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IT40 People in the Media for 02/18/2019


#1 Nicole Scherzinger • Lewis Hamilton • Formula 1

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Hamilton and Scherzinger in 2014 (PA Images).

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, who were once a couple, have reportedly had an intimate tape leaked online.

According to The Sunhackers have published a video online of the famous pair cuddling and kissing in bed.

The two and a half minute film, which is believed to have been recorded on a mobile phone, has been viewed over 286,000 times as of Sunday evening.

A source told the publication that Scherzinger would be ‘heartbroken’ over the footage being made public:

“Nicole will be heartbroken that such footage has found its way online. It was never intended for the public domain.”

The intimate footage is just one of a long string of celebrity phone hacks. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Hulk Hogan and Tiger Woods have all had intimate material published online without their consent.

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Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton in 2011. (PA Images)

Former X Factor judge and Pussycat Doll singer Scherzinger, 40, dated famed race driver Hamilton, 34, on and off for eight years before finally splitting in 2015.

Since their split Hamilton has been linked to a string of female celebrities. He’s been rumoured to have dated Nicki Minaj, Winnie Harlow, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora.

Meanwhile Scherzinger had a two-year relationship with Grigor Dimitrov but the pair split up last year.

Also according to The SunJamie Redknapp has been pursuing the former Pussycat Doll since he heard of her split from Dimitrov. But the same report says that so far she has rebuffed his advances.

“Jamie has been very keen on Nicole but would never have tried it on when she was with Grigor.

“Since their split, he expressed an interest in dating her but the time isn’t right for Nicole,” a source told the paper. Spencer Matthews APOLOGISES for his 'wooden' performance on Good Morning Britain

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#2 Whoopi Goldberg • The View • The Color Purple • New York City

Tbt #whoopigoldberg #profilmscorporation

7 Likes, 0 Comments - Franklin Soto (@f4soto) on Instagram: "Tbt #whoopigoldberg #profilmscorporation"

Whoopi Goldberg Talks Fashion And Not Being Seen As Sexy In Hollywood

Whoopi Goldberg has been a style icon for years and now she’s talking about it.RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Defends Liam Neeson: ‘Is He A Bigot? No’

The “Color Purple” star and the “View” co-host is in the latest issue of Garagemagazine, speaking to author Ottessa Moshfegh about her sense of fashion and a whole lot more.

“I’m anti-social but I don’t want to be an asshole, so I talk to people when they come up to me. I like it out here, though,” Goldberg says of living in New York.

Speaking about her unique approach to fashion, Goldberg humbly says, “I just want to feel comfortable.

“You know, I love high heels but I always wore them with socks. And fashion is finally catching up to me. When you go to the shows, now you see girls on the runway wearing socks with heels.”

Photo: Charlie Engman for Garage Magazine
Photo: Charlie Engman for Garage Magazine

RELATED: Superfan Tiffany Haddish Hilariously Crashes Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘Tonight Show’ Interview

Goldberg has a new clothing line, DUBGEE, coming out this spring, and she says she was inspired to create it after going on a trip to Greece and not being able to find clothes that fit her.

“It made me feed bad, like my body doesn’t fit,” she says.

Goldberg hasn’t always been thought of in terms of her looks, she says. Looking back on her 1987 film “Fatal Beauty”, the actress recalls, “Nobody who worked on that movie saw me as sexy. They didn’t even think of me as a woman. Because I’m black.”

Whoopi Goldberg says being black meant she wasn't a sex symbol

Whoopi Goldberg has insisted she wasn't seen as a sex symbol early in her career because of the colour of her skin.

Whoopi Goldberg insists being black meant she was never seen as "sexy".

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

The 'Fatal Beauty' actress opened up about her role in the 1987 blockbuster - in which she starred as detective Rita Rizzoli - and while she acknowledged having a "hot bod" early his her film career, she claimed other people working on the comedy thriller didn't see it because of her skin colour.

Speaking to author Ottessa Moshfegh for Garage Magazine, Whoopi said: "Thank you, I did [have a great body]. I know... Nobody who worked on that movie saw me as sexy. They didn't even think of me as a woman. Because I'm black."

Although the 63-year-old star is obsessed with fashion, she revealed she prefers to feel "comfortable", and joked she sparked a trend with her own style choices.

She added: "You know, I love high heels, but I always wore them with socks. And fashion is finally catching up to me. When you go to the shows, now you see girls on the runway wearing socks with heels."

Whoopi's comments come after she spoke out to defend her friend Liam Neeson after he came under fire for candidly confessing to trying to provoke a fight with a black person after a female friend was raped.

She insisted he insisted racist, and while she has "been around a lot of real bigots", she doesn't count the 'Taken' star as one.

She recently said: "People walk around sometimes with rage, that's what happens. Is he a bigot? No.

"I've known him a pretty long time, I think I would have recognised, I've been around a lot of real bigots. I can say this man is not one.

"You can't be surprised that somebody whose loved one is attacked is angry and wants to go out and attack. What he did go on to say ... is that he realised that it was too dark for him, he went and got himself help."

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#3 Henry Schoolcraft • Ozarks • Springfield Conservation Nature Center • Missouri • Springfield, MO

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, (born March 28, 1793, Albany County, N.Y., U.S.-died Dec. 10, 1864, Washington, D.C.), American explorer and ethnologist noted for his discovery of the source of the Mississippi River and for his writings on the Native peoples of the North American Plains. Schoolcraft's initial contact with the frontier came during a mineralogical trip through present Missouri and Arkansas (1817-18). He next served as topographer on an expedition to the upper Mississippi and Lake Superior region (1820) and published a journal of his travels in 1821. His experience among Native Americans led to his appointment as a federal agent to the indigenous peoples of the Lake Superior region. There in 1822 he married a woman who was part Ojibwa, and her people became the subject of his special study. In 1832 he again explored the upper reaches of the Mississippi River and located its source at Lake Itasca in present Minnesota. His Narrative of an Expedition . . . to Itasca Lake . . . (1834) was reissued, with an account of the 1820 expedition, in Summary Narrative (1855). . . . . . #henryschoolcraft #mississippiriver #minneapolis #minnesota #ojibwe #ojibway #michigan #guilderland #albanycounty #unioncollege #middleburycollege #potosi #ozarks #lewiscass #saultstemarie #lakeitasca #mackinacisland #congressionalcemetery #history #historybooks #historyclass #historyteacher #historylesson #historymaker #historymajor #historymakers #historynerd

113 Likes, 4 Comments - TwHistory (@twhistory1963) on Instagram: "Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, (born March 28, 1793, Albany County, N.Y., U.S.-died Dec. 10, 1864,..."

Henry Schoolcraft to speak at Springfield Conservation Nature Center

By Thomas Leonard |

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. This Friday at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center, there will be a presentation on Henry Schoolcraft and his 900-mile journey of exploration through the Ozarks with an emphasis on his time spent at Smallin Cave. Local archaeologist Eric Fuller will give the presentation dressed up as Henry Schoolcraft and will offer an insight as to what the Ozarks might have been like 200 years ago. Fuller will also read from the journal Schoolcraft kept as he made his trip.

Seating is limited and reservations is required. You can reserve your seat at

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#4 50 Cent

NYPD commander is being investigated for threatening #50Cent's LIFE!!

2,203 Likes, 117 Comments - Rap / Hip Hop Daily ? (@madchilltv) on Instagram: "NYPD commander is being investigated for threatening #50Cent's LIFE!!"

50 Cent: Claims police told to 'shoot' rapper investigated

50 CentImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Police in New York are investigating claims a senior officer told members of his team to "shoot" the rapper 50 Cent.

It's alleged Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez made the remark in June last year at a police roll-call for a boxing match which the star was due to attend.

50 Cent said on Sunday he was taking the threat "very seriously" and was consulting with his lawyers.

The New York Police Department told Radio 1 Newsbeat the matter "is under internal review".

Presentational white space

The New York Daily News reported that Deputy Inspector Gonzalez told his officers to shoot the rapper "on sight" but later tried to pass it off as a joke.

It's claimed at least one other person at the event reported the comment to the NYPD internal affairs department.

One month before, Dect Insp Gonzalez reportedly filed an aggravated harassment complaint against 50 Cent.

He said the rapper had threatened him on Instagram - in response to claims that Dect Insp Gonzalez had unfairly investigated one of 50 Cent's favourite nightclubs.

50 mocked the complaint in posts online, suggesting the police get "back to fighting crime".

Writing on social media following news of the internal NYPD investigation into Dect Insp Gonzalez, 50 Cent said he was concerned that he was "not previously advised of this threat by the NYPD".

He described Dept Insp Gonzalez as a "gangster with a badge" but told his Twitter followers: "Keep in mind there are some good people working in law enforcement.

"Like the officers that reported what he said to them."

Follow Newsbeat on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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#5 Anthony Weiner

Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner Finishes Prison Term

In this 2017 photo, former lawmaker Anthony Weiner leaves federal court following his sentencing in New York. The New York Democrat has been released from federal prison in Massachusetts.

Mark Lennihan/AP

Anthony Weiner, the former New York congressman sentenced to 21 months behind bars after he sent explicit photos of himself to an underage girl, has been released from prison.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 54-year-old Weiner is now in the custody of a New York residential re-entry management office — also known as a halfway house. He's scheduled to be released on May 14.

Weiner pleaded guilty in 2017 to transferring obscene material to a minor. As NPR reported at the time, he was aware that the recipient was in high school.

"With full knowledge that he was communicating with a real 15-year-old girl, the defendant asked her to engage in sexually explicit conduct via Skype and Snapchat, where her body was on display, and where she was asked to sexually perform for him," prosecutors wrote.

Weiner served the first part of his sentence at Federal Medical Center Devens, a men's prison in Massachusetts. His sentence was reduced by three months for good behavior, CNN reported.

Weiner will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, The New York Times reports.

The Weiner case played a role in the 2016 presidential election. While investigating Weiner's alleged crimes, the FBI found 141,000 emails on his laptop it believed potentially relevant to an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton or her aides had mishandled classified materials. It resulted in the FBI deciding to re-open its investigation into Clinton weeks before the election, only to reverse its decision with just two days to go.

Clinton has blamed her loss in part on the FBI's decision to re-open that investigation.

This was not the first time Weiner had gotten into trouble for sending lewd messages. In 2011, while serving in Congress, he sent a salacious photo to a 21-year-old woman who was following him on Twitter. In 2013, under the alias "Carlos Danger," Weiner sent explicit photos to a 22-year-old woman.

Weiner was married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The two separated in 2016.

Anthony Weiner pops up outside Bronx halfway house after prison release

Anthony Weiner has gone from hard time to a Bronx halfway house after being convicted for sexting an underage girl.

But even a registered sex offender’s got to eat — and The Post was there Sunday as Weiner popped outside his new Bronx digs to grab a delivery order.

Wearing his signature Mets baseball cap, the 54-year-old disgraced ex-congressman — who served 15 months of a 21-month federal prison sentence for sexting with the 15-year-old — briefly exited to greet a food deliveryman ferrying his $22.50 order.

He’ll serve out the next three months in the Bronx facility before being released outright in May with an accumulated three months off for good behavior.

On the menu for Weiner was hearty Italian fare from Brother’s Pizza a few blocks away. He ordered a $9.50 dish of homemade lasagna and $10 penne alla vodka with grilled chicken, along with two Snapples at $1.50 apiece to wash it all down.

“Hold on a second here. Hold on a second. They’re in here?” Weiner grilled the deliveryman around 2 p.m. after he was handed a large pizza box and brown paper bag with straws poking out at the door of the GEO Care Inc. facility in Fordham Heights.

Modal TriggerAnthony Weiner gets his food delivered in the Bronx
Cedar Attanasio

“Everything’s in there,” the worker answered.

But Weiner could be in hot water for the Sunday feast: The food exchange took place right next to a sign that reads in all caps: “You May Not Bring Food or Beverages Into This Facility. Stop. No Exceptions!!”

After grabbing his food, Weiner couldn’t beat it fast enough.

“How you doing, buddy? Not allowed to talk, I’m sorry, my friend,” he told a Post reporter with a meek smile before ducking back inside.

The former politician left a paltry $2.50 tip on his online order, employees said.

The convicted pervert — dressed in a blue fleece zip-up and baggy navy sweatpants — spent the bulk of his sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Mass.

But Federal Bureau of Prisons records show he was transferred from the lockup to the halfway house, one of many facilities across the nation under the Residential Reentry Management program.

Before Weiner emerged from the halfway house, his visibly impatient deliveryman — ironically named Carlos, given Weiner’s sexting alter-ego was “Carlos Danger” — paced back and forth while calling the fallen politician repeatedly and asking passersby how to get in.

A restaurant receipt obtained by The Post showed no name on Weiner’s order — just an address, phone number and direction to “ring the silver buzzer.”

“He wasn’t answering his phone,” Carlos later groused about Weiner, saying he had no idea he was delivering to the infamous sex addict.

“He’s a f–king pervert,” Carlos said after being told.

The food worker said that after he completed the delivery, Weiner was so clueless that he rang him back.

“He was like, ‘You called?’ ” Carlos recalled.

Weiner is set to be released from federal custody May 14, thanks to good conduct behind bars that shaved about three months off his sentence.

Modal TriggerAnthony Weiner outside of court in 2017
Anthony Weiner outside court in 2017AP

His political career flamed out starting in 2011, when he resigned from Congress after being forced to admit sending lewd photos to women he’d met online.

Two years later, his comeback bid for mayor was torpedoed by revelations that he sexted with a woman under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”

His creepy behavior took a more disturbing turn in 2016 when he started up an online relationship with the teen — despite knowing full well that she was underage.

The fall from grace was capped in May 2017, when he pleaded guilty to exchanging X-rated texts with the North Carolina teen.

“I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse,” Weiner sobbed in court at the time.

After the halfway house, Weiner will spend three years on supervised release, pay a $10,000 fine and register as a sex offender.

Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and the mother of their young son, filed for divorce just hours after he pleaded guilty. Abedin later withdrew the petition to settle matters out of court.

Neither the BOP nor Weiner’s or Abedin’s lawyers returned messages seeking comment.

An employee at the halfway house feigned ignorance when asked about Weiner’s stay — after he was spotted there.

“Who?” she said, before slamming the phone.

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#6 Meek Mill Di Rouge on Instagram: “Great All Star performance by @meekmill & did y’all see the dancers rocking the Venus & Mars jumpsuits from @milanodirouge☺️☺️☺️? Styled by…”

Great All Star performance by @meekmill & did y'all see the dancers rocking the Venus & Mars jumpsuits from @milanodirouge☺️☺️☺️? Styled by @fatima Meeks vest @torturefiles ?? #Phillyshit #milanodirouge #AllStarGame #MeekMill #Dreamchasers

20.9k Likes, 791 Comments - Milano Di Rouge (@iammilanrouge) on Instagram: "Great All Star performance by @meekmill & did y'all see the dancers rocking the Venus & Mars..."

Watch Meek Mill, J. Cole Perform During the 2019 NBA All-Star Game

Hip-Hop’s presence was felt heavy during the 2019 NBA All-Star Game with Meek Mill providing the opening performance as the basketball stars were introduced to fans, and J. Cole highlighting halftime with a melody of hits and surrounded by a group of North Carolina’s most dedicated fans.

Dreamchaser head honcho Meek Mill performed Championships tracks “Intro” and “Going Bad” before transitioning into “Uptown Vibes” for the introduction of Team Giannis. For Team LeBron, Meek pulled out his classic “Dreams & Nightmares” for a high-energy performance from start to finish.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Meek Mill


All Star 2019

6,878 people are talking about this

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Meek Mill


All Star 2019

6,878 people are talking about this

Going from Dreamchasers to Dreamville, J. Cole’s set began with the recently released “Middle Child” before working through a melody of a 21 savage dedicated “a lot,” “ATM,” “Love Yourz,” and a set wrapping “No Role Modelz.”

As for the game itself, Kevin Durant won his second All-Star Game MVP after a 31 point performance to help LeBron James, Damian Lillard and Team LeBron complete a comeback victory in a thriller.

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Written by top40

Hello Again and Thanks for reading it is I David "IT40" Ellenberger with an update on the status of my lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. case # 4:20-CV-04877-SBA  and the website and life in general. By now if you regularly visit you may have read this section "author info" or Bio. So I am adding to it with more bio and more info. I originally liked the idea of voting on the internet 20-25 years ago when I first got online with WebTV (does anyone remember that?).

The technology at that time was not advanced enough to easily be able to vote online or watch videos or much else for that matter but I was hooked and look at what we can do now with videos, IOT, and everything else, but I digress. I started about 5 years ago and the user base has been going up steadily ever since. I wanted to be another Facebook, with music and voting and that is all coming together slowly but surely. BTW if you want to help or have any interest please feel free to email me anytime.

Now in my previous Author Info or bio page I made it clear or at least I thought I made it clear, I am personally suing Alphabet Inc. in Federal Court for Fraud. I have evidence to prove they are not counting all the pageviews, among other things and defrauding myself and probably millions of other website owners and content creators out of Billions of dollars. So if I wasn't clear or you didn't know it's true I am suing Alphabet Inc. in Federal Court for Fraud the case was recently moved from my state of Kentucky to N. California to make it easier for Alphabet Inc. to steam roll me or so they think. Needless to say if you are interested and I hope you are you can look the case up online under my name "David Russell Ellenberger" or the case # which is 4:20-CV-04877-SBA.

Now, I want to make it clear to you and everyone that I am not suing Alphabet inc. aka Google for fraud just because I want a million dollars for nothing. I am suing Google for fraud because I think they are committing  a serious crime with worldwide and societal ramifications, it is a  very serious problem.  I am suing Google for fraud because to put it simply the analytics numbers don't add up at least not in my favor or yours, there is something very fishy going on with the Google analytics numbers. Of course Google has an excuse for every one of them but I have reasons and the actual numbers and they don't add up, more about the numbers later.

Companies like Google are making Billions of dollars a year in profits telling us data is the most valuable thing and misleading us and misdirecting the media and the world every chance they can.  Now data is valuable and they are making billions in profits seemingly like magic but there is no magic to it just corruption and lies. One thing Alphabet Inc. aka Google is really making their money from and that is advertising dollars and they are putting all of this advertising on the websites other people have created.

Websites that I have created and  websites you have created and websites millions of others around the world have created websites or content. For example Just writing a text is creating content and that's where Google puts the billions in advertising they receive and keeping most of it for themselves. Yes content others have created and yet somehow they are keeping almost all of these billions for themselves and not distributing it equitably to the real workers the true content creators who actually deserve the advertising monies. Google has made it's billions on the backs of you and me. Think about that for a minute, how can they continue to justify this? They Can't, it has to change.

For example if I were to prevail in the current lawsuit just half of the monies or $20 billion put into a basic account and compounded at 5% annually we could realistically employ over 80,000 people at $24,000 a year, indefinitely.  Sounds unbelievable but its true and if we only employed 40,000 people we could pay them approx. $48,000 a year indefinitely. Its all true. Its simply a matter of having the money and the will to do it. Now is 40,000 people a lot well yes it would be a lot of employees but with more money simply put into a trust account we could employ more people

I David Russell Ellenberger through my website am suing Google to try to help right a wrong. A wrong committed by Google that has simply gotten out of hand. Most people may think they can't do anything about it. Nothing can stop Google, the politicians don't care they use all of Googles data to further their own campaigns and line their own pockets while the rest of us keep on creating the content for Google, nothing can be done, this however is not the case, we can do something.

The politicians and Alphabet Inc. aka Google have done nothing to help society at large other than organize it so they can keep more money in secret and pay off all their buddies with their fraudulently obtained money. It's gotten so bad that the politicians and others in control won't even talk about it, they ignore it and hope it goes away, they won't even try to stop google because it is helping them too much and maybe they are scared of Google or who knows what they may be thinking. But it looks like fraud and it's coming to an end.

I'm telling you we can do something and I David Russell Ellenberger an average citizen Content Creator am saying to you, I'm not scared of Google because I have nothing left to loose.  I David Russell Ellenberger am telling you there is something you too can do, if nothing else, tell all your friends to come to aka IT40, believe these words and Create your Content.

Further I promise to you and all who read this if we do prevail in the lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. We will use 90% of any monies we may receive to pay "content creators" a living wage. I pledge to anyone who is reading this, we will use 90% of any monies we may receive to help those who really do want to work on the internet and create content and tell us what they think. We will use 90% of any money so you can Get Paid, we want you to get paid for the content you create and get paid everyday and Get Paid to Vote create data and to be able to do this work online and from your home or anywhere in the world you care to be. Because in the words of an ancient scholar Y-O-U are the business Y-O-U are creating all the data, Y-O-U are the content creators and Y-O-U are all that matters.

Now the main thing I want you to take away form this and to know, Alphabet Inc. is and has been committing fraud against you, me and everyone who uses the internet. I don't think Google started out to defraud the world it has just degenerated into this endless morass of corruption and fraud and no one seems to care, Well I care and I know you care too.  Sadly Google has been doing this with impunity for years and it is only getting worse. Please don't let them fool you with their lies and obfuscation. Do some research create some content build a website and research the analytics numbers you will find I am right. Google owes you, me and everyone online thousands if not 10's of thousands of dollars for all the data and advertising dollars they have co-opted from you and the rest of the world. So join with me don't use any Google products or file your own lawsuit in federal court against Alphabet Inc. I will be glad to help you any way I can and show you how to do it if need be. It will take a sincere effort on your part but it will definitely help your self esteem, society and the world.

Now that's about all I have to say on this subject for now.  I will tell you this if you want more information or you have questions or comments for me, my email is [email protected] Thank you for reading looking and listening and believing in Please tell all your friends about us and don't forget to vote Thumbs up or down and refresh your page when your done. One last Thing, I need all the help I can get I am only 1 person but together and with todays technology we can move mountains and reframe society and our world the way we want it to be. One final note let me tell you about a new website coming to the world called Thank you ttyl



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