CoronaVirus Panic of 2020 “A Blessing in Disguise”

Who is benefiting from the Coronavirus panic? No one and Everyone. It wouldnt suprise me if the “coronavirus” was a planned event. It apparently originated in china and it’s no surprise that a flu-like virus is mainly fatal for old and already sick people that is perfectly normal. It could even be said if we weren’t told about the coronavirus we would never even have noticed it. It would have been 1 more flu death one more old person dying from complications of old age and the world would keep on moving no one would stop to notice 1 more death out of the 10’s of thousands that die around the globe daily. Death in itself is a fact of life and will ultimately come to everyone in our current state of being. I am not a religious man but a man of science and numbers. But for now lets continue on with a more philosophical, psycho-social discussion.

Now are people really paniced and all they can think of is the coronavirus going to kill me or be the end of the world? No of course not but then why all this media attention?  All the media,  international television coverage and internet searches being pushed by companies like Google is a reaction.  I mean I have searched for coronavirus a few times but if you look at Google RealTime Search trends according to them that is all people are searching for, I find that Highly dubious. Now the fact that  governments and local bureaucracies are all jumping on the band wagon because they dont want to be blamed for any deaths that may or may not have been preventable is understandable. That is all fine and dandy but if there is nothing the average person can do about the coronavirus, What is the point?  Well let me insinuate that is precisely why if this wasnt a planned event it is more a symptom of a greater disease, a disease of the earth and the human mind and spirit and the humans on this “earth” becoming corrupted beyond repair and this is how the earth corrects itself. By killing its virus off that is Humanity. But it doesnt have to be that way.  We are not all going to die but it is certainly an excuse for us to look at ourselves and ask, what in the name of all that is Holy are we doing to ourselves on this planet that we are all dependent on?  It is all we have. Now it could be said to err on the side of caution is good and that is also fine and dandy. However there is more to it than just saving us from the virus. We need to save ourselves and our planet and we will.

But More of the bad news is the coronavirus shows us how easily it is for a governments to take control of its citizenry and certainly gave Trump what he has wanted from the start and that is to restrict all travel. It is even possible that restricting travel, is good for us, at least until the virus equalizes all around the world. It is also possible this coronavirus scare will bring the world closer together in the sense that now we all do have something of immediacy to fight against and that is our own mortality and that of all life on this planet the only place we have for the forseeable future. For the time being I don’t need to travel to europe I can get online and see exactly what its like through the eyes of a camera and with todays technology I can see better through a camera than with my own eyes. Now for the Good News we will get through the coronavirus panic of 2020 and we will all be stronger for it IMHO.

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