Internet The Great Equalizer

The more things change the more they stay the same. Have you ever heard that? What about “ The law of averages is the commonly held belief that a particular outcome or event will over certain periods of time occur at a frequency that is similar to its probability. This notion can lead to the gambler’s fallacy when one becomes convinced that a particular outcome must come soon simply because it has not occurred recently” That seems to be the notion our current set of representatives lives by Well there is a better way.

We also know that we can change our future. But there is nothing to fix if it’s not broken well it’s broken. We need a new way to manage our affairs, our society, and the internet is the way. Because we don’t really want to change anything. We want to make it better and more inclusive for all. The lifestyle in the United States is so high we need to be leading by example and our current form of representative democracy is not it.

We simply need to include more people in the decision process or at least give them the idea or feeling they are being heard but in an orderly ranked manner. The internet they said would be the great equalizer and now is our time to make that reality.

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