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#37 OSD WRSK250 2X25W 2.4GHz Wireless Speaker and Subwoofer Kit with Transmitter and Receiver

AN EASY WIRELESS SOLUTION: Reliable 2.4GHz digital wireless kit with transmitter and receiver that lets you add heart-pounding bass to your surround sound system without having to run a cable from the amplifier/receiver to the subwoofer. SAVES TIME AND MONEY: Wireless subwoofer kit spares the hassle of having to run cable through vermin-infested crawl spaces, tacking it to the floor boards or fishing through walls. RELIABLE SIGNAL TRANSMISSION: Transits low frequency sound up to 100 feet (line of sight) using the reliable 2.4GHz broadcast frequency and includes 34-channel selection to dial in the best signal. OFFERS PLACEMENT FLEXIBILITY: Can be used anywhere there is access to an electrical outlet so you can place the subwoofer where it sounds best instead of having to keep it close to the receiver or amp to avoid a cable run. HIDES EASILY: Transmits through cabinets and walls and the compact footprint lets you hide the transmitter/receiver in another room, behind a sofa or inside a cabinet. ... View this product on Amazon...


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