Coronavirus is about Global Warming?

The Coronavirus Pandemic Scam, is all about Global Warming. Yeah Right.  But I am starting to believe it is all true. I realized this possibility as I was watching the PBS Documentary called “In the Age of AI”  Yes I know Global Warming the reason to create the coronavirus pandemic? But it is the best explanation I can think of for a Virus that really isn’t doing any more damage to our society, any more than your average Flu because that is all it is.

Now it may sound crazy because why would anyone make up a semi fake virus and promote the hell out of it, to stop Global Warming? Probably because some AI program told them based on all the statistics that this was the easiest best way to bring on a global shut down and scare people enough to make some seriously drastic changes to our lives society and the world. I just couldn’t believe it. Not just to ruin all of our economies not so some politician can get ahead in the polls. And definitely not to just get more people into the hospitals and make everyone dependent on the government for money. All though as crazy as that sounds this is all happening now because of what we have done in reaction to the pandemic not because of global warming.  So why and or how could the coronavirus slow down or stop Global warming? Let’s look at just a couple points.

Global warming is definitely real and happening now and will definitely kill all life on earth if we don’t do something to slow it down. So why aren’t we doing anything about that because that is true. The usual answer is, it’s not going to happen in my life. Or that real problems from Global Warming are 40 -50 years or more down the road or we cant do anything about it anyway. Well the coronavirus proved that last point to be dead wrong. The first few weeks after the covied-19 shut down of some major cities pollution was definitely down and if that keeps going it can and will slow down global warming.

Now there are many other things that creating a global pandemic can do to slow down or stop global warming that just saying it will kill us all in 100 years. I am not going to name them all but if you think about it I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I have.  Which is that, the Global pandemic is a scam but it was the only way our governments or some AI program predicted that would get us humans to do anything to stop or slow global warming.

As I said in another editorial I entitled “Coronavirus is a Blessing in disguise” maybe you read it maybe not. But at that time I didn’t really think that a fake pandemic could be the real reason for all our governments or some billionaires or the media to promote this as much as they have. But I do now, because an immediate fear or threat is the only way to get us humans to do anything this drastic. Because telling the truth hasn’t worked but I sure as hell hope this does. SO again I say the coronavirus is a blessing in disguise. But lets see how twisted it gets in the next few years and it will. Thank you Ttyl

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