About the question of race and the vaccine

About the question of race and the vaccine, again IT40 says the human black man was here first we evolved from them and they evolved from the apes so did we all. We are all related like a family including the apes all the animals and plants so please know that and believe it. Black humans are like our grandparents we should just let them be. Respect and abide each other we say.

IT40 doesn’t blame some people for having an inferiority complex because “evolving from” may infer to some people that they are better more evolved and some were more perfectly evolved for this earth. However, evolved in this case is only in a physical sense because again, we are all related have the same brains and the ability to evolve within our own bodies. Today with the help of technology each one of us can evolve into a super human if we so desire or something along those lines. We are the A.I.I. for this earth. Now if you don’t believe in the theory of evolution we can talk about that later.

Human beings can become healthier we can grow muscle we can replace organs and given the right amount of time and breeding we will all look like spindly grey aliens, that is our destiny and without any outside genetic manipulation, unavoidable.

As far as the vaccine goes it has become patently obvious that the covid-19 vaccine only “reportedly” lasts for a few months and therefore taking it is merely a symbol of your subservience to the “man” and so called science. Further they may argue you have to take it so we can reach Herd immunity which is a fallacy because the vaccine hasn’t been proven to create immunity in the first place. IT40’s position is until we all have tracking implants or remote genetic tracking. So far no one lives forever in this body only in our mind.

Now another question to manipulate you into taking the vaccine seems to turn on, do you even care about your fellow human beings the real question should be do you believe a word the “Man” says and why are they trying to save so few people in an already overpopulated world? BTW is it hypocrisy we think so, pure lies, maybe and who is the man anyway, do you even know that, because we don’t.

IT40 says just assume everyone is lying about everything and you must determine the truth as you know it by investigating as many sources as possible. Now I hope we said all this in a “socially acceptable online” manner or in the vernacular is it SAO? We hope all we said makes some sense to you. Needless to say Good Luck and let us know if you need any help we will be right here. ttyl

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