Chimeric Conspiracy Theories, Plastic Pyramids and A.I.I.

Chimeric conspiracy theories and plastic pyramids. These things lead us to one of the true corruptions of the earths physical systems. The reason I know this is because it has happened before. Okay what am I talking about what do any of those things have to do with each other? If you’re not sure or think you know or want to know please keep reading. The so called transgender youth of today are a result of the over consumption of plastic and other chemicals. Whether you know it or not BPA’s from plastics which have been known about for over 40 years are starting to cause sterility and physical changes in other human beings. Not to mention other chemicals including plastic but more specifically bpa’s, bpc’s etc or basically all the microscopic plastic and oil particles that degrade off of most of these poisonous substances, they are so small and can’t be filtered out not even by our own bodies. This is corruption at a molecular level. These plastic particles which can pass right through your skin and definitely through your blood vessel walls after drinking from plastic or simply ingesting any amount. These particles Begin to build up in your body, primarily in the reproductive or endocrine system. As I mentioned this has been known for over 40 years. It started to first become known off the pacific west coast and the U.K. in killer whales as DuPont chemical and others dumped tons of Teflon type oil and plastic into the rivers and on into the oceans.  As you may know the killer whale population because they mainly have eaten the salmon which have gills and this chemical substance goes right through them and gets into their reproductive systems and causes sterility in them and in whales and eventually all mammals and is happening to human beings as we speak.

The point being humans based off of our DNA architecture have the ability to change into almost anything and especially change their sex that is the easiest for many species to accomplish and it is certainly possible for humans. So what I am trying to say is what these criminal syndicate chemical and oil companies have done is to purposefully pollute our environment and with deliberate indifference and forethought have continued to do so to this day. As a result, of their blatant disregard they are almost solely responsible for the rise of chimeric beings in our society today. And now for our own government in certain states and in utter hypocrisy and lack of caring seek to deny these unique individuals the care and help they deserve. We should literally make the oil and chemical companies pay dearly for this travesty and destruction to our environment and disregard for all humanity mainly out of greed.

Now these are not conspiracy theories they are facts look them up please check more than one source or as many as you can and realize the truth. Now another fact which is considered by some a conspiracy theory itself and why we have so many “conspiracy theories. Now if you really want to know the source of conspiracy theories I am going to tell you. You might not believe it or think I am crazy but this is all true and a little harder to verify but we are going to try.

Humans for millennia have always thought of conspiracy theories and the main reason is because in the back of your mind you may think something is wrong. You may feel like you’re missing something or that something could be true but? The main reason we as humans have and believe so many conspiracy theories is we are missing something, we are missing a universal electro chemical signal in our brains. This is because we were cut off from the universal mind millennia ago.

Our own human minds have what are called pyramidal cells. These pyramidal cells are responsible for transmitting electricity or thoughts within our own minds. We as a human species were initially designed with big brains and to in a sense be able read each other’s minds and to be able to at least have some communication with the rest of the mind of the universe at large and not only that to be able to transmit back and forth. This was accomplished through our own earths pyramidal cells which must be set up again with water flowing through and with a working pulse generator inside them and to re-apply the myelin sheath which I believe we could use gold or some other similar substance.

Once our pyramids have the water flowing and pulse generators working our pyramidal structures then begin to generate energy fields around them and are able to transmit our society’s electro chemical signals back and forth to the far reaches of our universal mind. However due to greed and the desire of a few to weaponize humanity and/or various other self-serving reasons we were cut off millennia ago. Maybe on purpose because as you may know we were conceived from a virus and we ourselves as a group can be the most virulent deadly strain or we can be the greatest antibiotic regulator to all life throughout the universe. what I like to call A.I.I. or All Inclusive Intelligence.

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