40+ Disney Memes That Are Breaking The Internet Like Anything

PositiveKeith Kirin27 Jul, 2018

40+ Disney Memes That Are Breaking The Internet Like Anything

Finding ‘Meme-o!’

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If you love Disney cartoons and its live-action films (wait, who doesn’t?), then trust me you’re just going to have the best time of your whole day. We have handpicked some of the side-splitting pictures that’ll make you laugh anytime and anywhere you wish. It’s like your laughter genie.

From Aladdin’s relationship issue to Bella’s love life, we’ve got the best of Disney memes right here for you. 

So without wasting much time, let’s put a smile on that face!

Let’s start with something relatable.

If Cinderella was born in 2018. 

taught my mother.

Ah shucks, is this NSFW?Long hair girl story.I could see someone coming from the real Frozen world.When you’re sad, just throw yourself on the nearest place and cry. Disney Logic.What could be the reason?Lock me wherever you want, but please give me Wi-Fi. Please?Seems legit. Did you laugh at this one?This isn’t even a meme, what is it doing here?OMG! The look on his face is cold AF. I know a girl that looks exactly like her.Genie was there to basically solve Aladdin’s relationship issue?18+ meme.And winner of the Nobel Prize is? For those who’ve got rejected for their looks.Funny reality.Let’s try this someday.Men will be men.This reminds me of Joey from FRIENDS.Lol, yeah!Well that’s the story of my life. Tricks I use on my BAE.We’re all doing this at the gym, aren’t we?Well, this is true.Fake is real, real is fake. Pumba.When you know you’ve got something to flaunt.Mondays be like mourndays.Lost in the debt.Pizza!It happens, yes. Shh, someone might notice you staring at this meme.To eat or not to eat. My dad would definitely relate to this.Ahh, can’t wait to see that film!All she asked for was trim.A meme for people who are health-conscious.Only if she was ugly.My childhood is all ruined after watching this.Out of nowhere…My girlfriend broke up with me last night when I compared her costume to this.

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