aka Top40 or IT40, is a social media post ranking website.’s Daily Lists will always consist of the #1 social media items in descending order of importance and popularity or according to whoever authored the list and your votes. Currently Our Daily Top 40 lists are concentrating on New Music Videos, at we strive to bring you the most recent music releases from around the world in a ranked and ordered list. also accepts postings from you our readers. You can easily create your own open or ranked lists and post them on our website. BTW the voting on items or the music videos or videos in “Ranked Lists” which allow voting move the items up or down in rank the voting really works. It’s been proven that most people only look at the top few items in any list. So being #1 is Good you will get noticed more if you are #1 or are at the top of any list or story. Finally a couple of options to get answers about you can always message “top40” from your dashboard and ask any question you may have. However to get access to the dashboard you have to sign up and have an account with or you could just email David “Top40” Russell Ellenberger at [email protected] Thank you.

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