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IT40 People in the Media for 01/24/2019

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#1 Derek Carr • Oakland Raiders • Max Kellerman • Stephen A. Smith • First Take • Jon Gruden • Quarterback

Thats My QB ? @derekcarrqb #raidernation #raiders #oaklandraiders #oaktown #lasvegasraiders #sincityraiders #justwinbaby #allin #commitmenttoexcellence #rn4l #blackandsilver #blackhole #jongruden #derekcarr

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Derek Carr asks Dana White to set up Octagon fight with ESPN 'clowns'

Derek Carr had a difficult NFL season.

And now he’s ready to fight someone.

The Raiders quarterback watched the core of the team he led to a 12-4 record just two seasons ago dismantled around him. New boss Jon Gruden has a vision of his own, and it doesn’t include the stars or the general manager from the previous regime.

Angst starts with Jon Gruden talking Kyler Murray

Except Carr’s still standing. For now. Gruden appears to be taken with Heisman Trophy-winning former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, who is projected as a first-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

The Raiders just so happen to own three first-round picks in that draft.

“I used to think that a lot until I saw Drew Brees twice a year in Tampa,” Gruden told reporters Tuesday about his thoughts on smaller quarterbacks. “Then I met Russell Wilson coming out of N.C. State, and now I’m watching this kid, Murray, coming out of Oklahoma and I’m putting away all the prototypes I once had. I used to have a prototype for hand size, height, arm strength, all that stuff.”

“We’re looking for guys who can play. They come in all shapes and sizes.

So yeah. Gruden sounds interested in Murray.

Max Kellerman blasts Carr, endorses Murray

Max Kellerman of ESPN’s “First Take” used the premise of a potential Raiders-Murray pairing to put Carr on blast on Wednesday.

“You can see when a quarterback don’t want it,” Kellerman said on Wednesday.  “And Carr didn’t want it. I think Gruden knows they’ve got to move on.

“The question is, can they get anything for him? Is he a placeholder until they find the next guy? How long will it take to develop the next guy?

“And Kyler Murray. If you can grab him in the draft. Hell yeah.”

Kellerman didn’t question Carr’s abilities with that take. He took on his character as a professional. Those can be construed as fighting words, which is exactly how Carr took them.

Derek Carr wants to get the hosts from First Take in the octagon


Derek Carr is not one to be trifled with.

At only 27 years old, the Raiders second-round pick from 2014 has been one of the best quarterbacks in franchise history. He currently sits in second place in the record books with 18,739 passing yards, and he will likely pass Ken Stabler (19,078) in the first game of the 2019 season. While he hasn't posted as many wins throughout his career, with the exception of the 12-4 season in 2016, Carr has still proven himself to be the best quarterback from the 2014 draft class and one of the more consistent players in the AFC.

However, his production on the field has not prevented outside criticism. In fact, many Raiders fans have called him inaccurate. Although the most egregious criticism hurled in his direction actually came from ESPN and the show "First Take." Hosted by Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim, and Max Kellerman, the sports show has never shied away from making wild statements that border on outlandish.

Embedded video

Carr was tagged in a tweet to "First Take" in which a Raiders fan came after Kellerman and Smith for hating on him. As the fan wrote, "you didn't even watch them in the second half of the season." Interestingly, Carr actually responded to the fan, which is something he has done more of in the recent weeks, and he did not hold back when talking about the ESPN show.

"It’s because I blocked them both for talking trash about our team. Those 2 clowns don’t know anything about this game. Would love to actually sit and break down film with these two on tv just to show their viewers how incompetent (lacking qualification) they are about our game."

"Hey how do I challenge a couple of these clowns on tv to a fight? I think we should start a business together. Where pro athletes can challenge some of these people to an octagon fight until they give us an answer.... You don’t know me... stop lying."

Obviously, this octagon business won't happen, but that doesn't mean that it's not an entertaining concept. Watching Carr face off with Kellerman and Smith, possibly at the same time, would draw thousands of viewers, including two of the biggest fanbases in the NFL. After all, the Dallas Cowboys fans utterly despite Smith. Although, pitting players against analysts in an octagon could be considered a violation of the NFL's personal-conduct policy. Roger Goodell may need to weigh in.

Hypothetically speaking, would this grudge match take place on ESPN? The UFC has a partnership with the network, and Kellerman and Smith are both employees.

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#2 Victoria Beckham • Reebok • David Beckham

✨СТИЛЬ ВИКТОРИИ БЕКХЭМ✨ . Виктория не из тех женщин, кто следует моде. Она из тех, кто её диктует!?? . Это не просто красивая фраза, а неоспоримый факт. Миссис Бекхэм активно популяризирует "удобную" моду с нотками маскулинности и элегантности одновременно. И за моду на бандажные платья Herve Leger в конце нулевых мы тоже должны сказать "спасибо" Викуле!? . Она проделала огромный путь в поисках своей индивидуальности и не только стала иконой стиля, но и создала люксовый бренда имени себя. Одежда этого бренда и составляет основу гардероба Виктории, что довольно логично. . Она предпочитает комбинировать простые базовые вещи, дополняя их минималистичными аксессуарами. "Стиль должен быть удобным, безвременным, личным..." считает Виктория.? . Не трудно заметить её любовь к брючным костюмам. Она выбирает их не только на каждый день, но и в качестве вечернего наряда. Юбки и платья предпочитает в длине миди и часто надевает с ними высокие сапоги. . Не скрывает своей любви к чёрному цвету и говорит "black is the new black". Но и яркие краски активно присутствует в образах Виктории. Она умело комбинирует цвета и не боится контрастных сочетаний. . Принт встречается в её гардеробе намного реже, нежели однотонные вещи и в большей степени это полоска, клетка или абстрактный геометричный рисунок. . Несмотря на свои финансовые возможности, она не относится к одежде как к одноразовому способу украсить себя. Вы можете заметить, что Бекхэм часто носит одни и те же вещи по разному скомбинированные между собой. . Взять на заметку стильные секреты Виктории будет полезно любой девушке, а для офисной служащей и тем более, каждый образ - руководство к действию. . Так выглядит стиль британской знаменитости сегодня, а в сториз вас ждут фото Виктории с 1996 по 2018 год!? . Жду ваши отзывы на пост!?? . . . . . #victoriabeckham #beckham #виктория #викториябекхэм #бекхэм #вдохновение #мойстиль #базовыйгардероб #чтонадетьвофис #простоисовкусом #сочетаниецветов #классиканестареет #всегдавмоде #культовыеженщины #знаменитости #всегениальноепросто #стильзвезды #звездныйстиль #beckhamstyle #мойкумир

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The Beckhams’ Latest Fashion Moment Was the Double-Date the World’s Been Waiting For

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 22, 2019
Photo: Getty Images

No one handles couple’s style like David and Victoria Beckham. The pair never miss a beat when it comes to their outfits, and they manage to skillfully promote brand Beckham while looking their best. At last night’s launch party for Victoria’s Reebok collection, they arrived fashionably late to downtown eatery The Flower Shop in choice pieces from their respective personal projects. David wore a Kent and Curwen overcoat, hoodie, and jeans. His casual cool dad look fit the event and allowed Victoria’s python blouse and red wide leg pants to take center stage on her big night.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 22, 2019
Photo: Getty Images

The Beckhams’ appreciation for fashion runs in the family, and they were joined at the party by their son Brooklyn and his model girlfriend Hana Cross. The evening allowed the younger pair to get in on the action with relaxed outfits of their own. Cross is an athleisure enthusiast and gave her fans a sneak peek at the Reebok collaboration on Instagram earlier this week. She arrived in a denim look from Victoria’s Resort 2018 collection. Brooklyn followed in his father’s footsteps and kept things laid back with a plaid button-down and bright blue pants. The party functioned as a celebrity double-date that allowed for a familial show of support and let two generations of casual couple’s style shine.

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#3 Killer Mike Sway Calloway on Instagram: “He has a great blueprint Salute to @Killermike ?? #Repost @gotthedrop with @get_repost ・・・ Killer Mike unites Bloods and Crips in Atlanta by…”


Killer Mike & Joe Rogan Talk "Trigger Warning," Run The Jewels & More

Mitch Findlay

January 24, 2019 09:43

 Emma McIntyre/Getty Image

Killer Mike and Joe Rogan sit down for a meeting of the minds.

With Trigger Warning garnering acclaim, Killer Mike has been a busy man. Not only is he actively putting in work in the studio, but he's also in the midst of a press run, hitting Stephen Colbert, CBC Radio, and now, the Joe Rogan Experience.

"I wish I could work out as hard as people work out to our music," jokes Mike, in the opening segments. "I lost 35 pounds, but I'd be down ninety pounds down easy now." Joe dubs Run The Jewel's output as "workout music, eliciting a laugh from Mike. "It is, and me and El are chubby as two fat little bears." Still, Mike appears to be taking the path to weight loss seriously, and you can't help but respect that. Of course, Mike's plate has been metaphorically full for a minute, given his responsibilities with Run The Jewels, Netflix' Trigger Warning, and his ongoing press run. Of course, those familiar with the rapper know he's been putting in work since Monster, but it's still cool to see him obtaining new levels of fame at this juncture in his career; a second wind, to be sure.

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

The pair proceed to talk shop for three hours straight, and in true JRE fashion, the conversation is free-flowing and informative. To parse one particular tidbit would require more time than allotted, though rest assured this one will be worth combing through. Topics broached in Trigger Warning are given further life as Mike breaks down the true connective tissue between gang-members, which stem from a more wholesome place than misconceptions might have you believe.

"These kids that are members of these little punk-ass street fraternities, gangs," says Mike, "we criminalize and villainize a bunch of teenagers who simply don't have anything to do. They don't have jobs, they don't have skills, they don't have organizations, and they don't have police athletic league, they don't have people engaging the way they used to." He proceeds to offer a solution, explaining that these same kids have an untapped entrepreneurial spirit that could ultimately be harnessed to benefit the community, and the economy alike. Be sure to check out the full episode below, and respect to Killer Mike for continuing his triumphant run.

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#4 Alec Baldwin

#АлекБолдуин признал себя виновным в драке и согласился пройти курс управления гневом ? Подробнее о характере актера - рассказываем по ссылке в описании нашего профиля ?? _____ #spletnik #spletnikru #alecbaldwin

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Alec Baldwin: The path to a better planet goes across your plate

Why climate change worries Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike 02:11

Alec Baldwin is an actor and activist. The views expressed here are the author's. View more opinion on CNN.

(CNN)What does your diet have to do with saving the planet? Everything, says a new report by the world's leading scientists and health experts.

Alec Baldwin

Over the last few years, I have become a student of certain global environmental issues. Preparing for the Paris Climate Conference, and since then, I have worked with the United Nations advocating for protecting tropical forests and the rights of indigenous peoples. Through this work, scientists and community leaders from around the world have given me a truly frightening insight into what the international community and those on the front lines of the world's most pressing environmental challenges are up against.
Here is a fact: Human activity is fundamentally altering the planet.
We are causing what scientists call the "sixth great extinction," erasing countless species from the face of the planet. We are driving biodiversity loss, unraveling the web of life that keeps ecosystems functioning and that make the Earth habitable for humans. We are, without much or not nearly enough introspection it seems, destroying the planet's rainforests at alarming rates. And we are causing global climate change, which, if we do not act, will be our undoing.
What is driving this environmental destruction? One leading issue is what experts call extractive industries -- mining, logging, and oil and gas exploitation. However, the single largest driver of land conversion that is putting pressure on the planet is actually much less sinister: food.
We have developed almost half of all vegetated land area on the planet, research shows, and most of it has been for agriculture.
A new report published by the EAT Foundation, a nonprofit working to transform our global food system, and the EAT-Lancet Commission earlier this month debunks the common and perilous misconception that we need more land to produce more food as the global population grows.
The report is revelatory on a number of levels.
It says that half the vegetated land on Earth is enough. No more development, no more expansion, no more deforestation, no more environmental destruction is needed.
Al Gore: 'Time is running out' to fight climate change

It is not a matter of claiming more land but making better use of what we already have. It is about the reorientation of agricultural priorities away from producing more food and toward producing higher quality food.
It says that we can feed a growing population of nearly 10 billion by 2050 without further compromising the environment and while leaving half the planet to nature.
The solutions are clear. More efficient farming practices and higher crop and livestock productivity will get us a lot of the way there. At the same time, we also need to cut down on the staggering one-third of food that is lost or wasted between the farm and the fork.
In wealthier countries, we also need to shift our diets away from rampant overconsumption, notably of meat, and toward a nutritious mix of plant-based foods that are less resource intensive, require less land and are better for our health.
Why James Cameron wants you to change your diet

That means us: you and me. A shift to a more plant-rich diet can help save the planet.
So, we can no longer throw up our hands in resignation and say that global environmental challenges are beyond our control, that we are only one person, or that our individual decisions can't have a significant cumulative impact.
Because here are more staggering facts: One-third of the world's cropland is used to grow feed for livestock rather than the fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains needed for healthy people. Adding in pasture lands, the production of animal-based foods takes up more than three-quarters of the world's agricultural land, and global meat and dairy demand continues to rise, putting pressure on the world's remaining forests. And here is another: Per gram of protein, producing beef requires 20 times more land than producing beans.
We can feed the world with the land we have. While our current food systems are causing great harm to the planet, as well as our health, it does not have to be this way. There is a better path, and it starts with our diets.
Now, what are you going to do about it?

Esto es lo que deberá pagar Alec Baldwin por protagonizar pelea por un parqueadero

El actor compareció en un juzgado de Nueva York y reconoció su falta del pasado noviembre con otro hombre, por lo que deberá tomar clases para gestionar su ira.

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin | Getty Images

De acuerdo a medios locales, el intérprete estadounidense se declaró culpable de acoso en segundo grado en un tribunal de Manhattan, donde acordó asistir al curso y pagar una multa de 120 dólares. Está citado de nuevo el 27 de marzo.

El incidente ocurrió en noviembre en el barrio de Greenwich Village, donde reside Baldwin, que fue detenido tras presuntamente pegar un puñetazo a un conductor que ocupó la plaza de aparcamiento que le estaba guardando un familiar.

El conocido imitador del presidente Donald Trump (‘Saturday Night Live’) increpó al conductor, identificado como Wojciech Cieszkowski, de 49 años, y le lanzó un puñetazo tan pronto como salió del vehículo, dijeron entonces testigos al diario Daily News.

Baldwin fue acusado de agresión y hostigamiento pero negó que hubiera agredido a Cieszkowski. Sus abogados resaltaron que se declaró culpable de una infracción, no de un crimen.

Otros cargos más graves que se le habían imputado, como intento de agresión, fueron retirados.

Según documentos judiciales citados por el canal ABC 7, Baldwin admitió haber empujado a Cieszkowski, y sus abogados señalaron que las pruebas de video refutan que lo golpeó, como aseguraba Cieszkowski.

Las pruebas fueron revisadas por la Fiscalía de Manhattan, que habló con varios testigos y ofreció al actor declararse culpable de acoso en segundo grado a cambio de la libertad condicional y la asistencia a un programa de gestión de la ira.

El conductor dijo a la Policía que el actor lo había golpeado y tras el incidente fue llevado a un hospital, aquejado de dolor en la mandíbula y con un enrojecimiento en el cuello, recogieron los medios.

Baldwin acudió al tribunal neoyorquino este miércoles a primera hora, con semblante serio y abrigado para el frío con una chaqueta y una bufanda de color negro, así como unas gafas de montura gruesa.

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#5 Mike Pompeo • Venezuela • United Nations Security Council • Reuters Jose Pernalete on Instagram: “Afirmaciones puntuales en el pronunciamiento de @real_mikepompeo en la reunión de la OEA! EEUU reconoce a @jguaido cómo presidente legítimo…”

Afirmaciones puntuales en el pronunciamiento de @real_mikepompeo en la reunión de la OEA! EEUU reconoce a @jguaido cómo presidente legítimo de Venezuela y solicita seguiridad por su integridad física #oea #mikepompeo #eeuu?? #venezuela

171 Likes, 4 Comments - Jose Pernalete (@josepernaletetv) on Instagram: "Afirmaciones puntuales en el pronunciamiento de @real_mikepompeo en la reunión de la OEA! EEUU..."


Pompeo wants to brief U.N. Security Council on Venezuela: envoy

By Michelle Nichols
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets with Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said al-Said at the Beit Al Baraka Royal Palace in Muscat
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits during a meeting with Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said al-Said (not pictured) at the Beit Al Baraka Royal Palace in Muscat, Oman January 14, 2019. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Pool via REUTERS

By Michelle Nichols

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants to brief the U.N. Security Council on Venezuela on Saturday, South Africa's U.N. envoy Jerry Matjila told reporters on Thursday.

Washington on Wednesday recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela's interim president and has called on other countries to do the same. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has responded by cutting diplomatic ties with the United States and ordering the country's diplomats to leave.

"We are informed that (Pompeo) has asked to come on Saturday morning to discuss, inform, talk to the Security Council," Matjila told reporters. South Africa is currently on the 15-member council.

The U.S. mission to the United Nations said "at this time we have made no such request."

A request for Pompeo to brief the Security Council is likely to face opposition from Russia, which says it does not consider the situation in Venezuela as a threat to international peace and security.

When asked on Thursday if the council should meet on Venezuela, Russian U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said: "I don't think so, that's their internal business."

The Security Council is responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security.

"As to whether Venezuela threatens peace and security, we'll listen to what Mike Pompeo might have to say," said Matjila, adding that Pompeo was expected to informally brief behind closed doors.

(Reporting by Michelle Nichols; Writing by Makini Brice; Editing by Alistair Bell)

Pompeo asks to brief U.N. Security Council on Venezuela-envoy

Washington on Wednesday recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president and has called on other countries to do the same. Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro has responded by cutting diplomatic ties with the United States and ordering the country’s diplomats to leave. (Reporting by Michelle Nichols; Writing by Makini Brice)

JANUARY 23, 2019 / 12:45 PM / UPDATED 14 HOURS AGO

U.S. weighs oil sanctions on Venezuela as it steps up pressure

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration ratcheted up pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday, signaling potential new sanctions against the country’s vital oil sector as it recognized Venezuela’s opposition leader as interim president.

Juan Guaido, President of the Venezuela's National Assembly, attends a session in Caracas, Venezuela January 22, 2019. REUTERS/Manaure Quintero

With street protests against Maduro under way across Venezuela, President Donald Trump said the United States recognized Juan Guaido, head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly congress, as the country’s leader and called socialist Maduro’s government “illegitimate.”

In response, Maduro said he was breaking diplomatic relations with the United States and giving U.S. embassy personnel 72 hours to leave Venezuela.

The United States, however, rejected Maduro’s move to cut ties, saying it did not think he had the authority to sever ties and it would conduct relations with a government led by Guaido.

A senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, warned Maduro and his loyalists that Washington was ready to ramp up oil, gold and other sanctions and take unspecified actions “if they choose to harm any of the National Assembly members or any of the other duly legitimate officials of the government of Venezuela.”

Asked whether he was considering U.S. military intervention, Trump told reporters: “We’re not considering anything, but all options are on the table.”

Venezuelan opposition sympathizers had been urging Guaido to assume the presidency since Maduro was inaugurated for a second term on Jan. 10, following a widely boycotted election last year that many foreign governments characterized as fraudulent.

Formal U.S recognition of Guaido could be complicated, however, by questions of how to deal with Venezuela’s U.S.-based diplomats and who would now control its bank accounts and other U.S. assets, which include Citgo, the U.S. refining arm of Venezuelan state-run oil company PDVSA.

The senior administration official told reporters that Washington now regards Guaido and the National Assembly as the “legitimate decision-makers” in transactions between the United States and Venezuela and that there would be a “whole bunch of consequences,” but declined to elaborate.

U.S. recognition of Guaido could backfire if Maduro, who accused the opposition of attempting a coup, used it as a pretext to detain Guaido or other opposition figures.

After Trump’s announcement, most major Latin American countries made similar moves recognizing Guaido, and a Canadian official said Ottawa would also follow suit. But leftist-governed Mexico said it continued to recognize Maduro as president.

“@NicolasMaduro has undertaken a fight with the U.S. & international community he has no chance of winning,” U.S. Senator Marco Rubio said in a message on Twitter.

Rubio, who led a delegation of Florida lawmakers to discuss Venezuela with fellow Republican Trump on Tuesday, is considered to have played a major role since Trump took office in convincing him to take a tougher stand against Maduro.


Multiple sources said the Trump administration could impose new U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry as soon as this week.

U.S. officials are considering a range of potential measures, including restricting U.S. imports of Venezuelan oil or even a full ban, but no final decisions have been made, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Two other sources briefed on the matter said the Trump administration informed U.S. energy companies of its deliberations.

The decision on whether to go ahead could depend on how harshly Maduro cracks down on protesters and how he responds to Guaido’s swearing-in, several of the sources said.

Even then, the administration would likely hold further discussions that could delay any final move, one source said.

The Trump administration has been increasingly frustrated with existing sanctions on Venezuela, which have spared oil exports so far. Targeting oil shipments to the United States could choke off significant revenue to the OPEC member nation.

The United States has held off on broad, oil-related measures, mindful of the potential not only for deepening the hardships of the Venezuelan people but also the risk of causing problems for U.S. companies and consumers.

U.S. refiners such as Valero Energy Corp, Chevron Corp and PBF Energy Inc have had discussions about the possibility of such sanctions with the Trump administration in recent weeks.

Venezuelan crude exports to the United States last year fell 15 percent to the lowest annual average in nearly three decades, according to Refinitiv Eikon data.

Still, some U.S. refineries have equipment specifically designed for heavy grades of crude like those from Venezuela. They imported about 500,000 barrels per day last year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Reporting by Matt Spetalnick, and Roberta Rampton; additional reporting by Lesley Wroughton, Patricia Zengerle, Jeff Mason, Arshad Mohammed and Jarrett Renshaw; editing by Rosalba O'Brien and Leslie Adler

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#6 Jim Mackay • Phil Mickelson • Farmers Insurance Open • Torrey Pines

Jim "Bones" Mackay will be back inside the ropes as a caddie this week at Torrey Pines

Jim "Bones" MacKay walks off the 17th hole during the third round of the 2018 Sony Open.
Chris CondonJim "Bones" MacKay walks off the 17th hole during the third round of the 2018 Sony Open.

Few, if any caddies have walked more rounds at Torrey Pines than Jim "Bones" Mackay. He's certainly the only one to ever tend the flagstick for a 70-yard shot on the 72nd hole. And now, Jimmy Walker is hoping to take advantage of that wealth of local knowledge.

As reported first by the Associated Press' Doug Ferguson, Mackay, the former longtime caddie of Phil Mickelson who is now an on-course reporter for NBC, will loop for Walker at this week's Farmers Insurance Open. Ferguson also provided a fun trivia question with his tweet that broke the news:

Doug Ferguson


Bones back to work this week carrying a bag, not a microphone. Filling in, working for Jimmy Walker. This is the 3rd player he's caddied for at Torrey. Good luck guessing the other one besides Phil.

Doug Ferguson


Bones was working for Larry Mize in 1990 ... Hope, Honolulu ... and then Larry took the week off. Patrick Burke was on his flight to SD, said he needed a caddie and asked if Bones was working. There you go. And after that, Phil.

Technically, Bones isn't trading a microphone for a golf bag this week since CBS has coverageof the Farmers Insurance Open. And it's not the first time he's come out of caddying retirement since he and Mickelson parted ways in June of 2017. Mackay caddied for Justin Thomas at last year's Sony Open.Coincidentally, this is the first time in 29 years that Mickelson isn't playing in his hometown event. Anyway, if Walker needs to hole his approach shot on the final hole come Sunday, he's got the right guy.

A long-time caddie of Phil Mickelson until their split, Jim 'Bones' Mackay returns to the PGA Tour this week with Jimmy Walker.

Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay Returns To The PGA Tour

Roughly a year on from Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay’s last appearance on the PGA Tour, the veteran will once again return to the professional circuit this time caddying for American Jimmy Walker.

Previously Mackay helped out Justin Thomas after his caddie Jimmy Johnson was recovering from a foot injury.

Their relationship, although short-lived, still yielded results as the pair shot 67 in the opening round of the Sony Open in 2018.


Mackay and Thomas talk strategy at the 2018 Sony Open in Hawaii (Getty Images)

Of course Mackay’s previous employer before that was Phil Mickelson. The pair became one of the longest serving relationships on Tour and won five Major titles and countless PGA Tour titles together.

They eventually stopped working together by mutually agreeing to split in 2017.

After the split Mackay went to work at NBC and the Golf Channel as an on-course reporter so clearly nothing can keep him away from the game!


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#7 Ted Bundy • Netflix • Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer

Snippet of the trailer. The documentary is set to release the 24th of this month. #tedbundy

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‘The Ted Bundy Tapes’ on Netflix: Everything You Need to Know



Netflix is no stranger to the world of shocking true crime documentaries, but on the 30-year anniversary of Ted Bundy’s execution the streaming service is going all in. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes is a four-episode docuseries that revolves around letting Bundy explain his many, many crimes in his own words. And it’s as shocking as you might imagine.

Taken from the interviews that led to the book Ted Bundy: Confessions of a Killer, the series features never-before-heard audio from the famed serial killer while he was on death row. The series comes from Joe Berlinger, known best for his work on the Paradise Lost trilogy and Unspeakable Crime: the Killing of Jessica Chambers.

There have been many books, films, and documentaries about Bundy, including the upcoming and buzzed about film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. But what sets The Ted Bundy Tapes apart? And is this four-hour documentary worth your time? Here’s everything you need to know.

Who was Ted Bundy?

Everyone likely knows Ted Bundy’s name but some may not remember why. Bundy was (and remains) one of the most notorious serial killers in history. Back in the 1970s, he was accused (and convicted, in many cases) of crimes not limited to rape, murder and, uh, necrophilia. In total, he confessed to 30 murders in seven different states, though researchers believe he killed a whole lot more.

When you think of serial killers, you probably picture someone inbred, disgusting, their outer shell mirroring the horror they hold inside. Bundy was far from that: he was extremely handsome, and was able to lure female victims to their deaths with his looks alone. He’s also well known for keeping trophies, including decapitated heads. Yikes.

When was Ted Bundy arrested?

The serial killer was first sent to jail in 1975 for aggravated kidnapping, but his time in Utah didn’t last long. While he was being connected to a series of homicides in other states, he made two prison escapes and murdered three more people before being recaptured in Florida in 1978. Once there he received three death sentences over the course of two trials.

Bundy was executed via electric chair at Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989. The Netflix documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes is being released on the 30th anniversary of his execution.

The Ted Bundy Tapes
Photo: Netflix

What are The Ted Bundy Tapes?

Because Bundy was a compulsive liar, it’s difficult to find a full and accurate account of the many murders he committed. However, Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth’s interviews are largely regarded as the most honest account of his crimes.

While in prison Bundy allowed a journalist to interview him about his many cases in the hopes that they would clear his name. Michaud and Aynesworth took him up on that offer, interviewing the convicted killer over the course of several weeks. They asked him to speak mostly in third person as a way to get a clearer answer from Bundy while avoiding, in his own words, “the stigma of confession.”

The interviews were later published in the book Ted Bundy: Confessions of a Killer. The Ted Bundy Tapes are a combination of this raw interview footage as well as interviews with Michaud and Aynesworth, criminal and psychological experts, and people who used to know Bundy personally. It’s compiled from over 100 hours of previously unheard footage from Bundy himself.

Can I watch The Ted Bundy Tapes if I’m unfamiliar with the case?

Absolutely. Between explaining how Michaud and Aynesworth got access to these interviews, the four-part documentary starts with the killer’s early years and chronologically details the homicides he committed. The series as a whole serves as an expansive look into one of the most haunting criminal figures in American history. Only this time it’s also a documentary literally being narrated by its killer.

Can I watch The Ted Bundy Tapes if I’m a true crime mega-fan?

For people already familiar with Bundy’s case, The Ted Bundy Tapes doesn’t offer much in terms of new details. Hearing Bundy recount how these crimes “could have” occurred is deeply chilling, but overall the docuseries just tells one bloody chapter in criminal history very well. But there is one area where The Ted Bundy Tapes excels: showing the interrogation techniques used on serial killers.

A lot of attention has rightfully been paid to the countless crimes Bundy committed, but what brought out his confessions is often unexplored. Much like Mindhunter,David Fincher’s dark drama about interviewing serial killers in the 1970s, The Ted Bundy Tapespulls back those processes a layer, showing exactly how two men were able to get one of the most disturbed minds in recent history to talk.

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