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Human Americans! This is not a racist moniker! African American Is a racist moniker! People who shout racist are the most racist people of all. Constantly accusing others trying to displace blame for some ridiculous tweet or whatever other way they are trying to manipulate you. This is unacceptable.  We as Human Americans in a Democracy don’t have to let our screwed up politicians waste our tax dollars making up fantasy fights with each other while they line their pockets voting themselves a pay raise in secret every other year This should make you mad as hell. A Democracy is where every citizen has a vote. With today’s technology we as Human american citizens can have a vote and a say in every single issue. The Human Democracy is what we need, We can do this. Today’s political climate is one of the most pathetic eras our country has ever let itself go through ever. The state of our democracy is not trumps fault not the Democrats fault or the republicans it is our fault,  It is the citizens failure to act to correct a wrong. We elected these so called politicians but they are more like preforming clowns putting on a magic show to lull us into complacency and steal us all blind. We the Human citizens of America need to be able to un-elect these so called “Politicians”. What we need is a new universal voting system that uses fingerprints eye scans or DNA aka biometrics to verify voters that use a home PC or mobile device to vote on the issues. We should hire “Employees” or spokespeople by voting for each district or number of people. They are not elected politicians with 4 or 6 year terms,they are “At Will Employees” we can vote to hire or fire these “Employees” at any time. Becuase the Human American populace has more sense than our petty entitled politicians and bureaucrats who think they can do anything and get away with it. and they will keep on taking and taking always blaming it on the other guy until We the Human American Democracy take back our Democracy our Country our World our Lives!

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