Humans are definitely the cause of Global warming, just not the way you think…..!

How to Stop Global Waring? Simple, Stop breeding & Eating animals!

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This is the age of the internet yet we are filled with lies and obfuscation about Global warming. So lets talk a little bit about that. we mainly hear that it’s co2 from burning oils and fossil fuels that is causing global warming. While that may be true by far the biggest contributor to global warming is methane! Yes good old Farts LOL! Not only farts from humans and deteriorating human waste and bogs and wetlands,(lets also not forget all the frozen methane hydrate) but lets not forget the Cows! Humans eat meat and one the biggest sources of methane is cow shit and the approximately 1.4 billion cattle annually that are consumed and that number is growing every year. That is Good news for global warming and bad news for humans on the planet let alone the poor cows, none of them asked to be born.

There is an easy and excellent way to cut down on Global warming and that is start a conventional war and kill off several billion of humans. LOL just kidding, all though you can be sure every billionaire and government out there has thought of that and is well aware of the implications of doing that very¬† thing. It would cut down on methane for a short time but then all the rotting human flesh (which creates methane) would surely push the earths atmosphere into overdrive and heat the planet even faster eventually killing everyone anyway. So what do we do? Its simple eat only plant based “Meat Protein” and stop breeding and eating animals. Its that simple, if we do this now within a decade the Current trend in global warming would slow and give us at least a few more centuries to get off the planet and out to other solar systems.


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