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There is currently a lawsuit pending in California Federal Court case #4:20-CV-04877-SBA it is David Ellenberger v Alphabet inc. I initially filed the suit in my home state of Kentucky but was unable to keep the case here in the Western Division. In the lawsuit Ellenberger asserts Alphabet inc. is committing “Wire Fraud with Deliberate indifference” on a worldwide scale with impunity and has been for years. He is seeking unspecified damages. The suit is also seeking to essentially force Alphabet inc. to split and form a new company called the “IT40” website mainly ranks music videos by voting on them. However, and more importantly the suit is demanding Alphabet inc. help to form a new website called short for “International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography” and its “academy members” would be responsible for in a sense policing the internet and setting the standards for all social media content. will need to hire close to half a million member/individuals from the most diverse backgrounds ages, creeds, and income levels from around the United States and the world. would essentially be creating an entirely new and desperately needed class of jobs for people in today’s society, Online neighborhood monitors or “ONM’s” if you will. The academy members will be responsible for and authorized to determine by rank vote, what is “SAO” or Socially Acceptable Online.

Anyone can share a post from any social media website to whereby the members would convene “Virtually “and vote on all the items in an ordered manner. The website itself will also have all the basic types of social media apps and integration like front end uploading, streaming, IMs, Timeline pages, social credit and online banking and most importantly sharing to and from the website for members and watchers alike. The main difference between a member and watcher is that the members would be responsible to care about society to vote, to set the group social standards and to determine and convey what is “SAO”. Every single user would be able to accrue “social credit” for completing tasks and activities on the website. Not only that the actual members could change by rank vote at anytime. There will be a large Fund to draw from for payments and prizes for all users not withstanding social credit is the most valuable asset in a cashless society.

The website and real-world are fluid and anything can change at any time. Alphabet Inc.’s attorneys have tentatively agreed to all the demands but nothing has been finalized. We want you to join with us and when we do prevail, I personally plan on basing the company here in the state of Kentucky where I currently reside in the Highlands and have for over 30 years. Again, nothing has been finalized and we welcome any and all suggestions you or anyone may have on how to organize the website itself and the real-world infrastructure. Please feel free to email text or phone anytime if you have any questions. Above all Please don’t forget to vote on the website  “Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Just Do IT40” Thank you

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