Government ShutDown! Please, is that a Threat or a Promise?

!2/21/18 Please, Shutdown the Federal Government. This threat real or imagined simply proves we do not need the Federal Government. What we need are employees that that follow instructions and fulfill the needs of the people and all the obligations of the United States of America. So what would happen if we got rid of the Federal Government the answer is nothing because lets not forget we still have state governments and we could actually hire employee’s by voting that you make with your phone validated by a chip or something you receive at birth.  We have the technology to do this there would certainly be a new class of jobs for vote counting and other administrative dutues whenever an election gets contested. Now our new president and senators are employees and would have all  the same basic duties and it would be a job that lasts a year and you can never have the job again because we dont need a cess pool and the 4 year system creates that big time. The main thing is we need more turnaround in the governtment we need more people who get involved and care. We can obviously live without the Federal Government and would probably be better off. Now if you have a better idea of how our Federal Government should be run Please let us know. Im Dave Russell from and thats my Opinion.

12/23/18 Let me make myself clear I am talking about the elected officials only we do not need this kind of behavior. We may find it entertaining but it is neither effective nor good. I think an employee we hire by compulsory service like they did in ancient greece would work much more eficiently. The service would be mandatory and we could have some way of filtering the people and it would only be for 6 months and they would have no real power except to make recomendations we vote on. The voting is by simple majority and can be done from our phones. We would use a “Blockchain” method to secure these votes. The real power would move to the state elected officials which should be elected but only for year at a time. Because remember we dont really need elected federal officials we need employees who do what we want. The idea of 4 or 6 years came up when some of the elected officials tried to scare us into thinking that it would be chaos and they could never get anything done. Well guess what it is like that now. So that was just another lie perpetrated by the “man” mainly some old white men scared of loosing power. We should at least try it, it couldnt be any worse than it is now.

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