform would be to literally fire and get rid of all the other politicians, hire a bunch of “at will” employees to do the work and give everyone a cell phone tied into their own “neural network” (implanted) and to the internet. Okay if you’ve heard enough watch this video and look at these pics all about Earth Day. Like I said is completely and happily endorses Earth Day but Now what???

This is why we celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a day celebrated worldwide to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire appreciation for the environment. Video by: Alyssa Hodenfield More from The Sacramento Bee: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Digital news subscription:


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Kate Smith and her family along with condemn’s the tearing down of any statue or building for anything other than safety reasons. told you the terrorists were starting to win out in social issues like this! However does believe it is an Ill advised scam perpetrated on the public to try to evict some type of reaction. Spineless Bastards! (The sports teams that is) Hopefully it will work.

Kate Smith’s Family Disgusted With Flyers After Removal Of Statue

Matt Petrillo reports.

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YNW Melly never heard of the guy but from all indications is guilty as sin and will probably die in the chair. But really we should probably give him a medal or a TV show or a grammy or one of those two bit awards.Here are some of the Vibes coming off the street or from the hood or the Ville or scum town IDK I never heard of any of them, but maybe you have ….

YNW Melly Faces Death Penalty For This Reason

YNW Melly could face the death sentence. NBA YoungBoy gets robbed while performing. Plus – 6ix9ine adds another lawsuit to his collection. #YNWMelly #6ix9ine #CardiB YNW Melly better hope that his legal team has a bunch of tricks up its sleeves because he’s going the need it.


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Raptors beat the magic yeehaaa… Sports when you can’t think of anything better to talk about think up a sports team. And those raptors beat the magic… oh yeah and Kawhi scored 34 here are some highlights…

Kawhi Leonard scores 34 points, Raptors win Game 4 vs. Magic | NBA Highlights

The Toronto Raptors beat the Orlando Magic 107-85 in Game 4. Kawhi Leonard makes 12-of-20 shots on his way to a 34-point game. The Raptors take a 3-1 heading back to Toronto for Game 5.



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Anders Holch Povlsen a billionaire we never heard of Well it’s not like we track down every billionaire and put them into a Top 40 billionaire’s list or anything like that. But I’m sure somebody has especially the bomber’s. Do you think his kids were the target. That is a crazy thought but certainly well within the realm of possibility. Our condolences go out to him and his family and friends. Death for death’s sake is horrendous and can never be condoned.

ASOS Billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen’s 3 Children Killed In Sri Lanka Attack | Access

Danish fashion mogul Anders Holch Povlsen lost three of his four children in Sunday’s Sri Lanka bombing attacks that killed more than 290 people and left more than 500 injured. See the gut-wrenching final photos posted to his daughter’s Instagram account before the attack happened during their family vacation.



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Jenna Bush Hager announces expecting her third child and its gender, how productive of her. Congrats and Good Luck!

Jenna Bush Hager Reveals The Gender Of Baby No. 3 | TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager just shared exciting news that she and husband Henry are expecting their third baby! On the fourth hour of TODAY, guest co-host Meredith Vieira helps Jenna reveal the gender, and later, Hoda Kotb calls in to send her congratulations.



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Jennifer Lopez coming in today at #7 JLO announces another movie called Marry Me with Owen Wilson sounds awful but I’m sure it will make 50 million or more. I wont be seeing it until it comes out on video if then, But I have to recommend you go see it ASAP!! In the meantime Vids & pics, Pics & Vids we do love them anything to get more pics of her……

Jennifer Lopez & Owen Wilson to Star in Romantic Comedy ‘Marry Me’

Jennifer Lopez & Owen Wilson to Star in Romantic Comedy ‘Marry Me’



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