Google & Lack of Compromise will kill us all!

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Yes I see it more and more everyday. Mayors bowing to terrorist demands with no real solution other than to destroy the perceived problem. Likewise Presidents Vowing to literally kill you if you don’t do what they say you should do. This is all unfolding before our very eyes on live media from around the world. This to me is very sad and IMHO the beginning of the end for humanity. Why do I say that well its obvious if we don’t do it to ourselves the earth itself will do it for us. More on the earth killing us in another post.

On to why the internet and specifically Google along with our sheep-like nature will probably kill us first (or at least a big percentage) I believe several things are at the bottom of our problems one of the reasons is lack of real understanding of others points of view. In other words no one is really putting themselves in the others place they believe the first thing they read online or see online or on the broadcast media which has become a pawn of Google Daily, Search Trends. Unable or unwilling to compromise because they think the first thing they see is gospel. And that it is all because of the internet and social media. I am not saying the internet and social media are bad I’m saying Google is bad. Humans are basically a happy lot but are definitely prone to follow the leader. Now with social media and being spoon feed everything as the truth to us every day, or so we think but that is definitely not the case.  The internet simply magnifies the first and most sensational points of view that Google shows us. Simply put its not Facebook we have to worry about it’s GOOGLE. Why do I say that because they seem completely open and you can find anything on google and they are supposedly the authority but that is not true either but they definitely want you to think that and the tactics they use are working. What you find is what google wants you to find. Not to mention the fact that they are defrauding millions of people into creating any type of content for free by claiming they will pay and then never do unless they want to. Why do you think adsense (adsense is google’s advertising agency the part that gets all the advertising dollars and there are billions) adsesne aka Google keeps all that information a secret? The information is who are they actually paying? Only they know and the fact is they keep most of it. Because only the websites and information they want to pay get paid and that it is a “secret algorithm” that determines it! WTF A SECRET THAT DETERMINES EVERYTHING YOU SEE AND READ AND WHO GETS PAID THAT IS MIGHTY FISHY! and the information that gets the most hits and views makes the most money, they are the ones THE SECRET ALGORITHM ALONG WITH YOUR EYES is the information they actually pick for you to see  and that leads to a completely BIASED VIEW OF THE WORLD. made up by ONE person one thing Google’s Secret Algorithm Spare me the Lies. That power must be spread out and split up for lack of a better word. I am not trying to be sensationalistic but I honestly believe Google is the biggest threat to a free world. It started out great and the fact that it was all so new and they were basically the first to come up with what seemed like a good and fair way to find things on the internet was great no one seemed to question it or think about the consequences but it has become corrupted, just LIke our politicians any power at any level corrupts itself at that level but it can be fixed it can be better. The solution is mostly unknown but probably something like regional or neighborhood search engines with an algorithm that changes everyday and and presents different websites at the top every minute of every day. Now that most people understand how the URL works and how to save it if they like it. Lets face it if they don’t know how to do that and they search for something and it looks good and gives them the info they need they will remember it and keep using it. But what if there is something out there that is actually better? But it is at the bottom of the list how will the people ever find it or know unless that website or information spends millions of dollars to force you to see it. That’s what reinforces biased views or outright lies. Basically the search engine should be the exact opposite of what it is. They should put the newest or hardly ever seen websites at the top of a search. If the people don’t like it they can keep searching or a button to put that back at the bottom. or ask their friends whats good information or simply do some research out side of Google especially if they are not going to change. Then they might have a chance to get something a little different more true or maybe they will actually end up liking what Google would have told them to like in the first place. I doubt it, but wouldn’t it be interesting to find that out, its probably too late for that now. No one cares we are all just happy like sheep following the leader. In GOOGLE WE TRUST well not me but Thanks for reading.


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