Day for Night! WTF is that?

DAY FOR NIGHT is an experiential arts festival featuring digital installations and world-renowned performers, taking place on December 17 and 18 in Houston, Texas. “Day for Night piqued our interest and delivered in spades,” hailed Consequence of Sound, and Department of Dance deemed the inaugural event “the festival of the future  

Last year’s edition at Post HTX was plagued by complaints and problems, including long lines and confusion on sets, particularly Bjork’s multimedia experience. Downstairs bathrooms stopped working, overflowed into viewing areas and resulted in terrible smells. It was also much too dark in too many places, and some areas were subject to fire marshal limitations, resulting in long lines.

The website may be the only thing that works! It does seem like an odd time of year to have an outdoor festival. I guess they can always hope for warm weather because then it would be awesome!


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