Okay people I’m going to be blunt about it. the reason the climate is warming so fast is because there are too many humans and too many animals IE cows for meat. Methane holds heat in the atmosphere 23 times more than CO2. Now it is true that methane degrades after about 10 years and co2 lasts for 100 years but lets face it there are more humans being born everyday and more land being cleared for cows to grow (clearing land for farming and cattle is a huge problem in itself) But back to the point there are more humans and cows being born every day and that number is going up everyday way faster than the number of cars being made. The simple fact that methane holds heat 23 times more than co2 is the death knell of us all. Methane may degrade in 10 years but the damage is already done 10 years is all it takes, and all the time we have left. Really its already over and everyone knows that except you. But now you do, to!

So the easiest thing to stop global warming is for everyone in america and the rest of the world to stop eating meat, eat Plants instead, yes absolutely no meat good old fruits, nuts and vegetables only. You see where the hypocrisy is coming in? Just keep some cows around for milk. Start driving electric cars. oops there’s some more hypocrisy But if we all stop eating meat and having more children the world may last a few decades more which might be enough to slow Global Warming down for good or at least to get some of us off to another planet another star system where we can start all over and do it right This Time! If not we have 10 years or maybe till 2050 or really no time at all at least that’s what all the politicians 70 and above think.


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