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Kim Kardashian moving up to #1 again we love Kim Kardashian (to look at her) and Kanye West is interesting but in no way merits a #1 most searched for. None the less its probably partly “Paid For Searches” We realize there is a strong interest in the subject of Baby names & surrogacy. Which we we do not approve of that’s only for rich infertile people who actually love eachother or if you can afford to pay the way for these kids for their entire lives! In that case we approve all you poor people out their if you cant have kids TOO BAD for you maybe Kim & Kany will help you pay for it. We also admit Kim Kardashian does generate great interest albeit totally misguided and manipulated unless you like to get sick and jack. LOL Here is a video and some lovely pics we are just thrilled about.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Welcome Baby Boy Via Surrogate

Kim and Kanye’s baby boy is here!


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Happy Mother’s Day we predicted this very thing months ago..#2 Most Serached for I guess there are really a lot of Mother lovers out there.

Happy Mother’s Day | Kids Song | Song Lyrics Video | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! Mother’s Day! Kids Song! Lyrics! ★Get this song on iTunes: Watch our ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ video with song lyrics and sing along with the kids! ‘HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY SONG LYRICS’ | ‘NURSERY RHYMES WITH LYRICS’ Mother’s Day Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day Here’s a gift I’ll give to you on this Mothers Day.

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James Charles Coming in at #3 Who?  someone with a “Channel on yourtube and his “Beauty Buddy” We have heard of him only because we do the Top 40 otherwise never heard of never seen but maybe worth a look! And if you believe this story you will believe anything. Seriously though if all I had to do was diss someone on a youtube video I would. But seriously if its about money and it is, the nastier and bloodier the better. Decide for yourself……

Tati Exposes James Charles In Emotional Viral Video

James Charles is being dragged by former friend Tati Westbrook in an emotional video. #JamesCharles #TatiWestbrook Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook, 37, is saying “bye sister” to her former friend James Charles, 19. The younger YouTuber shared an advertisement for SugarBearHair at Coachella, which made Tati, who has her own vitamin company, feel “blindsided.”

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Houston weather #4 a big city with big problems Houston Flooded out again? Its only going to get worse what with all those cows and oil & people. The 3 things that contribute most to global warming. Awesome weather video!..

Houston weather: Lightning, hail inundates the area

KHOU 11 News crews spread around the Houston area monitoring the severe weather.


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Ben Shapiro  #5 never heard of don’t care about and looks like an herbal douche bag.LOL (whatever that is) Seriously he is some conservative herbal douche bag author who thinks he is conservative anyway wrote a book about the times called “on the right side of history” or some such nonsense. Was being interviewed by another herbal douche and started to cry like an herbal douche. Here is some video its good stuff!

Ben Shapiro: US commentator clashes with BBC’s Andrew Neil – BBC News

He has more than 2 million followers on Twitter, 600,000 YouTube subscribers and his videos on the Daily Wire channel rack up millions of views. Ben Shapiro is a controversial figure but one of the US’ leading conservative political commentators.


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Janelle monae #6 most searched for today, Now we’re talking. This little hottie can dance and sing but putting out mixed vibes not good IMHO at least Regarding her sexuallity or likes and dislikes. I mean who really knows Anyone?? (Comments are available) I think she should definitely do a porn movie with Ms. Nyongo it would probably sell big unlike her last album. A girl’s gotta make a living!

PanSexuality and Janelle Monáe & Lupita Nyong’o

Actresses Lupita Nyong’o, left, and Janelle Monáe took their relationship public. The couple’s touchy feely display of affection raised eyebrows at a Met Gala after party. In this video we discuss their relationship and Pansexuality.


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Eliza Dushku We love her too in every way and we like Bull. But if it comes down to it. Cancel Bull we’re on her side in this issue about her and weatherly and the sexual harassment suit which she won against weatherly and CBS. Needless to say we are always skeptical and think it could have been for the publicity but will side with Dushku obviously her friends the Ex-producer Spielberg agrees with that as well.

Steven Spielberg Pulling Out Of ‘Bull’ After Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Star

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television is pulling out of CBS’ “Bull” after a sexual harassment allegation against star Michael Weatherly. Former “Bull” actress Eliza Dushku said in a December Boston Globe op-ed that Weatherly repeatedly harassed her on the set of the procedural series. Dushku said that CBS fired her after she confronted Weatherly.

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