Black Holes are Neurons

We Live in an Organic Computer. Possibly generated by an actual Computer?


Yes I do believe we all live in a giant organic computer-like mind and that the black Holes of our universe are like the neurons in our mind. Dark Energy is the programming of the mind and the Dark Matter well that “Organic Mind”  is the brain tissue itself, the Grey matter. We all actually reside in a living neural network that is the Universe. I was searching for information “neurons as Black holes” and came across an article called, When Neural Networks saw the first image of a Black Hole. by Anuj Shah and it lead me to the website and I just had to share it with you. Here is a video from the Deep Dream Generator Check it out. It’s Totally Awesome!

Inception Animation with Deep Dream

This video is a result of some experimentation we are doing with Deep Style and Deep Dream tools. It’s not possible to create such animations on the website …


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