Sometimes, you may fail to start the computer in Normal mode. In that case, you can run this tool in the safe mode. Norton Power Eraser is easy to download and scan your computer immediately to detect the most harmful system viruses. Safe mode is a special Windows boot option that launches Windows without any startup programs or drivers. Sometimes, you are facing malware that starts ay boot on your professional or business computer. In that case, boot into safe mode to prevent the malware to get started with Windows. After that, conduct anti-virus scan using Norton to remove the malware while it is not running.


When your device is infected with malware and suffered from any serious issue then it becomes necessary to get it fixed. In such a case, ‘malware scan’ is the only resolution for the error. But, while the scanning process, it might be possible that any of the important files get deleted or removed if find suspicious. In that case, it is advisable to conduct a full scan of your PC in Safe mode. It will keep the important files secure and prevents them from removing.

In this post, we are going to discuss the exact procedure to scan your computer while running Norton in Safe Mode. You can easily conduct a complete scan of your computer in safe mode.

  • First, Restart your Computer for that, click on ‘Start’ by clicking on the arrow that appears in the right of Shut Down. Select ‘Restart’ and then move ahead.
  • Click on the F8 key while your computer shut down until you see the shut menu
  • Then, select the ‘Safe Mode’ option in the boot menu that appears with the arrow keys and after that press Enter.
  • After that, Log in to your system with an administrator account.
  • Now, double-click on the desktop icon for the Norton Antivirus Product. If that is not displayed on the desktop then click on ‘Start’ and then type ‘Norton Antivirus’ and after that select the Shortcut in the menu. If it refuses to start then contact Norton UK to get the resolution of this issue.
  • Once it opened, then click on the ‘Yes’ option that appears in the windows to conduct an anti-virus scan. If Norton detects any problem, then use the option that appears in the alert window to get it repaired, quarantined or deleted the malware.

Through this simple process, you can easily run the Norton Antivirus in safe mode and keeps your important files completely safe and secure.


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