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#1 Warriors Damian Lillard Crushes Warriors At Home In Game-Winner Fashion

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Kevin Durant didn’t like Warriors’ reaction to missing shots

Kevin Durant, Warriors

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant was not fond of his team’s morale through a tough shooting night against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Warriors shot a poor 42.5 percent from the field and a woeful 29.5 percent from deep, but they were killed by a head-scratching 6-of-15 night from the foul line, one that eventually squandered their chances at nabbing a win at home.

“We just gotta keep searching for good shots. I know we had a lot of good ones tonight that we missed,” said Durant. “I know it’s difficult when we miss shots, especially wide-open ones. It just takes the energy out of the arena when we shoot a jump shot and the crowd is like ‘ohhh’ and then we miss and it’s like ‘awww.’

“We miss shots, that’s a part of basketball, and I think we have to keep our heads up when we miss some good shots. Knowing that if we generate good shots, that’s what we want … I don’t like how we got down on ourselves for missing shots, but I thought our defense was really great tonight.”

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The Warriors have shot badly in the last few games, and a lot of it has been wide-open looks not going in, which tends to put out a deflated feeling for a home arena used to fireworks in those situations.

The trio of Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for a mere 10-of-31 from deep, a poor shooting night that the rest of the team didn’t make much better, as they finished 13-of-44 from long-range, all while getting measly production from their bench.

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