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IT40 People in the Media for 01/03/2019

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#1 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

"There is a systemic issue here, and that is the modern-day colonial relationship the United States has with Puerto Rico." . For so long, it's been "taboo" in mainstream circles to call Puerto Rico a colony of the United States. Today I said it live on CNN. Twice. It was an important moment to me - to start talking about colonialism not as a vestige of history, but part our present day actions that we must move to amend. . A lot of well-meaning folks think the answer to this is to take a stance for Puerto Rican statehood or independence. But it is not the place of a colonizing nation to decide status for the colonized. If you want to help Puerto Rico, fight for legitimate and binding self-determination of the island. . People sometimes bring up the point that PR has already had status referendums. These plebiscites have not been binding - which means their results have not been honored. A binding plebiscite means that when Puerto Ricans vote for an outcome in a free and fair election, they will get it. So as US citizens, push back against predetermined status agendas and fight FOR the ability of Puerto Ricans (& ALL U.S. territories) to determine their own destiny. . PS: 1 year anniversary of Hurricane María is this Thursday. Join me with @uprosebrooklyn, @blackpuertoricanphd, @yeampierre, @officialnaomiklein & others in Union Square THIS THURSDAY in national solidarity. Puerto Ricans lie squarely at the intersections of Latinx, Indigenous, & Black identity - not to mention food + climate justice, peace issues, and more. Solidarity here is important because it strengthens our bonds across oceans and deepens our commitments across communities. We hope to see you there. . Pa'lante, AOC

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has arrived. But she’s not the only AOC in town

One is a hotshot newcomer. The other is a 226-year-old agency. Get ready for peak crossover

It’s freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s first day on the job, and she’s already upending the Hill’s insider-speak. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Is there room in Washington for two AOCs? A couple of very different entities are using the moniker these days, and it’s stirred up some feelings among Hill workers and watchers.

One is a young, hotshot newcomer to Congress who’s been in the spotlight since an upset election victory over the summer. The other is a 226-year-old agency whose 2,000 employees keep the trees trimmed, the tours running and the lights on behind the scenes.

Over the weekend Bronx native Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a big step — she changed her official Twitter handle to @AOC.

In a quest for clarity, some have tried using AoC to refer to the agency and AOC to refer to the lawmaker. That’s what the friendly bill trackers at POPVOX suggested when this reporter whined on Twitter about the confusion.

An informal Twitter poll by Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim asked, “What comes to mind first when you hear ‘AOC’?” Seventy-seven percent of the 7,928 respondents said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and 23 percent said Architect of the Capitol.
But after two centuries of tending to Capitol Hill’s treasures, is it fair for the agency’s initials to be usurped?

Architect of the Capitol spokesperson Laura Condeluci told Roll Call that the agency goes by AOC for shorter reference. After seeing people start to use AoC instead, she wondered why.

Some in the agency are already sizing up the competition. When touring House offices during Congress’ new member orientation in November, Ocasio-Cortez rode an elevator with an Architect of the Capitol employee, according to the New York Post. “You’re the other AOC,” the employee reportedly said.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the first lawmaker to be known by three letters. Her Democratic colleague Debbie Wasserman Schultz is often referred to as DWS — a fact highlighted when WikiLeaks published piles of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee with subject lines like “DWS Meet and Greet.”

Another House lawmaker easily identified by her initials is Cathy McMorris Rodgers, once the lone woman in Republican leadership in the House. Her PAC is called CMR Political Action Committee, and her office’s Twitter handle is @TeamCMR.

As someone who’s gone by my initials for much of my life, I can relate. So what’s the next chapter in the AOC quandary? Peak crossover will come whenever Ocasio-Cortez comments on a project under the Architect’s purview.

#2 Heidi Klum

Iconic Angel ✨? Heidi Klum

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Prince Williams—WireImage

10:59 AM EST

While many were fascinated when Heidi Klum blithely revealed this fall on The Ellen DeGeneres Showthat she ghosted Drake when he tried to ask her out because she had just gotten involved with her now-fiancé Tom Kaulitz, there’s a new development to the story that shows that the 6 God was definitely in his feelings in the matter about the incident.

On another appearance on Ellen this week, Klum shared that after sharing the anecdote and the resulting frenzy, she texted Drake to apologize but the rapper apparently opted not to respond to her apology with words — choosing instead to send a single emoji.

“I said I’m sorry, because I know I made a huge wave after I was here, and he just made that face,” Klum said, while miming the indifferent look of the emoji.

Klum was in hearty agreement: “So long that we should not start it again!”

Watch the full clip below.

'He’s mad': Heidi Klum tells Ellen DeGeneres Drake replied to her apology with this emoji

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Heidi Klum finally made Drake's hotline bling – sort of.

The "America's Got Talent" judge previously revealed on a September episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that the Canadian rapper had texted her asking for a date, after she expressed interest in the "In My Feelings" artist on an earlier episode of "Ellen."

"Someone who I know, knows him, and I guess he asked to have my number, and then he texted me," the model explained back in September. "And I was like 'Oh, my gosh this is so weird.' But then, I never texted him back because I found the love of my life (Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz)."

On Wednesday's episode of "Ellen," Klum said she reached out to Drake after appearing on the show.

"I said I’m sorry because I know it made a huge wave after I was here, and he just made that face,” she explained, impersonating the emoji with its eyebrow raised.

“That’s all he responded, is a face like that?" DeGeneres asked.

"Yeah," Klum confirmed.

"Oh, he’s mad,” DeGeneres joked.

"It's a long story, don't worry about it," the comedian told her audience of the ordeal.

"Yeah, it's so long that we should not start it again," Klum agreed.

Klum revealed her engagement to Kaulitz on Christmas Eve, though it appears her latest "Ellen" visit was recorded before the big question was popped because her host asked if she had any desire to walk down the aisle again.

“I still believe in love and the marriage – I do, even though I’ve failed twice at it,” she said, referencing former husbands, singer Seal and hair stylist Ric Pipino. “I guess I’m not very good at it."

After DeGeneres encouraged her "to find the right person," Klum said: "I found a great person. So, let’s see what happens."

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#3 Toni Storm

Fuerza ??? #ToniStorm #WeSupportToni #MaeYoungClassic #WWE #WWE2K19 #MandyRose #GodsGreatestCreation #GoldenRose #GoldenGoddess #Perfection

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Not everyone's New Year has gotten off on the right foot as WWE's Toni Storm yanked her social media accounts on Wednesday after nude pictures of her were leaked. Luckily for her, fellow pro-wrestler Paige and fans alike have come forward in support of the New Zealand-born talent.

Multiple nude photos and one video of Storm, born Toni Rossall, were leaked online. According to, the intimate and private images of Storm were exposed as part of a "personal" hack. The 23-year-old wrestler deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts in response.

Paige, legally Saraya-Jade Bevis, suffered from a similar attack when her sex tape surfaced in 2017. The Norwich-born star, in fact, admitted on the Lilian Garcia podcast in December 2017 how she contemplated committing suicide following the leak. With this in mind, she made a statement via Twitter on Wednesday to back the 2018 Mae Young Classic champion.

"#WeSupportToniStorm from someone that has experienced the same thing I strongly support you girl," she tweeted. "It's gonna be hard and people are gonna be mean because they don't understand. But you're a strong, talented woman. You'll get through this. Your future is too bright to be dimmed."

Canadian sports announcer Mauro Ranallo backed Storm on Tuesday via Twitter as well, tweeting: "Toni Storm is an amazing performer and more importantly, a good person. I am sickened by what she has had to endure. The harassment and invasion of privacy in our society needs to stop. NOW!"

WWE on-air personality Renee Young also showed her support for Storm via Twitter. "#WeSupportToniStorm we’re here for you girl," she began, "The internet can be a nasty dark place. I really hope certain things in this world start to turn around. Invasion of privacy is a very scary thing. Let’s all behave a little more human, please."

The hashtag "#WeSupportToni" wound up trending on Twitter as fans continued to show their support for Storm.

Embedded video

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Storm's hack comes after WWE star Alexa Bliss criticized "cowards" on social media, tweetingTuesday: "If I had a Nickel for every negative, judgmental & just straight up rude comment on social media this week. I could’ve retired yesterday. #CmonPeople."

The leak against Storm came ahead of her scheduled match on January 12. Her upcoming fight is against Rhea Ripley, who is the NXT UK Women's Champion, at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool 2019.


WWE star Paige gives Toni Storm support after nude photo leak

WWE star Paige showed her support for fellow wrestler Toni Storm after hacked naked photos of Storm leaked online.

Storm was forced to delete both her Twitter and Instagram accounts after images and a video were shared across social media.

The wrestling world has come together to support the NXT UK ace, including a message from former wrestler and “SmackDown” general manager Paige.

Paige, 26, was the victim of hackers in 2017 and revealed that her sex-tape leak left her suicidal.

“#WeSupportToniStorm from someone that has experienced the same thing I strongly support you girl,” Paige wrote on Twitter. “It’s gonna be hard and people are gonna be mean because they don’t understand. But you’re strong, talented woman. You’ll get through this. Your future is too bright to be dimmed.”

Wrestler Jordynne Grace also shared her support along with a legion of fans, with “#WeSupportToni” trending on Twitter in the United Kingdom.

WWE has yet to comment on the situation, but Storm joins a host of WWE stars who have suffered similar incidents.

Charlotte Flair, Zelina Vega, Jojo, Summer Rae and Ruby Riott are just some of the names to have nude photos leaked online.

#4 Russell Westbrook OklahomaCityThunderVideos. on Instagram: “Lakers=?without Lebron. #cluch #stephcurry #kyrieirving #gordonhayward #kevindurant #sports #lethalshooter #kyrievscurry #filayyyymovement…”



Thunder's Russell Westbrook: Atrocious shooting in triple-double

On the surface, the final line appears perfectly acceptable for fantasy purposes, considering it represents yet another trademark triple-double for Westbrook. However, when digging deeper, it's evident the perennial All-Star's shot isn't as rehabilitated as his 54.2 percent success rate versus the Mavericks on Tuesday may have implied. Westbrook only managed to get into double digits in the scoring column against the Lakers due to a near-perfect night from the charity stripe, as he failed to even hit 20 percent of his attempts from the field for the second time in the last three games, and the third time overall in the last seven. The 30-year-old has been heavily critical of his own offensive performance recently, so he'll undoubtedly continue to focus on propping up what is statistically his poorest body of work this decade -- factoring in Wednesday's numbers, Westbrook's 41.6 overall shooting percentage is his worst since his rookie 2008-09 campaign, while his 23.6 percent figure from three-point range exceeds only the 22.1 percent tally he generated during the 2009-10 season.



OKC Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook releases new sneaker with family flare

OKC Thunder starting point guard Russell Westbrook is a family man first, his new Why Not Zer0.2 sneaker was designed with family in mind.

On Tuesday night in Los Angeles, one day prior to debuting the sneaker on the court versus the Lakers. OKC Thunder guard Russell Westbrook revealed his new Why Not Zer0.2 sneaker to the public at an inclusive pop-up shop at the Jordan Brand store.

The event appeared to have hosted members from Westbrook’s youth basketball team, Team Why Not, of the Elite Youth Basketball League, (EYBL) presented by Nike. After the release of the shoe, Russ held a Q and A session with the fans in attendance.

Westbrook was joined by his wife Nina Marie and son Noah Westbrook to celebrate the unveiling of his second signature on-court sneaker. The shoe can be purchased now exclusively at the Jordan Brand store in LA. But, it will become accessible globally in men’s sizes on January 10, and all other sizes will be made purchasable later this month.

What makes this sneaker unique is it will be available in all sizes including, men’s, women’s, youth, toddler, and infant. Westbrook joins Warriors Steph Curry as the latest NBA athlete to release a shoe with women’s sizing in mind. Lakers current and retired players, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant released woman’s sizes and colorways in the past.

The shoe will be Westbrook’s first shoe available in youth sizing. It will also be the first time any Thunder player releases a sneaker available in female sizes.

Each pair of the Why Not Zer0.2, will feature the phrase Future History on an outside tag. Westbrook explained how the tagline refers to how today’s youth will become tomorrows future, hence Future History was born.

The shoe also features the Westbrook family crest on its tongue and a black block on the mid-sole honoring Westbrook’s late best friend Khelcey Barrs III. Russ’ devotion to his late friend is well documented and the reason behind the wristbandshe constantly dons.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Westbrook’s rise in the sneaker industry could create a sneaker war in Oklahoma City. As recently as May of 2018 it was determined Russ’s teammate Paul Georgepossessed the most popular sneaker among their NBA peers

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