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Here at, we want you to vote on items in our lists or you could say click on or whatever you want to call it.  We call it Voting.  It’s important and valuable. In the near future there will be less labor type jobs to go around, because of computers and robots.  So you may think how am I going to make a living?  Well, one way is to participate in online surveys where you get paid to answer questions in a survey. is going to make that even easier for you  Simply follow the instructions in a particular list and vote on your favorite item in that particular list.  Some lists may actually pay you extra to vote again or click onto that “list Administrator’s” website. Sounds easy, it is. You simply add your bank info and the money would go directly into your account, completely secured by your bank and our cybersecurity team.

At, we feel your opinions and votes are very valuable!  Facebook, Google and all the other Big Data companies do, and they are “making billions off your data, your VOTES!”

At, we think it’s about time you get something back for your votes and  we are going to do it.  “Get Paid to Vote” when you click and vote on any of our lists. It will tell you exactly how much you will get paid. So if this sounds like something you would be interested in making extra money, new income streams, let us know!  I’m Top40! Please send me an email at  [email protected]  Please tell us what you think and go ahead – start voting on our website! Thank You!

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