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#1 Samsung, this is a Paid for Search and we ask Google Why? Well its because Samsung pays Google a  lot of money to be on this list and to license the latest Android UI thats Why! But Please Do yourself a favor and buy a Phone that’s made in America! Oh but wait a minute Sorry there are no Cell Phones made in america because our poor american companies cant afford to cut profits to pay american workers. You should really write to your corporate leaders the ones you don’t own any stock in and give them “a piece of your mind”. Or better yet go buy some stock in an american company you like that makes it’s cell phones overseas say Motorola and then write them a letter and Give Them What For! BTW here is like 3 minute intro advert to Samsung Note 10

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Cyntoia Brown
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#2 Cyntoia Brown she is the poster child for why mass murder shootings in america have skyrocketed. Why because if you only kill 1 person you’ll become rich famous when you get out thanks to a bunch of hapless illiterate semi famous reject racists. If you mass murder a bunch of people by shooting them you will become rich and famous immediately thanks to politicians and the media and your case will be in court for years and you will live a life of luxury in prison. Prison for most people in america is like taking a long vacation it is a pathetic joke of a judicial system and its owned by CCA Thats Corrections Corporation of America the largest Prison Business in the U.S.of A. and all the politicians friends own it and they own all the politicians and judges and you get the jist.

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#3 Henning tn. yes Curtis Ray Watson escaped from a West Tennessee State Penitentiary. West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning tn. is not owned by CCA which is probably why this guy escaped.Curtis Ray Watson is possibly armed and Very Dangerous at least according to the officials in Henning tn. from the TBI thats Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the dolts at West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning Tn.

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#4 Maps Google I think they got that backwards its supposed to be Google Maps not Maps Google WTF! No wonder they need publicity! The video sucks the music is okay…..

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Joaquin Castro
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#5 Joaquin Castro is a Democratic Representative in Texas who is a racist. He doesn’t like trump or Trump supporters and is not very smart. He outed all his Donors names and if they also donated to Trump So he lost out on a bunch of donations but he doesn’t care because he is a racist like all those other racists there are a lot of them and they all like each other and stick together at least thats what racist Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro hopes. But we know what he is really trying to do watch this video and decide for yourself……

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Red Bull vs Real Madrid
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#6 Red Bull vs Real Madrid Sports related Soccer search. Real Madrid won 1-0 in the soccer match of Red Bull vs Real Madrid Red Bull is from Salzburg and is sponsored by Red Bull and if they are not then they really need some money so they can get some new players. So Red Bull give Red Bull a call they sponsor lots of sports. Sorry to english speaking couldnt find the highlights in English Eventually we will have a Top40 list for every country and language that is interested Send a message to “Top40” from the dashboard of this website not an email I don’t read them)

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#7 Tool how did Tool get on our list today Tool is such a Tool! We thought they were all dead from an overdose but sadly no the Experimental Rock group is back with a new song “Fear Inoculum”  Boy they are really good with names aren’t they Tool Fear Inoculum here it is after 13 years…….

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Pokemon Sword and Shield
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#8 Pokemon Sword and Shield What Never heard of it. Just Kidding we know this is a violent racist game that leaks stuff on 4chan. So its a racist training game, Just kidding again or are we? See for yourself or just watch the video…..The guy in this video is pretty good but he really needs a new background for his head shots…….

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Written by top40

Hello Again and Thanks for reading it is I David "Top40" Ellenberger with an update on the status of my lawsuit against Alphabet inc case #20-CV-04877-SVK  and the website and life in general. By now if you regularly visit you may have read this section "author info" or Bio. So I am adding to it with more bio and more info. I originally liked the idea of voting on the internet 20-25 years ago when I first got online with WebTV (does anyone remember that?). The technology at that time was not advanced enough to easily be able to vote online or watch videos or much else for that matter but I was hooked and look at what we can do now with videos, IOT, and everything else, but I digress. I started about 5 years ago and the user base has been going up steadily ever since. I wanted to be another Facebook, with music and voting and that is all coming together slowly but surely. BTW if you want to help or have any interest please feel free to email me anytime.  Now in my previous Author Info or bio page I made it clear or at least I thought I made it clear, I am personally suing Alphabet inc. in Federal Court for Fraud. I have evidence to prove they are not counting all the pageviews, among other things and defrauding myself and probably millions of other website owners and content creators out of Billions of dollars. So if I wasn't clear or you didn't know it's true I am suing Alphabet inc. in Federal Court for Fraud the case was recently moved from my state of Kentucky to N. California to make it easier for Alphabet inc. to steam roll me or so they think. Needless to say if you are interested and I hope you are you can look the case up online under my name "David Russell Ellenberger" or the case # which is 20-CV-04877-SVK.

Now, I want to make it clear to you and everyone that I am not suing Alphabet inc. aka Google for fraud just because I want a million dollars for nothing. I am suing Google for fraud because I think they are committing  a serious crime with worldwide and societal ramifications, it is a  very serious problem.  I am suing Google for fraud because to put it simply the analytics numbers don't add up at least not in my favor or yours, there is something very fishy going on with the Google analytics numbers. Of course Google has an excuse for every one of them but I have reasons and the actual numbers and they don't add up, more about the numbers later. Companies like Google are making Billions of dollars a year in profits telling us data is the most valuable thing and misleading us and misdirecting the media and the world every chance they can.  Now data is valuable and they are making billions in profits seemingly like magic but there is no magic to it just corruption and lies. One thing Alphabet inc. aka Google is really making their money from and that is advertising dollars and they are putting all of this advertising on the websites other people have created. Websites that I have created and  websites you have created and websites millions of others around the world have created websites or content. For example Just writing a text is creating content and that's where Google puts the billions in advertising they receive and keeping most of it for themselves. Yes content others have created and yet somehow they are keeping almost all of these billions for themselves and not distributing it equitably to the real workers the true content creators who actually deserve the advertising monies. Google has made it's billions on the backs of you and me. Think about that for a minute, how can they continue to justify this? They Can't, it has to change.

I David Russell Ellenberger through my website am suing Google to try to help right a wrong. A wrong committed by Google that has simply gotten out of hand. Most people may think they can't do anything about it. Nothing can stop Google, the politicians don't care they use all of Googles data to further their own campaigns and line their own pockets while the rest of us keep on creating the content for Google, nothing can be done, this however is not the case, we can do something. The politicians and Alphabet inc. aka Google have done nothing to help society at large other than organize it so they can keep more money in secret and pay off all their buddies with their fraudulently obtained money. It's gotten so bad that the politicians and others in control won't even talk about it, they ignore it and hope it goes away, they won't even try to stop google because it is helping them too much and maybe they are scared of Google or who knows what they may be thinking. But it looks like fraud and it's coming to an end.

I'm telling you we can do something and I David Russell Ellenberger an average citizen Content Creator am saying to you, I'm not scared of Google because I have nothing left to loose.  I David Russell Ellenberger am telling you there is something you too can do, if nothing else, tell all your friends to come to aka IT40, believe these words and Create your Content. Further I promise to you and all who read this if I do prevail in my lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. I will use half of any monies I may receive to pay "content creators" a living wage. I pledge to anyone who is reading this, I will use half of any monies I may receive to help those who really do want to work on the internet and create content and tell us what they think. I will use half of any money so you can Get Paid, I want you to get paid for the content you create and get paid everyday and Get Paid to Vote create data and to be able to do this work online and from your home or anywhere in the world you care to be. Because in the words of an ancient scholar Y-O-U are the business Y-O-U are creating all the data, Y-O-U are the content creators and Y-O-U are all that matters.

Now the main thing I want you to take away form this and to know, Alphabet inc. is and has been committing fraud against you, me and everyone who uses the internet. I don't think Google started out to defraud the world it has just degenerated into this endless morass of corruption and fraud and no one seems to care, Well I care and I know you care too.  Sadly Google has been doing this with impunity for years and it is only getting worse. Please don't let them fool you with their lies and obfuscation. Do some research create some content build a website and research the analytics numbers you will find I am right. Google owes you, me and everyone online thousands if not 10's of thousands of dollars for all the data and advertising dollars they have co-opted from you and the rest of the world. So join with me don't use any Google products or file your own lawsuit in federal court against Alphabet inc. I will be glad to help you any way I can and show you how to do it if need be. It will take a sincere effort on your part but it will definitely help your self esteem, society and the world.

Now that's about all I have to say on this subject for now.  I will tell you this if you want more information or you have questions or comments for me, my email is [email protected] Thank you for reading looking and listening and believing in Please tell all your friends about us and don't forget to vote Thumbs up or down and refresh your page when your done. oh yeah and those funny old men running for president vote on one of them too or not. One last Thing, I need all the help I can get I am only 1 person but together and with todays technology we can move mountains and reframe society and our world the way we want it to be. Thank you ttyl



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