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#19 Sound bar, Sparkwav 2.1 Channel SoundBar for TV 35 Inch 60W Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio Home Theater Surround Speakers with 2 Tweeters, 4 Subwoofers, Optical, USB, Wall Mount

1.Never Worry About Losing Remote Control :double remote controls are Supporting multiplayer.Sometimes we can't find the remote control. if can't find,that's OK. We still have one as a spare.Use infrared transmit signals, with the soundbar receiving the middle of the signal, the remote control easy to control the soundbar.soundbar also can be a stage subwoofer. 2.Advantage Home theater sound :loud and clear,stereo mainly,a little bass,independently,can't be working with subwoofer,power come to 60W,so the volume louder than others. Soundbar : channel 2.1,digital amplifier with dsp inside,.have 2x10W loudspeakers, 4x10W bass speakers, can perform better in most of the audio range,when using the USB model,without pairing bluetooth,by the U disk,MP3,cell phone,iPad,laptop,PC,to play the music directly;via remote and touch keys, adjust the volume. 3.Dissipate Heat :The length of soundbar is 35 inch,the design of two deep air reflex with wind control oval, this design can let us in use, with the sound from both ends can accelerate the air diffusion, internal diffusion from the soundbar, so the heat also accelerated with air diffusion from both ends. The appearance of the soundbar is made of gauze and stainless steel mesh, Compared to competitors, our home entertainment system better deal with heat dissipation and sound. 4. 6 Soundbar Multi-player Modes: this TV electronic equipment is a television video products,have 6 soundbar modes.when LED Status Indicator change, the different color meet different modes: Red=Standby mode, Blue=Bluetooth 4.1 mode,Cyan=Optical audio input mode, Pink=Coaxial digital audio input mode, Green=AUX/RCA input mode by cable connection, Yellow=USB mode, also.connection to computer,notebookand laptop.we can touch the front of the power button to change , also by the remote control. 5.Mountable Way: take three ways to mount, the first: we can be mountable on wall ,the back design of soundbar have 2 grooves,According to the instructions, two nails fixed to the wall, we can easily put soundbar hanging on the wall. the second: place the soundbar on the desk, With four brief legs, we can easily and smoothly place it on the table in car,living room and sleeping room.the end: We can put it in the mezzanine of the cabinet, because the height is no more than 2.7 inches. ... View this product on Amazon...


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