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#2 Ted Cruz Yesterday while surveying flood damage visiting my fellow Texans, I met a football coach from Marble Falls ISD, who I can attest is a true embodiment of Texas’ can-do spirit. In the face of disaster he remains resilient & a supporter to his fellow Texans in need. #texanshelpingtexans

Heidi Cruz says her 7-year-old daughter told her leaving her job at Goldman Sachs during Ted Cruz's presidential campaign was a 'bad deal' because the first lady isn't paidAshley Collman 0m

Ted Cruz. his wife Heidi, and their daughters Caroline (center front, in pink) and Catherine (right, in pink) are pictured at a campaign event in 2016. Bob Levey/Getty

Heidi Cruz says her eldest daughter, Caroline, was not supportive of her decision to take a leave of absence from her job at Goldman Sachs in 2015 to campaign for her husband, Ted.She says in a new profile in The Atlantic that Caroline, who was seven when the campaign started, asked if the job of first lady was paid.When Caroline learned that it was not, she allegedly told her mother: "That's a bad deal for you."

Ted Cruz's eldest daughter was apparently none-too-pleased that her mother took unpaid leave to help him campaign in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

In a profile of Heidi Cruz in The Atlantic published Thursday, the wife of the Texas senator said her daughter Caroline, who was seven when the campaign started, was confused as to why she would leave her job as a managing director at Goldman Sachs to hit the campaign trail.

"I tried to articulate, you know, 'It's actually for the country, it's a much bigger project than ourselves.'" Cruz told reporter Elaina Plott. "And she wanted to know, if we won, was the first lady paid?"

When Cruz told her that it was not, Caroline allegedly responded: "That's a bad deal for you. We shouldn't do this."

Ted Cruz shares a moment with his daughter Caroline after his debate against Beto O'Rourke on September 21.Getty

Plott was skeptical Caroline actually said this. "I'm not sure whether this conversation happened word for word with her daughter," Plott wrote. "It may more accurately reflect one Heidi had with herself."

During the primary, Caroline made some headlines of her own, when television cameras caught her recoiling from her dad's kiss, and later teasing him during a CNN town hall about the fact that her school had footage of him in a pink feather boa for a daddy-daughter picnic.

While Cruz won the first primary, in Iowa, he started to drag behind then-Republican candidate Donald Trump, and eventually suspended his campaign in May.

He's currently running for reelection in Texas against Rep. Beto O'Rourke. As of Thursday, Cruz leads O'Rourke by an average of seven points, according to Real Clear Politics.

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