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“Top40”, “IT40”, “Rank the Internet” and “Organize your online world” all add up to one thing  we are a social media news and information “post ranking” website. The “IT40” website itself concentrates on showing you the most “popular” or “searched for” items of the day in many of the internets most popular categories. (IT40 also has our own search engine “Top 40 Internet Search which we hope you try out and use regularly more on that later.)We will start with categories like people, places and things. In fact we usually include these terms in the titles of our postings and include the date so you can easily find information when you are researching popular trends or topics. Please find categories like products you want to buy, music videos you like to watch and listen to, movies, News, TV Shows and anything else that is important to you. will be there to show and help you “Rank the Internet & organize your online world. is committed to showing you the most popular and important items from todays online world. Our posts will always consist of the #1 searched for person’s place’s or thing’s for that day. all of our information comes from Google Trend Statistics which are up to the minute trending data from the searches you and the rest of the world are making on the Google search engine for each and every minute of the day. also helps you to easily create your own Open or ranked lists whereby every item in your list has a vote button next to it and it will automatically move the items up or down in ranking on your list according to the votes it receives. “IT40” helps you to create stories or upload pictures or embed or upload videos from anywhere. You can promote and publish these items or products completely free of charge.(Please remember promoting your list or page is of paramount importance and we can help with that too just ask) helps you to rank and organize your online world so Please share “IT40” with all of your friends and feel free to message David “top40” Russell from your dashboard if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding! Now lets get Going and start organizing and ranking your online world Today!

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