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IT40 People in the Media for 01/22/2019

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#1 Glenn Close • Academy Awards • Annie Maude Starke • The Wife

You don't lose your sexuality as you get older, says Glenn Close

Press Trust of India  |  London Last Updated at January 22, 2019 12:20 IST

 Close believes people do not suffer a loss in their sexuality as they grow older.

The actor, whose stellar performance in "The Wife" is generating buzz, stars in the title role of Joan Castleman, a woman who takes a back seat to her husband, Joe's success, born from her own work.

plays in the film.

Close recalled that the opening sex scene between her and Pryce's characters was the first thing they shot.

"We arrived on set in our jammies. We were both thinking the same thing: 'We're pros, we've been doing this a long time. Let's just get down to it'," she told 

The scene is being described as "drowsy, vocal" sex between a couple in their 70s.

Agreeing, the said, "It's one of the great myths that you lose your sexuality as you get older. One night last year, I was coming across town from the East Village to the West. It was late on a Friday night and there were a lot of couples on the street.

"Pippy (Close's dog) and I were looking out of the and I could feel what all those couples were feeling. I could feel their excitement, the sense of intimacy about to happen. It was extremely powerful," she said.

Close believes she is in her prime today.

"I feel as free and as creative, as sexual and as eager, as I ever have. And it's ironic because I'm thinking: 'How much time do I have left now?' There are so many things I'm interested in doing.

"It's one of those ironies, I suppose, that we sometimes start feeling comfortable in our own skin only late in our lives, but hopefully with enough time to benefit from it. I'm so glad to do what I do because even though I'm not a method and I don't use my life in my acting, my work is still a progression," she said.

Glenn Close rubbishes claims over-60s aren’t interested in hanky panky

Glenn Close has insisted she feels as "free" and "sexual" as she ever has. Source: Getty

Glenn Close says it’s a “great myth” that women lose their sexuality as they get older.

Breaking down those asexual stereotypes, the 71-year-old actress — who has been married and divorced four times — has insisted she feels as “free” and “sexual” as she ever has.

Speaking candidly to The Guardian, she admitted: “I feel as free and as creative, as sexual and as eager, as I ever have. And it’s ironic because I’m thinking ‘How much time do I have left now?’.”

Glenn has been tipped for an Oscar for her role in drama The Wife, and revealed the sex scene with co-star Jonathan Pryce, 71, was the first thing the pair shot on the film. Glenn plays Joan Castleman, a devoted wife to Joe Castleman (Pryce) who has sacrificed 40 years of her life to support her husband’s professional aspirations as an author.

Speaking about the common misconception that those over the age of 50 aren’t interested in sex anymore, Glenn said: “It’s one of the great myths that you lose your sexuality as you get older.”

The Fatal Attraction star isn’t the first over-60 celeb to speak out about sex later in life. Jane Fonda, 81, told The Daily Telegraph in 2018 that age should not slow a busy sex life.

“I certainly don’t want anybody to feel guilty if they’ve closed up shop. Nor should you feel, though, that just because you are of a certain age you have to stop being juicy,” she said.

Despite the fact millions of couples enjoy happy (and intimate) relationships right into their eighties and older, there’s a distinct lack of communication about sex lives even existing past middle-age. In fact, there’s a bizarre stereotype of older people being ‘asexual’.

However, 2018 research from Swinburne University of Technology finally challenged the myth by focusing on over-45s’ sex lives and their thoughts on both sexuality and intimacy.

The Over 45’s Adult Sexuality and Intimacy Study (The OASIS) found that mid- and later-life Australians are enjoying sexuality still, but rather than craving frequent physically sexual encounters, they’re more interested in quality connections and intimacy – proving there’s no need to have regular intercourse to be ‘sexually active’.

#2 Chris Brown • Paris • Rihanna

Singer Chris Brown Detained in Paris After Rape Complaint

Two police officials say U.S. singer Chris Brown is in custody in Paris along with two other people after a woman filed a rape complaint.

Jan. 22, 2019, at 10:54 a.m.
U.S. News & World Report

Singer Chris Brown Detained in Paris After Rape Complaint

The Associated Press

FILE - In this Sept.21, 2018 file photo, singer Chris Brown performs during Philipp Plein's women's 2019 Spring-Summer collection, unveiled during the Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. Two police officials say U.S. singer Chris Brown and two other people are in custody in Paris after a woman filed a rape complaint. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

BY ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press

PARIS (AP) — U.S. singer Chris Brown and two other people are in custody in Paris after a woman filed a rape complaint, French officials said Tuesday.

The Grammy-winning singer was detained Monday on potential charges of aggravated rape and drug infractions and remained in custody Tuesday, a judicial official said. Investigators have another two days to decide whether to let him go or file preliminary charges.

Brown's publicists at Sony Music would not comment Tuesday on the complaint or say what Brown, 29, was doing in Paris. His U.S. attorney, Mark Geragos, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Brown has been in repeated legal trouble since pleading guilty to the felony assault in 2009 of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. He completed his probation in that case in 2015, but has continued to have run-ins with police.

The woman who filed the Paris complaint said she met Brown and his friends overnight Jan. 15-16 at the club Le Crystal in the 8th arrondissement near the Champs-Elysees, and then they all went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel near the Concorde Plaza in central Paris, according to the official.

The Mandarin Oriental would not comment on the investigation, and Le Crystal could not immediately be reached. There was no unusual activity outside either site.

One of Brown's bodyguards is among the others detained in the Paris investigation, according to the official. They are being held by judicial police in the 17th arrondissement of northwest Paris, the official said.

Neither official was authorized to be publicly named discussing the investigation.

The detention was originally reported by French gossip magazine Closer.

Brown, who burst onto the music scene as a teen, won a Grammy Award in 2011 for best R&B album for "F.A.M.E." and has nominations for other works. His hits include include "Look at Me Now," ''Run It," and numerous collaborations with other stars, including "Post to Be" and last year's "Freak Friday" with Lil Dicky.

He retains a huge following of devoted fans, including nearly 50 million followers on Instagram . He posted an Instagram photo Monday from Paris appearing to show him at a nightclub, among several recent posts. Followers responded with mixed messages to the rape accusation.

It's the latest legal trouble for Brown, who was arrested at the end of a concert last year to face a felony battery charge involving a nightclub photographer.

In 2013, Brown was charged with misdemeanor assault after he was accused of striking a man outside a Washington, D.C., hotel. He was ordered into rehab but was dismissed for violating facility rules. Brown spent 2½ months in custody.

After he completed court-ordered anger-management classes, Brown was accused of throwing a brick at his mother's car following a counseling session.

After Brown posted a picture to his Instagram followers in January 2018 showing his 3-year-old daughter, Royalty, cuddling with a pet monkey, California fish and wildlife agents seized the capuchin monkey named Fiji from his home in Los Angeles.

Brown was later handed a misdemeanor charge for lacking a permit for the primate. He is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 6 in Los Angeles.


AP reporters Elaine Ganley, Sylvie Corbet, Nadine Achoui-Lesage and Thibault Camus contributed to this report in Paris.

Chris Brown, Accused of Rape, Is Questioned by Paris Police

Chris Brown performing in Los Angeles in June 2018. A French judicial official confirmed on Tuesday that the singer was being questioned by police in Paris over rape allegations.CreditSer Baffo/Getty Images For Bet

Chris Brown performing in Los Angeles in June 2018. A French judicial official confirmed on Tuesday that the singer was being questioned by police in Paris over rape allegations.CreditCreditSer Baffo/Getty Images For Bet

PARIS — The R&B singer Chris Brown was being questioned by the Paris police on Tuesday over accusations of rape, according to the authorities and French news reports.

Mr. Brown, 29, was in custody over suspicions of aggravated rape and drug-related infractions, according to a spokesman for the French judiciary, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in line with department policy. The official did not provide more details about the accusations.

According to the celebrity-news magazine Closer, which first reported Mr. Brown’s detention, his arrest Monday morning came after a 24-year-old woman filed a complaint against him. The woman, who was not identified, accused Mr. Brown of raping her in a Paris hotel room last week, the magazine said.

The woman told the police that she met the R&B singer on Jan. 15 at a nightclub near the Champs-Élysées, and that later that evening, he invited her and several other women to the upscale Mandarin Oriental hotel, where he was staying, Closer reported.

According to the magazine, the woman told the police that she then found herself alone in one of the hotel’s rooms, where she said Mr. Brown raped her. She also accused a friend of the singer and his bodyguard of raping her.

The French judicial official confirmed that two other people were also being questioned by the police in relation to the case, but he did not identify them or explain their connection to Mr. Brown, who has been attending shows in the city for Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

A representative for Mr. Brown in the United States said he did not have enough information on the situation to comment.

Mr. Brown’s record company, RCA, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Last week RCA dropped another of its R&B stars, R. Kelly, after protests that followed the airing of the television documentary “Surviving R. Kelly.” In the documentary, women said that Mr. Kelly had lured them into sexual relationships when they were underage, and had abused them mentally and physically.

Under French law, suspects being questioned by the police can be kept in custody for up to 24 hours, although prosecutors can extend the duration of their detention. Mr. Brown could be released without charges, or charged and placed under formal investigation.

In 2009, he pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault on his girlfriend at the time, the singer Rihanna.

Follow Aurelien Breeden on Twitter: @aurelienbrd.

#3 Barry Bonds • Roger Clemens • National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum • New York Yankees

I hope so, but I highly doubt this will happen. This is the year of #marianorivera. But Bonds will forever be a legend. #barrybonds #cooperstown #baseballhof #legend #sanfranciscogiants

12 Likes, 3 Comments - Yahaira Tavarez (@sportsmediapro_) on Instagram: "I hope so, but I highly doubt this will happen. This is the year of #marianorivera. But Bonds will..."

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens Shouldn’t Get into Cooperstown Without a Ticket

On January 22nd, baseball will announce the official results for this year’s Hall of Fame voting. That means once again, the issue of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the players who used them to cheat will be making headlines. The question gets asked every January: should players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. While they seem to get a few more votes each year, the answer should remain a firm “No” for both players.

The criteria for election to Cooperstown is clear. It reads:

“Voting shall be based on a player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and contributions to the team(s) on which he played.”

Based on these criteria, Bonds and Clemens don’t make the grade. Sure, their playing ability is unquestioned but after that they run into trouble. They certainly don’t meet the integrity, sportsmanship and character criteria under any circumstances. These two players cheated and there is overwhelming evidence to back that up.

These players used PEDs to turn back the clock and achieve unheard of statistics later in their careers when their bodies naturally should have been slowing down. They used substances that were illegal under state and federal law and therefore not permitted in baseball even if the CBA didn’t specifically test for them at that time.

As for their records, sure, Bonds hit more home runs officially than anybody who ever played the game, but a lot of those home runs are tainted, clearly aided by his use of performance enhancing drugs. The same can be said for so many of Clemens wins and strikeouts.

By taking steroids, Bonds and Clemens cheated their fellow players, cheated the game and cheated the fans.

Because they cheated, comparing Bonds’ home runs to Hank Aaron’s or Babe Ruth’s is simply unfair. We will never know precisely how many of Bonds’ homers are tainted or how many of Clemens’ strikeouts or wins, but we know the amount is not insignificant. If somebody sets a record for the fastest marathon time ever but it was later revealed that he took a taxi cab for even two of the 26.2 miles, he doesn’t deserve the record because he didn’t earn it fairly. The same is true for Bonds and Clemens and the other steroid cheats out there.

The crazy thing is, Bonds and Clemens had a way out of this. Sports fans tend to be a forgiving bunch as long as people are honestly contrite. Everyone makes mistakes and America loves a good underdog/comeback story. But instead of admitting a past mistake and asking for forgiveness and a fresh start, Bonds and Clemens remained arrogant and continued to lie despite the overwhelming evidence against then at their respective trials and in the book “Game of Shadows” which thoroughly spelled out Bonds’ steroid history and regimen. The attitude was simply that the rules don’t apply to me and that’s just flat out wrong.

Sure, Bonds and Clemens weren’t the only ones who cheated. The abuse was widespread during the so-called “Steroid Era” and the powers that be looked the other way for too long because the juiced home runs and the pursuit of previously unattainable records kept the turnstiles clicking.

But the fact that so many people were doing it doesn’t make it right or excusable. Bonds and Clemens got caught cheating the game they claim to love, and they should pay the price for their actions.

It is likely that there already is a player in the Hall of Fame who used PEDs and there will likely be one or more in the future. But this group should include only players whose abuse was discovered after their election to the Hall. To knowingly admit players who cheated the game deliberately and repeatedly and without remorse is not fair to the game and to the players who did things the right way for so many years instead of taking illegal shortcuts.

Bonds and Clemens put up Hall of Fame numbers, but they are not Hall of Fame worthy players or people. They do not deserve induction into baseball’s hallowed hall.

Barry Bonds inching closer to Hall of Fame, will he get there?

Photo of John Shea

Barry Bonds has been on the Hall of Fame ballot for seven years, and it’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll ever get elected.

The home run king and former Giants left fielder is inching closer to Cooperstown, but he won’t get inducted this year. Probably not next year, either.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America will announce its ballot results Tuesday at 3 p.m. PST, and at least three players are expected to be added to the 2019 Hall of Fame class and join Lee Smith and Harold Baines, who were elected last month by the Today’s Game Era committee.

Mariano Rivera is a first-ballot lock. So is Roy Halladay. Edgar Martinez, in his 10th and final year on the ballot, is expected to crack the necessary 75-percent barrier for induction. Mike Mussina is too close to call.

That’s based on information supplied by Oakland resident Ryan Thibodaux, who meticulously tracks Hall of Fame voting ( and has found, with more than half the expected ballots made public, that Bonds sits at 70.5 percent.

That number is expected to drop when the results are announced. Thibodaux projects Bonds receiving close to 60 percent, an increase from 56.4 percent in 2018. Bonds’ candidacy, like that of Roger Clemens, has been stalled because of his ties to performance-enhancing drugs. Each will have three more turns on the ballot.

“Assuming they hit 60 percent this year, they’ll need to average 5 percent jumps for each of their final three years on the ballot,” Thibodaux said. “... So they still need to change minds, and quite a few of them.”

According to Thibodaux’s detailed spreadsheet, Bonds has received six votes among the seven new voters who have publicized their ballots. Three returning voters changed their minds on Bonds and checked his box. He’d need far more momentum to get elected by the writers.

There is precedent for such an ascent. Martinez missed by 20 votes last year, but 26 returning voters (so far) changed their minds on the longtime designated hitter and voted for him — one withdrew his Martinez vote — and all seven newcomers voted for him.

Similarly, in Tim Raines’ final year on the ballot, he jumped from 69.8 percent to 86 percent.

“We do typically see a final-year bump for anyone who makes it to 10 years on the ballot,” Thibodaux said. “That may certainly play an important role for (Bonds) if he gets elected. But because his candidacy is so polarizing, I wouldn’t expect to see a Raines-, Edgar-type huge leap in Bonds’ 10th year.

“I could be wrong. Maybe there’s a large group of voters essentially planning to ‘punish’ Bonds right up until the last moment, but then flip and vote him in.”

Barry Bonds is surrounded by media before a July 26, 2007, game in Atlanta.

Photo: Eric Risberg / Associated Press 2007

Seattle Times columnist Larry Stone, who has written extensively of Martinez’s Hall of Fame journey and is co-writing his autobiography (available in June), suggested Bonds’ quest for Cooperstown is more complicated than Martinez’s.

“I just think it will be a lot harder for Bonds to take that final step because the ‘no’ votes are more firmly entrenched,” said Stone, who covered Bonds for the San Francisco Examiner through 1996. “It’s not a numbers argument with Bonds, as it is with the others. His numbers are undeniable. It’s a question of how you view the steroids allegations, and I think people are more set in their thinking on that.”

If Bonds and Clemens don’t get elected by the writers, they’d be eligible for the committee vote that benefited Smith and Baines. Critics ripped the Baines election, suggesting he’s not worthy, but his Cooperstown acceptance could help other players get elected.

On the other hand, it might not be easy for Bonds to gain approval from his contemporaries, who compose much of the voting committee, especially in the wake of Hall of Famer Joe Morgan’s letter to BBWAA voters in November 2017 encouraging them not to support “known steroid users.”

One prominent Hall of Famer has changed his tune in that regard.

“Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be in,” Reggie Jackson said, according to the Boston Globe. “It’s time.”

John Shea is The San Francisco Chronicle’s national baseball writer. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @JohnSheaHey

#4 Jim Cramer • Stock • Johnson & Johnson • Earnings • Starbucks • IBM


Happy Tuesday.

There's a lot of ground to cover in the news this morning. Jim Cramer will be live at 10 A.M. from the New York Stock Exchange to weigh in on what's moving markets.

At the opening bell, the Dow was down 149.95. The Nasdaq was down 47.19, and the S&P 500 was down 16.53.

Johnson & Johnson

Real Money stock of the day Johnson & Johnson (JNJ - Get Report) released earnings Tuesday, Jan. 22.

TheStreet's Martin Baccardax reported that Johnson & Johnson posted stronger-than-expected fourth quarter earnings Tuesday and forecast a modest increase in full year sales for 2019 as the consumer healthcare group looks to rebound from last month's steep share price declines, triggered by a report that alleged it knew for decades that its iconic baby powder sometimes contained asbestos and failed to alert authorities.

Earnings Lookahead

Cramer wrote about earnings in a column for TheStreet: 

But this week's most important earnings reports might seem like odd ones -- Halliburton (HAL - Get Report) and Stanley Black & Decker (SWK - Get Report) . They'll be important because both stocks stand for sectors that have been under real pressure.

Halliburton has a lot to live up to after Schlumberger (SLB - Get Report) reported a quarter with bountiful cash flow and put to rest the notion that its dividend is problematic. However, Schlumberger's U.S. business was down by double-digit percentages and the rig count on Friday showed a shocking 21-rig decline.

Halliburton is much more levered to the United States than Schlumberger is, particularly for shale drilling. I fear that HAL could knock down SLB after Schlumberger's magnificent three-point rally on Friday.
Both Halliburton and Stanley Black & Decker reported Tuesday morning, so now it's time to find out what Cramer thinks post-earnings.

Cramer on China

In his morning column over on Real Money, Cramer weighed in on China's weakness and what it could mean:

Either way, the weakness in China improves the prospect of a trade deal -- provided that the Chinese somehow become willing to acknowledge that they steal IP. I bet they are trying to figure out how to show that they do.

The solution is pretty easy: Grant our companies the rights to operate independently of China, be willing to prosecute those who steal, including the execs who run Xiaomi, and then let the telcos offer subsidies for Apple (AAPL - Get Report) phones on par with domestics, and it's a done deal.

Which other stocks stand to benefit? ( CAT - Get Report) and ( HON - Get Report) were amongCramer's 16 picks.
Schlumberger and Apple are both holdings in Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus portfolio.

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Written by top40

Hello Again and Thanks for reading it is I David "IT40" Ellenberger with an update on the status of my lawsuit against Alphabet inc case # 4:20-CV-04877-SBA  and the website and life in general. By now if you regularly visit you may have read this section "author info" or Bio. So I am adding to it with more bio and more info. I originally liked the idea of voting on the internet 20-25 years ago when I first got online with WebTV (does anyone remember that?).

The technology at that time was not advanced enough to easily be able to vote online or watch videos or much else for that matter but I was hooked and look at what we can do now with videos, IOT, and everything else, but I digress. I started about 5 years ago and the user base has been going up steadily ever since. I wanted to be another Facebook, with music and voting and that is all coming together slowly but surely. BTW if you want to help or have any interest please feel free to email me anytime.

Now in my previous Author Info or bio page I made it clear or at least I thought I made it clear, I am personally suing Alphabet inc. in Federal Court for Fraud. I have evidence to prove they are not counting all the pageviews, among other things and defrauding myself and probably millions of other website owners and content creators out of Billions of dollars. So if I wasn't clear or you didn't know it's true I am suing Alphabet inc. in Federal Court for Fraud the case was recently moved from my state of Kentucky to N. California to make it easier for Alphabet inc. to steam roll me or so they think. Needless to say if you are interested and I hope you are you can look the case up online under my name "David Russell Ellenberger" or the case # which is 4:20-CV-04877-SBA.

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Companies like Google are making Billions of dollars a year in profits telling us data is the most valuable thing and misleading us and misdirecting the media and the world every chance they can.  Now data is valuable and they are making billions in profits seemingly like magic but there is no magic to it just corruption and lies. One thing Alphabet inc. aka Google is really making their money from and that is advertising dollars and they are putting all of this advertising on the websites other people have created.

Websites that I have created and  websites you have created and websites millions of others around the world have created websites or content. For example Just writing a text is creating content and that's where Google puts the billions in advertising they receive and keeping most of it for themselves. Yes content others have created and yet somehow they are keeping almost all of these billions for themselves and not distributing it equitably to the real workers the true content creators who actually deserve the advertising monies. Google has made it's billions on the backs of you and me. Think about that for a minute, how can they continue to justify this? They Can't, it has to change.

For example if I were to prevail in the current lawsuit just half of the monies or $20 billion put into a basic account and compounded at 5% annually we could realistically employ over 80,000 people at $24,000 a year, indefinitely.  Sounds unbelievable but its true and if we only employed 40,000 people we could pay them approx. $48,000 a year indefinitely. Its all true. Its simply a matter of having the money and the will to do it. Now is 40,000 people a lot well yes it would be a lot of employees but with more money simply put into a trust account we could employ more people

I David Russell Ellenberger through my website am suing Google to try to help right a wrong. A wrong committed by Google that has simply gotten out of hand. Most people may think they can't do anything about it. Nothing can stop Google, the politicians don't care they use all of Googles data to further their own campaigns and line their own pockets while the rest of us keep on creating the content for Google, nothing can be done, this however is not the case, we can do something.

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