Top 40 People Places & Things for 11/12/2019

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#1 Disney Plus

D23 is BORING! It’s a Disney Plus INFOMERCIAL!

So far D23 has been almost exclusively about Disney Plus, and it’s boring. Most of the shows and movies were already known about or rumored, and most are years away. And it’s clear that Star Wars’ future is the small screen. Is the magic wearing off?

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#2 Chevrotain • Vietnam mouse-deer • Deer • Moschus • Tragulus

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Please hit the CC button for English subtitles* Known as the Chevrotain, Traguildae and mouse deer.. #KritterKlub Subscribe: Get social with Kritter Klub On Instagram: On Twitter: On Google+: More videos about ‘Cute Animals’: Kritter Klub- Club for Critter Lovers Looking for some critter stories?

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# 3 Happy veterans day

Happy Veterans Day From Luke Combs, Brad Paisley, and More

Happy Veterans Day From Luke Combs, Brad Paisley, and More

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#4 Drake

Drake booed at LA music festival

Drake abruptly ended a surprise performance at a Los Angeles music festival over the weekend after being booed. Fans at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival expected R&B star Frank Ocean instead. (Nov.

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#5 Charles Rogers

Former MSU & Lions star receiver Charles Rogers dead at 38

Former MSU & Lions star receiver Charles Rogers dead at 38

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#6 Veteran

Trump will be first sitting president to attend Veterans Day Parade

Constellations Group founder and co-producer of Veteran Day parade Bill White discusses special preparations for the 100th annual Veterans Day parade in New York City and how important it is for companies to hire veterans. Watch President Trump’s remarks live at 10:30 a.m.

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#7 Don Cherry

Don Cherry out at Hockey Night in Canada after controversial poppy comments

Long-time hockey commentator Don Cherry is out as co-host of Coach’s Corner following televised remarks where he claimed new immigrants don’t wear poppies and implied they don’t support veterans “Following further discussions with Don Cherry after Saturday Night’s broadcast, it has been decided it is the right time for him to immediately step down,” Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley said in a statement.

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Alibaba breaks $30.5 billion Singles’ Day sales record

Monday was Singles’ Day, the world’s largest 24-hour shopping event, and e-commerce giant Alibababa has already set a new sales record, topping last year’s record of nearly $30.5 billion. CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal reports from Alibaba’s campus in Hangzhou. For exclusive access to video from CNBC check out CNBC PRO:

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#9 Chicago Weather

Chicago Weather: Over 200 Flights Canceled At O’Hare, Midway Airports Amid Winter Weather Advisory

Airlines at O’Hare and Midway airports have canceled hundreds of flights amid snowy conditions. Katie Johnston reports.

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#10 Kimberly Guilfoyle

Donald Trump Jr heckled and booed off stage at his book launch

Donald Trump Jr and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, were forced to cut short the launch event for his book, Triggered, at the University of California, Los Angeles because of anger at their refusal to take questions from the audience.

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SCOOB Trailer #1 NEW (2020) Scooby Doo Animated Movie HD

SCOOB Trailer #1 NEW (2020) Scooby Doo Animated Movie HD New Movie Trailers 2019! Subscribe To MovieAccessTrailers To Catch Up All The New Movie Trailer, Movie Clips, TV Spots & Trailer Compilation Just For You.

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Hong Kong Police Shot a Protester in the Stomach on Facebook Live

It’s the third time police have shot a protester since demonstrations began in June. The 21-year-old is in critical condition.

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#13 NYSE:DXC • DXC Technology • New York Stock Exchange • Fiscal year

Past 24h

Insights to inspire

Get insights that matter most to your industry. Sign up today: Connect with us social media! LINKEDIN ► TWITTER ► INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ►

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#14 Latin music • Latin Grammy Award • Residente • Leonel García • Farruko • Milly Quezada • Beto Cuevas • Prince Royce • Alicia Keys • Tony Succar

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pls subscribe to my channel for more content like that, thanks. full list: #GrammyLatino #Grammys #LatinGrammys

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#15 Mortal Kombat • Nitara

Past 24h

Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 – NEW Footage of Kano & Mileena Choreography + NEW Film Locations & MORE!

Mortal Kombat Reboot Movie 2021 NEW Footage of Kano & Mileena Choreography + NEW Film Locations & MORE! The Mortal Kombat 11 reboot movie being produced by James Wan is currently in the process of being filmed and in this video, I’ll be discussing a bunch of stuff worth noting!

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#16 Beer • Pebbles cereal • Baltimore • Unicorn

Past 24h

DuClaw Brewing Co. Sour Me Unicorn Farts (5.5% ABV) DJs BrewTube Beer Review #1225

To Subscribe: Facebook Link: Twitter Link: Aloha BrewTube: In this episode of DJs BrewTube I going ” LOCAL ” Again to review DuClaw Brewing Co. Sour Me Unicorn Farts. What classic West Coast IPA you ask? Why, none other then Lagunitas IPA . DuClaw Brewing Co.

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#17 Matt Damon • Chris Hemsworth • The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Past 24h

Ellen DOESN’T CARE What Matt Damon Has To Say!

Classic Ellen right here! Gotta love her honesty! #MattDamon #TheEllenShow #Ellen #MattDamonEllen #EllenDegeneres

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#18 George Kittle • San Francisco 49ers • Ross Dwelley • American football • Seattle Seahawks • Tight end • Injury • Fantasy football • Monday Night Football • Greg Olsen

Past 24h

George Kittle 1 Hand Catches A Ball Over 4 PLAYERS!


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#19 Detroit Pistons • Blake Griffin • Minnesota Timberwolves • Andre Drummond

Past 24h

Blake Griffin returns tonight! Minnesota timberwolves vs Detroit Pistons pregame

Join the peepulation now! And subscribe 😉 Follow me on twitter- DetroitDrew101 instagram- Detroitdrew101 DSA members 👇🏻 Luke G’s field review-… 313 JMO-… CA3’s sports talk-… Noble sports Ent-… Micromike-… Nomis Johnson-… The Big Take-… positively detroit-… Donations Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5!

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#20 Netflix • The Walt Disney Company • Disney+ • Apple

Past 24h

Disney+, Netflix, Apple, HBO, & More: Who Will Win the Streaming TV War?

Welcome to the latest episode of the Full-Court Finance podcast from Zacks Investment Research where Associate Stock Strategist Ben Rains dives into some of Disney’s (DIS) recent quarterly financial results. We then take a look at Disney’s larger streaming TV future, before we see which company, from Netflix (NFLX) to Amazon (AMZN) might win the streaming TV war.

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#21 New South Wales • 
Bushfires in Australia • Wildfire

Past 24h

#22 TCBY • Veterans Day • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt • 4 hours ago

Past 24h

#23 McFlurry • 
McDonald’s • Snickerdoodle • Uber Eats

Past 24h

#24 Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award • Cy Young Award • Mike Trout • Gerrit Cole • MLB • Justin Verlander • Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year Award

Past 24h

#25 Obi-Wan Kenobi • Stephen Daldry • Ewan McGregor • Star Wars • Disney+ • The Crown • United Kingdom

Past 24h

#26 Tony Hale • Disney+ • The Walt Disney Company • Toy Story 4

Past 24h

#27 College basketball • 
Cincinnati Bearcats men’s basketball • Drake Bulldogs men’s basketball • University of Cincinnati

Past 24h

#28 Washington Capitals •Arizona Coyotes

Past 24h

#29 Iowa • DePaul University • College basketball

Past 24h

#30 The Voice • NBC • 1 hour ago

Past 24h

#31 Today • Megyn Kelly • Tamron Hall • People

Past 24h

#32 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions • Jeopardy!

Past 24h

#33 Craft Brew Alliance • NASDAQ:BREW • Brewing • Earnings • Nasdaq

Past 24h

#34 Florida • Oklahoma • Police officer

Past 24h

#35 Utah • Under the Banner of Heaven • Death row

Past 24h

#36 Baby boomers • The Walt Disney Company • Abigail Disney • Robert Iger

Past 24h

#37 Dancing with the Stars • Sean Spicer • Lindsay Arnold • Jenna Johnson • Donald Trump • Carrie Ann Inaba
#38 Paul Nassif • Terry Dubrow • Botched

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#39 Ebola virus disease • Ebola vaccine • Vaccine • Merck & Co.

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#40 Noah Centineo

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