Top 40 People Places & Things for 10/03/2019

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Barcelona 2-1 Inter Milan: Champions League Group F Recap with Goals and Best Moments

All the action from Catalonia where Barcelona recovered from a goal down to beat Inter Milan 2-1 in the Champions League.

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5 Dead After B-17 Crashes At Conn. Airport

At least five people were killed when a WWII era plane crashed at Bradley Airport. WBZ-TV’s Louisa Moller reports.

Prince Harry gives speech on final day of Africa tour | Nine News Australia

Harry and Meghan set to return to the UK amid tabloid lawsuit controversy. Subscribe: Get more breaking news at: Join Nine News for the latest in news and events that affect you in your local city, as well as news from across Australia and the world.

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The Coup Heard Around The World – The Single Greatest Scam in American Politics

I wish I could say that never before in the history of our country has there been such blatantly fake, phony and false lies spewed about a duly elected president of the United States, but, unfortunately, as we all know, there has been.

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#12 Junior Firpo • FC Barcelona • Jordi Alba • Inter Milan • Pulled hamstring • Ernesto Valverde
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#13 Philippe Coutinho • FC Barcelona • Liverpool F.C. • Bavaria
Information-Analytic Agency • 6 hours ago

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#14 Liverpool F.C. • Sadio Mané • Mohamed Salah • Jürgen Klopp • Premier League
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#15 FC Barcelona • Chelsea F.C. • Willian • Transfer

Past 24h

Playing for 90
#16 Stephen Gostkowski • New England Patriots • Placekicker
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#17 Erling Braut Håland • FC Red Bull Salzburg • Liverpool F.C. • 2019–20 UEFA Champions League • Manchester United F.C.
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#18 Kane Brown • Marshmello • The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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#19 SUNY Oneonta • Student • Active shooter • State University of New York System
WNYT • 14 minutes ago
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#20 AFC Ajax • 2019–20 UEFA Champions League • Valencia CF • Hakim Ziyech
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#21 Major League Baseball Wild Card Game • American League • Statcast

MLB | 2019 NL Wild Card Game Highlights (MIL vs WSH)

The 2019 National League Wild Card Game. Washington Nationals 4, Milwaukee Brewers 3 Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | * I do not own any of the clips that I upload. All clips belong to Major League Baseball.

#22 Chelsea F.C. • 2019–20 UEFA Champions League • Frank Lampard • Lille OSC • Ross Barkley
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#23 Franklin Barreto • Oakland Athletics • Tampa Bay Rays • Major League Baseball Wild Card Game
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#24 Oakland Athletics • Matt Olson • Austin Meadows • Tee-ball • Tampa Bay Rays
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#25 Charlie Nicholas • Europe • Liverpool F.C. • Chelsea F.C. • Premier League • Arsenal F.C.
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#26 Oakland • Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum • Oakland Athletics • Alameda County

Past 24h

San Francisco Chronicle
#27 Exane SA • Tesla, Inc. • Stock • BNP Paribas • NASDAQ:TSLA
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#28 Fabinho • Liverpool F.C. • Jürgen Klopp • UEFA Champions League • AS Monaco FC
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#29 Finland • Kuopio • Sauli Niinistö • Donald Trump
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#30 Matthijs de Ligt • Frenkie de Jong • AFC Ajax • Juventus F.C. • FC Barcelona
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#31 Tornado warning • Severe thunderstorm warning • Tornado • Iowa • National Weather Service – Quad Cities
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines • 22 hours ago

Past 24h

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
#32 St. Louis Blues • St. Louis • National Hockey League • Jordan Binnington
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#33 Bed Bath & Beyond • NASDAQ:BBBY • Nasdaq • Earnings • Stock
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#34 Deportivo Siquinalá • Deportivo Iztapa • Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala • C.D. Malacateco • C.D. Guastatoya • Sports league
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#35 Mexico national football team • Trinidad and Tobago • Gerardo Martino
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#36 Borussia Dortmund • 2019–20 UEFA Champions League • SK Slavia Prague • Achraf Hakimi • S.S.C. Napoli • K.R.C. Genk
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#37 European Union • Tariff • World Trade Organization • Donald Trump • Airbus
U.S. News & World Report • 1 hour ago

WTO sides with US in Airbus subsidy case, allowing US to target $7.5B in EU imports

The World Trade Organization has sided with the United States in the Airbus subsidy case. The decision allows the United States to impose tariffs, sanctions worth $7.5 billion as a consequence of subsidies paid to Airbus. CNBC’s Willem Marx reports.

#38 United States Department of Homeland Security • Kevin McAleenan • Donald Trump
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#39 Dallas • 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers

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#40 Antigua GFC • C.S.D. Municipal • Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala • Sports league • Apertura and Clausura
Bankrupt Medi4 (blog) • 2 hours ago
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