How to make Your friends happier with

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How to make your friends happier with

In this instructional video Top40 talks about how to meditate and share a list with your friends thereby boosting your serotonin levels and your happiness and your friends happiness and everyone elses’s happiness and serotonin levels while your at it!

As you may, know serotonin is a cheical neurotransmitter linked to general well being and happiness. You can boost these levels, in your brain, by taking drugs, or do it naturally. One way is through your diet. For example, turkey has tryptophan which is another chemical which helps boost serotonin.  You can eat it and it helps boost your levels slightly.  There are other foods, you can eat, but I mainly want to talk about thinking happy thoughts, thinking of helping others, or you could call it meditation.  Meditation is an age old proven method of calming yourself and thereby boosting serotonin levels. Well, we here at, have developed a method to share our lists or a list that you create on our site and help make yourself and your friends happier and boost your serotonin levels naturally. Watch the video to find out how!

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