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Thanos Gauntlet please Avengers Endgame a great movie but don’t waste your time, searching for Thanos Gauntlet and then clicking the glove in the description to the right so it will delete a bunch of the results. This just proves that Google has complete control of the internet and especiallly all the “search results” within Google and also proves “Google like Thanos  is corrupted”!

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Final Scene (Thanos’s Infinity Gauntlet)

Uploaded by The Best Trailers on 2015-08-23.



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50K+ searches

Paul Rudd we’ve heard of him plays Ant man and is in the BIG MOVIE RELEASE TODAY AVENGER”S ENDGAME. Paul Rudd seems like a decent funny guy I cant think of any movie he’s been in so just google, bing or top 40, it. He was on fallon last night where they did a remake of Dead or alive’s you spin me round from the 90’s dance song. I think we can safely assume it’s Paul’s Favorite song of all time!! How sweet!

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd Recreate “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” Music Video

Jimmy and Paul Rudd do a shot-for-shot remake of the classic 1985 music video for British band Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).”


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Baltimore Mayor mayor Catherine Pugh is corrupted. and her attorney Steven Silverman (an old white Guy) says “She just needs to be physically and mentally sound and lucid enough to make appropriate decisions,” which simply proves when you elect someone over the retirement age they are probably too old to do anything propely. Seriously the problem is anybody who isnt a greedy pig doesnt want to run for elected office. Because its simply a popularity contest and any idiot can do it, it really doesn’t require any work. Although that’s not completely true there are those that would argue lying and conniving is hard work. If that is true no wonder she’s so sick! Seriously though it does point out the Hypocrisy of being in a Government job and making money on the side at the same time. Is this why people get elected of course it’s one of the reasons. Is this what we want to allow in our Government workers essentially our employee’s “Hell No” And if they cant prove she did it during her tenure as mayor she will go free but I dont think that is the situation in her case the video tells a little more….

Baltimore City Hall, mayor’s homes raided amid scrutiny over book deals

Catherine Pugh, the mayor of Baltimore, is under investigation as she faces scrutiny over book deals. The FBI has confirmed it is working with the IRS. CBS News chief justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues discusses what we know.


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Anna Sorokin never heard of this one, but coming in at #4 the “Soho Grifter” Apparently a lot of new yorkers have heard of her and she was sentenced today in some case about grand larceny and theft and lying. She claimed to be a german heiress lord knows why a German heiress would need money. Lord knows why people would want to give a supposed rich person more money. In my experience the longest a real rich person would have to wait to get more money is 12 midnight depending on their banking arrangements and number of ATM transactions etc. So people anyone who claims to be rich then asks to borrow money is “scamming you”

Fake socialite Anna Sorokin looks disheveled in court

A fake socialite who posed as a German billionaire heiress has appeared in a New York court looking disheveled as she prepares to face trial on charges of defrauding hotels, banks and friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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Garrett Bradbury never heard of and don’t care but went at #18 in yesterday’s NFL Draft and coming in at #5 in our “Most searched for on 4/27/2019  at 1pm EST according to Google search trends stats.  (’s search trend lists are titled a day ahead or behind depending on your perspective) Google search trends stats again is what we use to create our lists because they Google have 98% of all searches online Which is the main reason  advocates demonetizing anything to do with internet searches because it leads to corruption and bad results!! Below is a video about the picking of Garret Bradbury etc…

Garrett Bradbury is a stud and will protect Kirk Cousins | NFL Draft 2019 | CBS Sports HQ

With the 18th overall pick, the Minnesota Vikings selected Garret Bradbury. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PAGE: FOLLOW US ON: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter –


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