• InternetTop40.com & Dave Russell, from The IT40 Show, are looking for you!
  • The IT40 Show Crew is coming to a city near you.
  • Starting off in Louisville, Kentucky, Dave Russell’s adopted home town.
  • The IT40 Show will be holding live recorded auditions at a location near you. This is all for fun and a promotion for us and you.
  • InternetTop40.com and The IT40 Show want to record you reciting a favorite line from any movie, play, story, or poem.  It could be something you made up, or it could include a favorite dance move, or perhaps a little legerdemain.
  • 10 seconds to a couple of minutes.  We will record you, then add it to our website.
  • Louisville Kentucky Hot or Not, Top 40 Ranked list on internettop40.com.
  • The Audition locations will be revealed in the weeks to come in several area locations bars, restaurants, coffeeshops.
  • You will be able to sign up and hang out with us until we are ready to record. First come, first served. Hang out and hang in.
  • Come as you are and tell us whatever you want, or preform anyway you want.
  • We want you on InternetTop40.com where you can share your audition clip and ask your friends to vote.
  • Every vote, for you, on our website, moves you up in rank!
  • Sign up to our mailing list or use the sign-up form below.  Our first event will be in the upcoming New Year!
  • We look forward to seeing you there!
  • IT40 Audition Sign Up Form
  • Make a plan to meet & Greet in 2019 Sunday Jan 20th 6-10pm All Ages. Meet, Greet and Record @ Nirvana Louisville, Ky. 1047 Bardstown Road. Come Ready to preform! recite a line, sing a song, dance a jig or just tell us your name. Whatever you think looks good on camera and lasts 10″- 120″ seconds. InternetTop40.com wants you on our website!


it40 event jan 20 2019

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