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Maybe the Indiana Hoosiers’ biggest football game in decades ended in something that fits the strange words “yet another narrow heartbreaker of a blowout loss.”If you didn’t watch and only looked at the box score, you can assume the Buckeyes just ran away with it, and … that’s not necessarily inaccurate, despite how hard neutral fans were rooting for IU to finally pull it off. We have included in the jpeg for this story a partial listing of all the college games scheduled for this saturday  9/2/2017’s Television Schedule and we couldnt fit them all in so Please check your local listings to be sure if your a fan. We also wanted to point out all the fun things you can do with an open ranked list website. You can list all your teams and ask your friends to vote on their favorite and the one with the most votes will be #1 and on top! What that means is you could have your own contest ask all your friends to vote and make bets on the outcome of the voting, Fun ehhh right wink wink nudge nudge LOL Giving money to the winner thats a good one! Dont forget we only allow “1 vote per list per week” some websites allow you unlimited votes or up to 10 votes an hour or something like that just to keep you on their website. We prefer to be the “Statistically Relevant Website!” So please remember that tell all your friends and let us know what you think! Thank you!

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