IT40 Rock NMV’s for Week #39


Alt Rock/Heavy Metal NMV’s for Week #39

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This weeks list is Alt Rock/Rock/heavy metal but it basically includes Pop rock as well. So what is this Genre/Category about. Mainly the video should include musicians especially a guitar player and a Singer. Not just a rapper with a drum machine and a keyboard. However our Rock MV Genre can include a keyboard player or a violin or Banjo essentially any stringed instrument that someone is playing. What do you think?.

I simply must tell you about #37 in our At Rock/Rock/Heavy Metal list a  Band called “Pablo Cruise” who had Hits in the 70’s & 80’s Pablo Cruise actually had one of my favorite songs of all time a Bubble gum pop song called What you Gonna Do, check it out if your into that kind of thing.

Finally Starting with next weeks lists that would be Week #40 we are going to re-institute Vote for Rank. So if you are in a band or have fans and you think your song should be #1 tell them to go to our list and vote. They may have to refresh the page or just wait but all the votes will get counted and we are going to start that next week for every week. BTW people should really get used to voting online. And that’s all I have to say for now. Thank you Ttyl

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