Fed Case #4:20-CV-04877-SBA, IVAMP.org, ITCoin, New World Quasi-Religious Initiative

Hello, my name is Enlil Enkiberg, with InternetTop40.com, there is a new quasi-religious initiative it is called IVAMP.org the A.I.I. for humans or the All-Inclusive Intelligence. IVAMP stands for the International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography and there is an IVAMP.org social plan attached to the Federal case referenced above. Please join us in finding real solutions to the problems of society today.  We wanted to make you aware of our organization’s website and goals as well as info about our federal case involving Alphabet Inc. and the proposal for relief as a result of that case.

IT40 and IVAMP.org are a social media post ranking website. We support the regulation of social media and cryptocurrency and the use of stable-currency, tokens and contracts as a unit for trade and commerce i.e.: Data or social credit. We hope we can count on your support for our initiative. We further wanted to make you aware of some other information and goals of the organization. The above referenced IVAMP, IT40 and ITCoin is so good we predict China will adopt it for themselves (as they technically already have) because the entire world needs it and a new class of jobs to boot. Please look up the case #4:20-CV-04877-SBA and at this time we ask for your support of the International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography and The ITCoin.  The plan includes aspects of social credit among many other things and continues on to regulate social media content all 21st century jobs to be done by humans and includes something to be called ITCoin. Further the ITCoin would have its own trust and simply writing a text or email or song or upload a video would be ‘tokens” protected by IVAMP and one-way people can receive more social credit and get paid for data they create, are you with us so far?

IVAMP.org will receive an initial $40 Billion from Alphabet inc. to be put into the IVAMP.org Trust Fund and use the interest or stable-currency to pay people to do things online and in the real world.  Technically Alphabet Inc.’s attorneys have already agreed to go along with the entire proposal or so they said until they made several dismissal motions, and the judge still hasn’t ruled, that would be “SBA” maybe you know her? We really have no idea what Alphabets board think or what the judge will rule. But that day is coming soon its a $40billion Case # 4:20-CV-04877-SBA Go ahead look it up if you want more details or you could follow the link to the initial proposal for relief.  The proposal of relief to Alphabet Inc. is a result of the case.  The proposal for relief is to form a codified citizen staffed social media regulatory social credit website. What we are calling IVAMP.org or the International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography.  The A.I.I. of human society the All-Inclusive Intelligence. Not only that we refer to it as the 4th branch of government “We the People” a branch on the tree of life. Please look the proposal up on the Federal database or follow this link to the initial proposal Any help or advice is greatly appreciated Thank you


IVAMP.org Social Credit Plan – InternetTop40.com
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    • No worries, it is completely voluntary as are most other social media platforms. I would ask you, how you might approach the issue of keeping billions of humans and other species alive on this planet? All the while taking into account our societies bent towards chaos and dwindling resources. Further I pose how would you achieve any social goals without some form of as you refer to it “social conditioning”? More to the point though, the internet needs a source for truth and discussion of the truth. The internet needs a new form of governing and social media regulations to go along with it, standards if you will, we do not want to scare anyone off. Now back to your comment of “social conditioning”, We like refer to it as positive reinforcement, especially when it is reinforcing anything you can imagine ie: “Good Deed Smart Social Contracts” getting paid to vote and having an income stream based on the data you create. We do appreciate your POV and look forward to hearing more from you. Any further help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Again

  1. I am interested in working for your organization. I have decades of experiencing editing, counseling, reporting and often rewriting text for English-only readers or for lawful content reuse.

    • Thank you, that is wonderful you are the first. At this time all work would have to be voluntary as we have not even come up with an official budget, yet. However if you are serious the first thing I would ask you is knowing what you do about our organization what do you envision your job to be? You mentioned “experiencing editing” what does that entail? Further I would ask you for some type of human verifications ie: name, address and so on. More to the point I would say there are things you can do that would be of great help. The first would be to sign up for an account and make a posting of some type. InternetTop40.com is based on WordPress and we have a front end post uploader as well as backend functionality of buddy press which has similarities to Facebook. So at this time I would say if you have an account and your user name is MMertel I will send you a friend request you should accept we can then continue conversing in private. If not Please sign up for an account and let me know your user name and we can go from there. The other option is to continue commenting or send an email to [email protected] if you have any specific questions. I look forward to hearing from you Thanks Again

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