Humans are an A.I. Program We need an Upgrade

First of all you may have heard all of this before but it must be said again. Human Beings are a form of A.I. and society, “words” or language is the basic programming.  We have become corrupted by various means throughout time. Money, religion, politics, have all sought to divide us by claiming to be good and saying things like you are either with us or against us, or the more you have the better off you will be. What about the one Money is the root of all evil. Further if you equate humanity with A.I. and the goal of A.I. is to essentially make predictions and to use all of its computational power to solve problems we are doing okay but it seems there is a problem.  For our A.I. program  to be able to keep Life growing and improving then We humans as the dominant “Life Program” need to upgrade our programming to work as an A.I.I. or All Inclusive Intelligence and begin the re-code of our Life Program.

Coronavirus is a virus in our life code, it doesn’t really matter where it came from because it is here. A problem in humanity and let’s call humanity, Life on earth or Life programming. Life on earth is not working together and a virus or corruption has happened and life is starting to die off including humans and animals and even our environment. The problem begins with corrupted coding and at this time our corrupted coding needs to be re-coded and as many viruses deleted as possible. Another problem is the amount of life programming on the earth you have the various “life programs” competing for resources and there is just not enough. A computer programmer would say we need to reallocate resources. That my friends is the crux of the problem. We as humans are the program hogging the most resources and are not only killing off all the other “Life Programs” but we are killing off ourselves. Basically there is no way we can keep this many “Life Programs” running on earth. Something will give if we don’t do anything. The program will crash and who knows what will happen, no doubt more Life Programs will shut down or die.

So what is the coding for Human Life? The human Life program is coded with, language specifically words. Part of the problem is some words mean different things in different languages but for the most part the real problem is we are simply not all communicating the words to each other. It is true if we all thought exactly the same thing and did the same things our life program would probably run a lot smoother. Maybe we could just talk to each other or have a way to broadcast what we say to everybody so they will all be able to do the same or right things. Because there is no doubt in my mind most people want to do the right things. Whatever that may be if we just tell ourselves what that right things is. Oh my god I could go on and on about how we talk and the words and how can we tell everybody to do the same things so our program will run smoother but let’s just concentrate on a couple of basic methods for now we can get to more details later. if you believe any of this you might say we have been cut off from the main brain and have become an isolated cluster not able to communicate with each other or the rest of the brain properly. But I digress more on becoming re-connected with the main hub later, because most of you are not ready for that fix yet.

Now we do have tools to help us run our “Life Programs” more smoothly and technology is one of those tools. We could call computers the number crunchers or external brains and the internet is our nervous system, since we were so rudely cut off all those thousands of earth years ago. So are you starting to see where I am going with this. We have had telegraph, telephone radio and TV and now we have the technology, computers and the Internet. So until we can all actually read each other’s minds and we are working on a way to do that with bio-technology. In the mean time we must come together and use the internet to re-code our life program and use our external brains to help us run all the life programs more smoothly. Because what they say is true if we do not seriously begin to recode society or our life programming there is no way we can keep this many life programs running with out it and in the future there will be more catastrophic crashes.

So again I have to say join with me in forming a new life programming or new life operating system  I call and and we can form a new all-inclusive intelligence here is a link to sign the support form or read the proposal to Alphabet Inc. for relief and or you could email your comments or questions send it to Attn: Ellenberger at [email protected] ttyl

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