4 on 40 for 06/20/2020


Okay Okay todays 4 on 40 is all country. Yes country music personally I don’t like the term “country” because as a music connoisseur I like all music and take it as it comes. Now sometimes it’s hard not to draw comparisons in todays social climate. But lets say it like this. We like all music we like country and we like rap. We like dance and we like alternative music. Music unites us as humans. I definitely like that idea because as I said in todays social climate feelings dont really help matters sad to say but true. However if you let a song wash over you listen to the music hear the story the lyrics are telling watch the video. You get a feeling and its all good. But just remember music is a conduit to our inner selves and we should always use it in a positve light. But remember once that song is over its back to reality or you could just play it again. todays 4 on 40 #1 Aaron Watson “Whisper my name” #2 Logan Mize “Prettiest Girl in the World” Coming in at #3 Rascall Flatts “How they remember you and in at #4 Gabby Barrett “Goldmine” 

Okay these are my initial rankings but you can always vote and change the rankings or make your Top 40 list if your having trouble with creating a list sign up and message “top40” from the dashboard or email me at [email protected] Thank you Ttyl

#2 Logan Mize – “Prettiest Girl in the World” (Official Music Video)

Logan Mize

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The official music video for "Prettiest Girl in the World" by Logan Mize!

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