Coronavirus another Worldwide Conspiracy & Fraud?


Novel Coronavirus what a joke! IMHO it is no worse than the Flu. If you’ve been keeping up on Flu statistics almost 18,000 people in the United States alone have died from the FLU. Compared to the worldwide total of just under 2,900 for the supposed Coronavirus. Thats 18,000 people dead in the United States from the FLU. So what the hell is going on? What is so deadly about this Novel COVID-19 other than it kills less people than the FLU?

Its always good to be prepared but What the Coronavirus really is, is a worldwide cover up and conspiracy. China thought they would show how efficient they could be cleaning up the virus and nbuilding all those hospitals so fast and not to mention the coronavirus is an excuse for their crashing economy. Then they figured it would be a good excuse to close down all their schools and factories just to let the world know how dependent America is on Chinese Goods. WTF? SO again IMHO this is a joke its not about the coronavirus its more misdirection more lies more cover up coming from you…. you guessed it the top government officials in china and their FAKE MEDIA with a little complicity from the United States. Lets not forget 1 psycho is in almost complete control over there in china or maybe he is a messiah or pariah or whatever commies these days call their beloved leaders.

So who is this joke on? Well of course its on us the american people. Now our pathetic government is playing the blame game and Trump and the republicans  aren’t doing enough or the democrats are fomenting fear.  I say forget all of them republicans and Democrats and that old fool Bernie Sanders. Well he may have good intentions but I absolutely abhor people who will say anything to get votes no matter how long he has been doing it and that is exactly what old Bernie is doing pandering to the lowest common denominator.  Young idealistic, uniformed dreamers OMG how sick is that. So he is a total scumbag. Even if any of Bernie Sanders campaign LIES could become law, it will be years before they ever do.  By then it will be too late or the fools will have seen the light and realize their awful mistake.

Now back to the Joke on us the coronavirus. Who else get it WHO (world health organization never mind that’s a silly joke)  could possibly benefit from this lie besides the government…. HMMM let me think big business perhaps. Well since the total economic collapse is imminent because the whole world is sick and everyone is infected and dying and no supplies are getting through. LOL  Everyone with any sense will sell off every stock they have and buy food & supplies, gold or real estate or any other tangible thing. Ask anyone or just look at the stock market and news of the economy. Yes it is just an excuse and a damn good, very big excuse or “cover up” at that. No big business can get any supplies from china, so its all coming down. Once again we find the truth is is not the real truth, its all been a big lie for years a balloon that’s been popped more than once and deflating for years, like someone gasping for breath taking bigger and deeper breaths but they have a cancer a hole in their lungs and cant hold the air in so they are dying. Seriously though….

So what is The  Novel Coronavirus? In the words of Fire Marshal Bill Let me tell you something…. its a worldwide conspiracy to cover up the endless pit our governments and businesses have dug for us and now we can all fall in and the more that die the better as far as THEY are concerned. Not too mention if it gets too out of hand those scum in government could just declare martial law and take over everything which is what they want anyway. So this is just a practice session. Sounds like fun to me. Endless free fall at least we wont have to worry about gas prices anymore.

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