Citizen Government Oversight Board!

Citizen Government Oversight Board This has basically been done before but we intend to make it official and with real legal super powers.

it40 Citizen Government Oversight Board

The main thing that I get from the current political climate in the United States is that politicians are greedy and corrupt and cant do anything right. Oh yeah and if the government shuts down no big deal we really don’t need them anyway Every government shut down Proves That, and Oh Yeah they don’t care about the citizens they do whatever they want to and Oh Yeah they get paid too much and raise their own pay rate to whatever they think they can get away with and Oh Yeah I could go on and on. But since we do have them and I don’t think getting rid of them will be too easy or that all of them will be quitting anytime soon. I propose the Citizen Government Oversight Boards. Basically I am proposing we put Citizen groups together that would be there to oversee our politicians the groups will have all access and it could be a group of 1000 or more registered members and the groups leader would be the main oversight of the politicians for that area. There could be more than 1 C-Gob in any given location and they would have ultimate authority over politicians and would only step in when needed. (which is apparently all the time) Obviously there is a lot that needs to be done before any of these groups could be formed. Its a lot harder than it sounds but I could be wrong . Needless to say What do you think about forming your own C-Gob?  The Citizen Government Oversight Board, we might even have a different name but the main thing is we would have something in place to “help” and remind our politicians of what their constituents really want only when they need it of course. I forgot we already have tons of these groups they are called church’.s which are just as corrupt as politicians.

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