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San Jose Sharks #1 maybe because it is the NHL Playoffs BTW the Sharks won the are going to the semi-finals (the final 4?) but it does seem odd that another one of the supposedly biggest days in sports The Kentucky Derby never even made #1 ever. We aiso know that at least 170,000 people attend that event annually all on a single day. We also know the kentucky Derby is not really a sporting event but it is considered one and is mainly for gambling which is basically legal in all 50 states.According to Churchill Downs approx. one quarter of a Billion was gambled away on the horses that day. Needless to say Hockey IMHO is BORING but so is Horse Racing it is actually worse but definitely more fun especially going to the infield and not really watching the hockey game or the run for the roses!

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2019: Avalanche vs. Sharks | Game 7 Highlights | NBC Sports

Joe Pavelski returns to the lineup with a goal and an assist and San Jose moves on to the Western Conference Final for the first time since 2016. #NBCSports #NHL #StanleyCupPlayoffs ” Subscribe to NBC Sports: ” Watch Live Sports on ” Get more NFL news on NBC Sports: NBC Sports Group serves sports fans 24/7 with premier live events, insightful studio shows, and compelling original programming.

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200K+ searches

ProJared Definitely a “Paid for Search” Needless to say #2 in our most searched for ProJared?? WTF is that Well its a guy on youtube and apparently he cheated on his wife sending sexties to some other Youtuber. Watch the video I think it explains the entire situation in the best and most Visually entertaining way……

“ProJared Cheats on His Wife (AtelierHeidi) & Sends N*des To Fans?!” – Losing Subscribers Fast!

ProJared has been exposed as a cheater and other serious allegations have surfaced!!! Please Follow “GOH GAMER” here: “ProJared Cheats on His Wife (AtelierHeidi) & Other Serious Allegations!” – (YouTube of Thrones) – #ProJared #DaysGone


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It: Chapter 2 #3 never liked the original never liked the remake probably wont see IT Chapter 2? OMG this IMHO is another Paid for Search it’s the Fake news you know the crap Trumpet is always talking about and anybody can do it? Just Google “Paid for Searches” or simply call Google they will take your money. I think its .10 cents a search or something like that. Here is the Trailer and some insta-pics for IT 2….

IT CHAPTER TWO | Official Teaser Trailer | 2019 [HD]

Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club-young and adult-in a return to where it all began with “It Chapter Two.” The film is Muschietti’s follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed and massive worldwide box office hit “IT,” which grossed over $700 million globally.


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LeBron James more sports related BS! I would say another “Paid for Search” and not necessarily Fake News. But to me its both Because I couldn’t care less about where Lebron is going or What Lebron is doing or How much he might make. My advice to him is find a new career! We are always looking for investors at IT40 or Better yet send as a story let us post it with pics and a video and we will see how many people are actually searching For Lebron James My bet less than 10000!

Lakers are the greatest challenge of LeBron James’ career – Chris Broussard | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Ty Lue ends negotiations to be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Chris Broussard joins Skip and Shannon to lay out what LeBron James’ next move should be to secure success with the Lakers.


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Chelsea Coming in at #5 another sports related search but probably all real fans looking for the game online looking for the scores online and all that good stuff you can only find online about your team. BTW Chelsea is a soccer team who beat the Eintracht-Frankfurt team and will be playing another English team Arsenal in the Europa League Soccer Finals if that means anything to you here are the highlights from the Chelsea-Frankfurt game…..

Chelsea 1-1 Eintracht Frankfurt (2-2 agg.): Europa League Recap with Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

Chelsea needed a penalty shootout to seal a place in the Europa League final after a 1-1 draw with Eintracht Frankfurt at Stamford Bridge. The hosts went in front through Ruben Loftus-Cheek, but Luka Jovic levelled in a lively match.



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Chris Hughes #6 and IMHO should be #1 this guy a former owner of Facebook thinks it is a monopoly and should be broken up by the government. But he is missing one thing it’s Alphabet Inc. Better known as Google your friendly corrupted search engine, they too need breaking up WAy more so than Facebook. Chris Hughes jealousy talking? Maybe none the less facebook is the people talking you can get out of it anytime you want. Google has way more control over the internet than Facebook and you cant opt out of it. Google is take it or leave itwhich means your leaving out half of the world wide internet!!! Decide for yourself or just listen to me I know what Im’talking about and so does Chris Hughes……..

Facebook Co-Founder Calls On Government To Break Up Tech Giant | TODAY

Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook and former college roommate of Mark Zuckerberg, sits down for an exclusive interview with NBC’s Kate Snow to sound the alarm on the tech giant and Zuckerberg’s “staggering” world influence. The full interview airs Thursday on NBC Nightly News.


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Doug Baldwin #7 and a “Paid for Search” why you ask would anyone want to pay for searches about a football player who got canned by his team. Thats a good question and my answer would be anything for publicity and this guy now needs a new job. Of course he wants everyone to know and the team also has a vested interest in why they let him go. The problem is no one really cares…AWWWW poor little fella……..

Thank You Doug Baldwin

Check out career highlights for wide receiver Doug Baldwin over his eight year career with the Seahawks that saw the two time Pro Bowler finish end second on the franchise list for touchdown receptions. Subscribe to Seahawks Channel: The official Youtube of the Seattle Seahawks.

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Top40’s Most Searched for on 05/09/2019

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