nCovid-19 you take 1 step Forward 2 steps back

BTW there is a 1000ft. drop behind you…..

Hello All!  It is I, again, David “Top 40″ Russell.  I am going to explain my take on the past year or two and the social-political and economic world we are now in, by making it  more clear to myself and hopefully to you. I will do my best to explain it all  in a fun and enlightening way, starting with the scary part. LOL So here goes. The government doesn’t care.  It’s basically been proven.  The Coronavirus scare is a Rapture” or is it? Seriously, if you’re not on board, with the Federal Government’s interpretation of the nCovid-19 Pandemic, you must be a criminal for even thinking that it’s okay to go out in public, if you don’t care about yourself or about all the other citizens are you a  bad person?

You are Now, if you don’t go along with the end of the world scenario and that everything must come to a stand still so the “U.S. Government” can take complete control,  yes, take complete control to save us from the dreaded “nCovid-19” and its definitely for our own good. Our beloved government will save its adoring citizens with money on paper.   Call it the dole, social security or simply credit, if you will.  Our “Federal Government”, however, has left the details up to each state and its “State Government” to decide the details. So now each state government and its citizens will be beholden to the federal government if that state government and its citizens ever hope to get any monetary relief for this type of situation, which has never ever been seen before?  It is the worst crisis ever in the history of the world from what the ‘let’s call them the “Feds” (from now on).  These are unprecedented times or so the “Feds” would have us believe and if we don’t…. Oh, boy, you’re a very, very bad person. And so far almost every state and federal elected official seems to be on board, which means we, the grateful citizens, have to be on board, as well, the decision has been made. And don’t forget it’s definitely for our own good and to save us from ourselves?

On a similar note “Thought Crimes”, remember the movie, what was it called with Tom Cruise, oh yeah Minority Report? The whole thing was a conspiracy from the beginning for the government to gain control, for the citizens own good, of course, and that is exactly what the “nCovid-19 Pandemic Scare” is turning into. But is it really for our own good? The government is trying to gain more control any way they can. Do you believe that? Or are they trying to help us change our behavior for our own good? Is there a difference? They, our government, wants what all governments want.  They all want what’s best for its citizens, for society.  Not only that, our federal government wants to pay us any amount it takes with “money, social credit, social stability’ or at least the look of it, they want complete control of their/our society. But who are they really giving it to? Corporations? Citizens we pay for all of it why are we bailing out corporations again its a failed model especially the airlines OMG if they lay off everyone why are we paying them anything? Let them go bankrupt. I think soon enough we will all be flying automated planes more than cars. What is the point of bailing out the airlines how many times have we done that the AIRLINES SUCK BIG TIME and for what? So some rich people can go on vacation to St Bart’s or Europe WTF? Total BS!

Now don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way.  We are better off in America than anywhere else in the world, or at least we will assume that for now, since 99% of us really don’t know that for sure. 99% of us have never been out of our neighborhood and why should we? So we can see the Lies for ourselves? We already know the lies cone from the top down. Now the real problem with nCovid-19 is in the cities. Because in any city there is a closer proximity of the people and they will catch the virus faster –  the bigger the city, the faster they catch it, so the cities need sterner measures.  It’s that simple. Now here are some more scare tactics for you. After the debacle we all just went through here in the united states and elsewhere all fueled by lies and misinformation. This debacle over the last few years Im talking about Big Media, the left vs right Socio- economic, political manipulation, who is right who is wrong media game. Because of all the BS we are all on edge and are all asking what is going to happen next, can’t we all just get along?  Well, we sure can ‘all’ get along now it looks like we are going to be forced to get along.  The way it’s looking in some cities, you can get thrown in jail for being around too many people, basically for having a party. But it’s all for your own good, for the good of society.  Personally, I would prefer the “Dark Ages” ever heard of them? Basically after the fall of Rome, from around 500AD  to 1000AD, we had the Black Death, now that was a real pandemic, ahh those were the days.  But I digress. Enough BS about the scary part.  Now on to the hard part.  If the scare tactics haven’t worked yet, and I hope they have, and you permanently change your behavior starting now… but if not, let’s try another tactic which usually doesn’t work either. But here goes…..

I honestly believe the nCovid -19 is simply a more virulent form of the cold.  It, the cold virus nCovid-19, has mutated, as a result of the close proximity of people and animals in big cities like Wuhan where cleanliness is not something they follow closely and IMHO a natural result of “overpopulation and consumption of animal products” that is how the virus mutated and sprang to life. Eating meat is not really something we should all be doing.  In fact, it’s really just a short cut for lazy people to get more fat and protein into their systems/bodies more quickly no thinking no planning just go out and kill some poor animal and consume it. The fact is if we, as humans, can’t live off the the food and energy from the sun. ie: eating plant based foods or, in the near future, genetically modify our bodies to actually be more like plants which is possible, then we are all going to die anyway.

BTW if we don’t almost completely change our behavior right this very minute, we are all certainly going to die sooner and destroy the planet for years to come if not forever. As I have mentioned in past articles, humans took a wrong turn.  Somewhere, in the past, they took a shortcut and started relying on meat and then others to actually produce this meat from cows mainly. Those cows BTW are the main source of global warming which also contributes to the mutation of viruses and bacteria, and the like, and the result has been rampant global warming which is another threat and the real threat to our lives and our world.

Now that the nCovid-19 is here, we have to deal with it.  It probably will kill a few million here and there which is quite predictable, but the media has blown it so far out of proportion.  Remember the scare tactics?  The question is why.  I thought we explained it pretty well.  However, the media’s actual reason is not because they care about you.  It is to sell more products, to get more eyes on their screen and to manipulate you into thinking what they want for good or bad without any real forethought.  It seems complicated, but it’s really just that simple. Now let’s assume the media are not all evil incarnate and actually want what’s best for all us humans. The poor media are just pawns, just going with the flow and are only reporting the facts, albeit, blown all out of proportion to reality.  The Media would argue they are only trying to make a point, but honestly today’s “Big Media” don’t really have a clue.

Now folks, we have talked about this before the “Internet God Complex & Death By Cow Farts” but that’s not really the problem either.  It is more a symptom. But back to the point of my little editorial which is attempting to explain and enlighten, we will get through this Coronavirus scare, but we must stop relying on animals for food and we must start eating a plant-based diet and perhaps even require we use renewable energy for all.  And maybe, just maybe, we will change our behavior and live another day. But the truth probably wont work either  ‘Earthlings’ this is your Last wake-up call and changing your behavior is the hard part, and if you can do that then it’s definitely time to end our story so you can get started and Change yourselves for the betterment of ourselves and lets not forget for the good of society.  Have a Nice day

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