Yes things online are generally true but don’t believe anything without doing some research first  and asking some trusted friends in the real world. If it’s to good to be true or to unbelievable to be true it probably is “NOT TRUE” so Please always research and check the facts on serious issues. The internet should probably come with a warning “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY” likes to think we are on top of things. Especially when it comes to new technology. We don’t talk about it much and have basically just been bringing you the most searched for items on the internet. Whatever is best or most popular we want you to know about it. We are going to start bringing you more of what really interests us and hopefully you will interest you as well. Todays topic is referred to as Deepfake’s or Deepfake AI. What that means is a fake video that looks so real it is hard to detect hard to tell if its real or fake. But we here at think that knowing about something helps us to be able to accept it reject it use it or abuse it and mainly to understand it . Deepfakes are something that is not neccessarily new but is growing in the sense that Deepfake videos are getting easier to make and harder to detect. But they can be detected and you can do it too. In this posting we ask you to add any story, picture, article or video you find online that gives more information about Deepfakes or is just a really good Deepfake video you made or found online. Please add it to this post and share it with our readers.

Now the easiest way to add a video is to go to the video play the video then stop or pause it, copy the URL of the video, then go back to this posting scroll to the bottom where it says add your submission, click the words “Embed” in upper right corner, then paste the video URL into the box, then hit enter once it is processed the video should pop up you can add a title or say something in the boxes provided but most importantly you have to agree to our terms by ticking the box and then hit submit and that’s it.(You can ignore the add a link box) if it screws up just hit your refresh button or start over and check it to make sure your video or story wasn’t already added to the list. Good Luck and Thank you

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